I need someone who can write / curating content about green living or eco friendly website for earthbuddies.net in Fluent English with correct grammar .

Curating Content is amassing content from a variety of sources, and delivering it in an organized fashion. For instance, a content curator is not necessarily responsible for creating new content, but instead, for finding relevant content pertaining to a specific category and funneling this information to readers in a mash-up style.


so for example

you found a video about fish eating bird at youtube

You found a content from facebook about small fish that can kill shark

You found a content from any website / news site / line news about a fish that can eat humans

Then you create a content with title 3 Dangerous predator fish that you might don’t know it’s existence . with the content gathered from the website and you can give your own opinion

It is ok though if you can craft article by yourselves

And you also must  gather relevant image / video and post the content on my blog with format that is easier to read by user


Look at the sample review at earthbuddies.net. Your Article must contains at least 1000  Words, Without Fluff or Filler with interesting topic and most of them fresh from oven ( trending / new / innovative )

Another great exampe dogingtonpost.com

Eg: http://www.dogingtonpost.com/meet-8-dogs-changed-history-acts-pure-courage-adventure/

And many content on that website is curated .


  1. Fluent in English , Has Formal Education in English Major
  2. Have Passion for Writing / Blogging
  3. Like to Browse Online / Research Like a Reporter
  4. Have an interest or hobby on this Green Living , Eco Friendly, Green technology , Earth , Animal / Plant
  5. Have a Good Attitude
  6. Have PC / Laptop / Mac and Internet connection to Work from Home / Dormitory


To Apply Please Send me an Email to gogreen@earthbuddies.net

With A Doc File Containing the answer of these question below.

The Doc File name Format is “[Your Name] Earthbuddies Vacancy” .

The Email Subject Is “Earthbuddies.net Job Vacancy + [Your Name] “

  1. Your Contact number / Line ID
  2. How good is your English ? Do you take an English major ?
  3. How Often Do you use Internet & What for ?
  4. Your CV
  5. Why I Should Hire You ? ( No Fluff / Filler )
  6. Do you have facebook or Blog ? and what is it?
  7. How many content can you create and post each month ? and desired salary
  8. TASK : Write / curate interesting article about green living / newest trending green product or technology , animal , plant or mother earth topic ( Min 800 Words ) Without Fluff / Filler. Use your Personality When Writing , no need to write formally .


Our Purpose is to educate the reader the importance of green living.
show the beautiful of our earth , animal , and improve the awareness of people who still harm the environment

I Will contact you Within 3 weeks Max  after your application has been sent if you are approved , and we will talk .

What The Jobs Look Like

  1. Submit the article title that you want to write with the source ( if curated )
  2. IF I approve . start writing , if I don’t approve it , search for another article title idea
  3. Post it to my wordpress blog with easy to read format. I will give you wordpress account
  4. I Will review and check your article again .

This is Not one time Project but ongoing remote full Time Project. You will do the job at your own house / dormitory