I need someone who can manage my FB Page earthbuddies about green living or eco friendly website for earthbuddies.net

Your job is to

  1. Create engaging & Relevant content ( Photo / Video ) and share it on my FB Page. You also can craft the content by yourselves
  2. Replying to important question on my page
  3. Asking / collecting permission to use content on other channel ( website / youtube / etc ).


  1. Fluent in English , Has Formal Education in English Major
  2. Have Experience in Managing Social Media Before
  3. Like to Browse Online / Research. See What is Trending now
  4. Have an interest or hobby on this Green Living , Eco Friendly, Green technology , Earth , Animal / Plant
  5. Have a Good Attitude
  6. Have Skill in Designing or Editing Photo or Create and Editing Video
  7. Have PC / Laptop / Mac and Internet connection to Work from Home / Dormitory

To Apply Please Send me an Email to gogreen@earthbuddies.net With A Doc File Containing the answer of these question below.

The Doc File name Format is “[Your Name] Earthbuddies Vacancy” . The Email Subject Is “Earthbuddies.net Job Vacancy + [Your Name] “

  1. Your Contact number / Line ID
  2. How good is your English ? Do you take an English major ?
  3. How Often Do you use Internet & What for ?
  4. Your CV
  5. Why I Should Hire You ? ( No Fluff / Filler )
  6. Do you have facebook or Blog ? and what is it?
  7. Tell me in Detail about your past experience when you managing social media ( IG / Facebook ) for other company
  8. Do you have skill in creating / editing photo or video ? Tell me more about it
  9. How many content can you create and post each month ? and desired salary

Our Purpose is to educate the reader the importance of green living.
show the beautiful of our earth , animal , and improve the awareness of people who still harm the environment

I Will contact you Within 3 weeks Max  after your application has been sent if you are approved , and we will talk .

This is Not one time Project but ongoing remote Project. You will do the job at your own house / dormitory