Help My Baby Tree Reforestation WWF Project in Indonesia!

Help My Baby Tree Reforestation WWF Project in Indonesia!

As we know that trees play an important role in our lives.

They provide food , support biodiversity and can reduce the CO2 which is one of the greenhouse gas that contribute to global warming


Indonesia houses 3rd largest tropical forest in the world . but the bad news is almost half of the forest has been degraded

That’s why WWF Indonesia create a program called My Baby Tree Donate for Nature

There are 5 locations for reforestation

  1. Muara Gembong
  2. Ciliwung Watershed
  3. Lamong Bay
  4. Sumber Kima, Bali
  5. Lam Ujung , Aceh

Click Image Below to See the Larger Picture

My Baby Tree

As you can see on the website you can donate 1 tree for $ 15 or IDR 150.000 . and you need to donate at least $15 to contribute

But in i can give you better deals . you can donate any amount you want and i also give you special discount when you donating

1 tree is for $ 12 . And when the donation accumulated at least $ 12 we will send the donation to the WWF


How can you get Discount ? is it a Scam ?

No it is not , i can get discount because of the currency difference . on the donate for nature website ,

1 Tree cost you $ 15 or IDR 150.000

So 1 USD = IDR 10.000 in donate for nature website

But because i live on Indonesia , I Can withdraw from paypal and get currency rate

1 USD = IDR 12500 – 12.900

( I consider 12.500 to make the calculation easy , and if for example the currency rate is more than 12.500 , the differences will be used for Earthbuddies’s Need )

and we can donate in IDR with my Indonesia Bank Account

So if you donate via earthbuddies 1 Tree just cost you 12 USD ( $12 x IDR 12500 = IDR 150.000 )

So not only you can donate any amount you want ,  you also get $ 3 Off / tree with this currency differences

When the donation reach at least $ 12 , earthbuddies will release the donation to donate for nature


The name of the tree will be set to the default name to speed up the process .  But we will list the donors name on this page

Does Earthbuddies also donate for My Baby Tree Project ?

Yes , earthbuddies has been donating to my baby tree project in the past . we have a my baby tree account too.

Here Is The Proof , So we also Act and not just talk

We need your help, no matter how small the amount of donation . we believe that we can make earth better before it is too late


Earthbuddies is not affiliated or part of WWF or WWF-Indonesia . We only help to share information and distribute donation. Therefore

visitor can get special price to adopt tree/ turtle nest ( with currency differences. Earthbuddies has contact WWF-ID and have approval for this matter.


Donation Report

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