Why I Build Earthbuddies.net ?

Well to tell you the truth, i was not concerned about environment at first.

And it begins at facebook where i love to watch funny animal video on my news feed.

And as you know facebook can track our activity and interest and give me more video from

how people treat animal with cruelty, ocean plastic pollution that bring doom to whale, turtle and other marine creature

how people still have humanity by saving animal in need

and Inspiring Princess EA Video about Future, and many more

I also went to the Singapore last time watching the short movie at Cloud Forest located inside one of the conservatories in Garden by the Bay. about what happen to our earth, if it warms up from 1°C to 5 °C

and it quite frightens me that on 4 °C – 5 °C increase there will be major chaos and living creature extinction including us Human

And now it is quite hot in my country Indonesia. where now in year 2017 i always take off my shirt and basking with sweat even on the morning almost every day

I Never experience that before on the past year. And this is a warning to us that global warming is real

And if we do nothing about it starting from now we and our future generations will get the heavy consequences

Now I think that green living is mandatory and not an option anymore

But the bad news is so many of us don’t have concern to mother earth. especially my country who is 2nd largest marine polutant after china

where plastic bag is used everywhere and everyday

Marine Pollution Plastic

Last time there was a government program where people must buy plastic bag for 1 – 2 cent to encourage indonesian people to bring their own shopping bag

and increase the awareness of the danger of plastic bag . but now it is already stopped, which in my opinion it is because the citizen’s protest to the government

and they don’t care about our earth anymore

Thats why i build Earthbuddies to

1. Spread green living awareness to people who don’t give a damn care about this planet ,

2. Educate people about how important is our earth, the animal and plants living there and how beautiful they are , and how we miss them if they extinct

3. Encourage people to do just 1-2 tiny green action everyday that seems futile but it can bring impact if we do it for years together

I hope this website can inspire us and many people to start concerning about the mother earth before it is too late

Michel Sugiarto

Earthbuddies founder