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Collapsible Coffee Cup 3-in-1 Size 250~350~550ml ( 10 Style ) – Heat / Cold Resistant – Free Shipping WorldWide

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New Eco Friendly Cups That is easy to carry and can be adjustable to 3 size

250ml, 350ml, 550ml

Drink Your Hot / cold beverages while saving the earth




1. Collapsible Cup that is easy to carry for travelling, hiking , riding , camping, working or sport

2. 3 in 1 Cup Size =  250, 350 & 550 ml, Save Space

3. With Sealing Lid so your beverages won’t be leaking

4. Has metal hook, so you can hang it on your bag

5. Can hold hot or cold beverage with temperature range is -40°F ~ 230°F.

6. Made from HIGH-QUALITY FOOD GRADE SILICONE: Environmentally friendly, BPA free, non-toxic

7. Dishwasher safe, temperature range from -40°F ~ 230°F

8. Has Heat-resistant Cup holder, so you can hold hot beverages without worry


FREE SHIPPING Worldwide and 25% Off Discount


Stop Using Disposable paper Cups Anymore, Before we flooded ourself with Trash and pay the consequences


Important Facts That You Cannot Ignore


1. Although disposable coffee cups are made from paper, but they are lined with a form of plastic called polyethylene.

The plastic is tightly bonded to the paper and make it hard to be recycled .

Did You Know that just 1 in 400 disposable coffee cups are recycled. Most of our cups go to landfill or Waste for Energy (WfE) schemes


2. Here are the coffee cup usage around the world

US: 50 Billion per year
UK: 2.5 Billion per year (7 Million per day)
Aus: 1 Billion cups per year
Starbucks: 4 Billion per year

Remember, these statistics are just based on coffee cup consumption. This doesn’t even consider all of the soda, smoothie, and water cup usage.


3. Over 20 Millions trees are cut down each year to produce single use paper cups that we only use for less an hour


4. Every takeaway coffee cup takes over 30 years to decompose due to the plastic lining the cup, and when it breaks down,

it create microplastics that can enter Animals’s food chain and your diet, and later can has negative impact on human’s health


The Solution


Let’s drink our favorite beverages responsibly with this Reusable Innovative Eco Friendly Cup

You can easily carry it, and it has 3 adjustable drinking capacity

Also it has anti leak features, and can hold hot or cold beverages with heat resistant cup holder


Collapsible Coffee Cup for Travelling 250 - 550 ml . Eco Friendly Coffee Cup 3

Delivery Around 20 – 40 Days , USA Ship Faster

We Want the best for our customer if you found the defect / it is not functioning . There is a 7 Days Guarantee after you got your item

Give us the proof and we will refund / send replacement



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Pure Black, Dark Blue-Black, Dark Blue-White, Cyan Blue-Black, Cyan Blue-White, Gray, Green-Black, Green-White, Orange-Black, Orange-White

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