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Nina Soft Spin Dryer Laundry Alternative BlackNina Soft Spin Dryer Laundry Alternative BlackNina Soft Spin Dryer Laundry Alternative BlackNina Soft Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeNina Soft Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeNina Soft Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeNina Soft Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeNina Soft Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeNina Soft Spin Dryer Laundry Alternative

Nina Soft Spin Dryer – Quiet & Rapid 5 Minutes Drying Solution for Apartment Size

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$ 147.00

Rapid Portable Spin Dryer That Can Dry Most Water in Clothes in Under 5 Minutes

With 136W Energy Consumption, No Heat / Gas & Quick Result

Nina Soft Spin Dryer can Save Energy 100X – 300x Compared than Tumble Dryer

Never Go And Spend Money on Laundromat Again .

Perfect Drying Solution for Apartment, Single People, RV’s, Mobile Homes, Cabins, Dorms

!!! ( This Item ONLY Available in USA right now ) !!! 

Don’t Just Believe Our Word. See The Real Unbiased Review from 1 of Our Buyer

Nina Soft Spin Dryer Unbiased Review

The chore I dread the most is laundry. I can’t stand dragging my dirty clothes across the neighborhood to an overpriced Laundromat only to have them cleaned poorly or destroyed.
So for the past few years I have been doing laundry by hand in some buckets in my bathtub.

The biggest nuisance to doing laundry by hand is wringing out the clothes–they are always sopping wet. When the humidity is high, the clothes can take a couple days to dry.

So I ordered the Nina Soft Spin dryer. You load the machine with your wet clothes, and when you plug the machine into a power outlet, your clothes are spun at 1800
revolutions per minute until the bulk of the water has been removed, about 2-5 minutes.

The clothes come out dry. In this test, I determine that nearly 90% of the water is removed from my clothes after run through the Nina (some of that water is removed by just
sitting in the bucket however).

Mass of dry clothes: 3.4 lbs
Mass of wet clothes after washing: 11.0 lbs
Mass of water in clothes after washing: (11.0 lbs – 3.4 lbs = 7.6 lbs)
Mass of water in bucket after going through Nina: 6.8 lbs
% water removed from clothes: (6.8 lbs / 7.6 lbs *100 = 89.5%)

So far, I like the product!

ofcourseimeanit ( Youtube )

Why Nina Soft Spin Dryer

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY DOING YOUR LAUNDRY! -Rather than dragging your clothes to a nasty laundromat, then waiting around with your favorite crowd of strangers while they dry (and spending $20-40 per month to get them halfway clean), you need to try this!
  • Quick , Dry Most Water on Clothes in Under 5 Minutes ( please note this is a spin dryer/centrifuge, and does not get clothes 100% dry )
  • 12 lb. load capacity
  • No Need to Wring any Water Out by Hand
  • Compact & Lightweight only 15 lbs
  • Save Energy 100 – 300x compared to the tumble dryer
  • Spin Quickly at 1800 RPM Speed
  • No Assembly and No Special Outlet Required
  • Transport Easily with Built in tall carrying handle
  • No Hookup or Venting Required
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Gentler on clothes.
  • Created By laundry experts

Free Shipping in Most State except ( Hawaii , Alaska , District of Colombia , Hawaii , Armed Forces )

For Usa Minor Outlying Island it will cost $ 19 Flat Rate Shipping

Tips : Nina Spinner Makes a Perfect Combination with Wonder Wash

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 25

Weight: 15 lbs.

Inner tub: 9.5 x 9.5 x 11


Nina Soft Spin Dryer is an Ideal & Quick Drying Solution for Apartments,  Single People, RV’s, Mobile Homes, Cabins, Boats, Dorms

( ONLY Available in USA )

Dries clothes in a flash

One of the most impressive things about the Nina Soft Spin Dryer is that, with a super quick 1800-RPM spin speed, it effectively removes most of the water that your washing machine doesn’t ( Nearly 90% Water in Under 5 Minutes). As a result it means less drying time overall, and a more gentle ride for your clothes.

Just hang them up after as you normally would and they’ll be 100% dry by morning. Plus, it’s MUCH gentler on your clothes than conventional methods

Save Energy a Lot With Nina Soft Spin Dryer

At Only 136W Energy Consumption and The Quick Result, Nina Soft Spin Dryer is at least 100 times as Energy Efficient as a Conventional Dryer.


WHY Saving Electricity is Important 


We’ve been in business since 1998. We’ve steadily grown every year,

Our eco-friendly laundry company has been featured in many famous publications such as The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post and many more.

New simpler design

For easier operation, the latest evolution of the Nina Soft Spin Dryer now incorporates a simple on/off function. Simply close the lid and the machine will automatically turn on. And to turn it off, gently pull the latch and the lid automatically opens.


Built to Last

On average they last about 25 years. In an age of planned obsolescence, where products are often lucky to last 2.5 years, we go way above and beyond for you.


Free Shipping in Most State except ( Hawaii , Alaska , district of colombia , hawaii , Armed forces )

For Usa Minor Outlying Island it will cost $ 19 Flat Rate Shipping

Order Will be Processed 1 – 3 Working Days

We don’t believe you should have to pay more to buy eco-friendly laundry machines and products, which is why our range is priced much lower than many conventional machines. At the same time, unlike many sellers these days, we build our products to last.

We offer a 2 year warranty, provided they are not used for commercial applications

We put our money where our mouth is and invest a lot of money in R&D and continuous improvement.


Nina Soft Spin Dryer User Review

Cloth diapers
This works perfectly to dry pre-sold and flat cloth diapers. If you wash in the wonder wash at full capacity and put everything in this dryer itwill be fully loaded. My diapers are fully dry by morning.

Kristin K


Get a big enough bowl
This spin dryer does ridiculously well. I’ve recently started hand washing my clothes, and the water this spin dryer gets out of the clothes is almost unbelievable.
I’ve had to up the bowl size I was using to catch the water because I was naive at how well the dryer would work.
My clothes also hang dry a lot faster than they would otherwise because obviously they would since they don’t have as much water to lose.
They load size this thing can handle is pretty nice too. It handles a fully soaked bath sheet, several pounds, with ease. I recommend the Nina Soft Spin Dryer whole hearted.

Evan M


It is quiet, easy to use 

I have told everyone I know how great this works. It is quiet – easy enough to use – spins clothes almost dry – more than the spin out on your washer. Hang them out or hang them in your shower to dry for a few hours.

Drying clothes in a dryer ruins them. I wash my clothes in cold water. Have you ever heard somebody say ” I bought this and the arms shrunk up and now it won’t fit ? ”

As for how much can you put in this I will say I do not load it to the top, I have put size 12 jeans and a levi shirt plus 2 other tops and a few other small things as socks and underwear and allow it to spin for 3 or 4 minutes and take them out and shake the wrinkles out of them and they always turn out great. I was impressed.

I think everybody should own one – it will pay for it’s self in the long run. I wish I would have bought one sooner. Also I have medical issues and using the spinner is easy. No more feeding a dryer at the laundry, or using dryers that cook and ruin your clothes. A wonderful product. Buy one, you cannot lose on this great product. Awesome! Love it!

Deborah H


WOW !!!
This machine is a God send, I now do 95% of my laundry at home using the Wonder Wash and the Nina Spin Dryer. The clothes come out dryer than the Laundry Mat Machine
and it takes about an hour and a half to dry them on a rack with the oscillating fan. I give it 5 Stars Well worth the investment.
Keith M


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Should any shipping damage occur, it will be your responsibility to handle with the shipping agent. We reserve the right to adjust or deny a full refund of the purchase price if the product is not returned in good condition.

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