Wallet Foldable Shopping Bags – Large and Durable With 24 Colorful Models – Free Shipping Worldwide

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Lets Become One of The “Hope” to Ease Heavy Plastic Burden on Our Earth

and Give Positive Example to People Around Us to Reduce or Don’t Use Plastic Bag Anymore

With This Unique Large Reusable Shopping Bag, You can fold it as a Wallet and it will fit on your pocket


1. Has Large Capacity and Durable, Can Carry up to 25 kg of goods without problem,
Forget Small Plastic Bag that can pollute our earth

2. Can be Folded as a Wallet, Easy to Carry and Save Space

3. Reusable and Washable

4. Has 24 Style to choose From Cute Cat, Flamingo, Koala, etc



Do You Know That we can harm ourselves & next generation with plastic bag?


Now it is the time to Act, Say no to plastic bags as much as you can with this Foldable shopping bags

Before we pollute ourselves with poison from plastic bag

shopping-plastic bag

Because Plastic Bags don’t biodegrade, they photo degrade

becoming microplastic that absorb toxins and contaminate soils and waterways, and

when fish and other animals ingest this plastic debris, the are also ingesting these toxins and if we eat that,

we will be contaminated too


Important Facts You need to know


1. According to waste management only 1% of plastic bags are returned for recycling

2. Americans Use 100 Billions plastic bag a year, which require 12 millions barrels of oil to manufacture,
and for the worldwide, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed ,
So That comes out to over one million per minute

3. A Person use Plastic bag an average for only 12 minutes

4. It only takes about 14 plastic bags for the equivalent of the gas required to drive one mile

5. 100.000 Marine Animals are Killed by plastic bag annually


It is Time to Change, Use this foldable tote bag to shopping without hurting mother earth anymore

You can fold it like a wallet and carry it easily on your pocket

It Has Large Capacity and Very Durable


Delivery Around 20 – 40 Days , USA Ship Faster

We Want the best for our customer if you found the defect / it is not functioning . There is a 7 Days Guarantee after you got your item

Give us the proof and we will refund / send replacement



Additional information


1. Teddy Bear, 2. Starry Night, 3. Jeans Pattern, 4. Abstract, 5. Rabbit and Deer, 6. Koala, 7. Pineapple, 8. Green Leaf, 9. Fruit, 10. Honey, 11. Black n White Cat, 12. Blue n White Cat, 13. Pinky Cat, 14. Cute Cat in Dark Blue, 15. Cute Cat in Light Blue, 16. Fat Cat, 17. Avocado, 18. Gorgeous Flower, 19. House n Mushroom, 20. Flamingo & Flower, 21. Flamingo & Cactus, 22. Rabbit, 23. Rabbit n Carrot, 24. Hedgehog

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