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Reusable Metal Straws ( Standard & Smoothies Straws ) with Pouch & Cleaner – FREE SHIPPING Worldwide ( 6 Color Available )

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Do You Know That

1. Over 500.000 Single Use Plastic Straws Used Daily

2. An Estimates 100.000 Marine Animals are Killed Annually due to Plastic Debris

3. Plastic Straws is in Top 10 Items Collected in Coastal Cleanup

4. And now we started to eat Micro Plastic ( Size : 5mm and below ) on Seafood in ways we don’t realize


It is Time for Us To Change before it getting worse

SAY NO to plastic straws and use this reusable metal straws instead

You can suck any drink and smoothies you want without hurting the ocean


Is it Safe ?

Of Course. Because Our Product Made with 18/8 Type 304 (304 Grade Stainless Steel)

It is one of the most common materials found in kitchens today. It’s used in everything from appliances to cookware, dishware, flatware and utensils because

it is durable, easy to sanitize and corrosion resistant to various acids found in meats, milk, fruits and vegetables.



1. 3 Straws With Pouch And Cleaner = 2 x Standard Straws 215 x 6 mm ( 1 Bent & 1 Straight ) + 1 x Smoothies Straws 215 x 12 mm

2. 4 Straws With Pouch and Cleaner = 2 Bent & 2 Straight Straws with Size 215 x 6 mm

Blue Smoothie Reusable Metal Straws
Package 1
Package 2

BUY 2 or More Package and Get Extra 20% Off Coupon

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Give it to your family or friends and ask them to replace plastic straws 


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Straw Production Require Intensive Energy to Create it

You need to Locate and drill for the Oil. And Then it Shipped to the factory to be turned into straw

And then they need to be wrapped , packaged and loaded onto trucks to be distributed

And All of That Process just to create an item that provide 10 minutes to use and then it become trash


Oil Drilling -> Shipping to Factory -.> Manufacturing -> Distribution -> Plastic Straw -> TRASH


And after that Some of the Plastic Straw Waste

1. Incinerated : generating Toxic Emissions that pollute the Air

2. Go to Landfills : Leaching harmful chemicals into soil and groundwater

3. Go to Ocean : Killing Marine Animals & Sea Bird. And some Fish and Mussel that we eat Have Microplastic inside their body


It is time to Change. Use Our Metal Stainless Straw to Suck Your Favourite Drinks Without Hurting Our Earth


Why Buy Our Straw ?

  1. Created with 304 Grade High Quality Stainless Steel. Which is commonly used in Kitchen today
  2. It is Durable, Easy to Sanitize, Corrosion Resistant, No Metal Taste
  3. Free Worldwide Shipping
  4. Bundled With Travel Pouch and Cleaner
  5. Can Be Used to Drink Smoothies 
  6. Some Profits will be donated for nature ( We Usually Donate to WWF )
  7. Multi Color Available ( Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Blue, Black and Rainbow )
Silver Smoothie Reusable Metal Straws
Black Smoothie Reusable Metal Straws
Rose Gold Smoothie Reusable Metal Straws
Rose Gold
Blue Smoothie Reusable Metal Straws
Gold Smoothie Reusable Metal Straws
Rainbow Smoothie Reusable Metal Straws


Delivery Around 20 – 40 Days , USA Ship Faster

We Want the best for our customer if you found the defect / it is not functioning . There is a 7 Days Guarantee after you got your item

Give us the proof and we will refund / send replacement

Additional information


4 x Standard Straws ( 215 x 6 mm ) with Pouch + Cleaner, 3 x Straws ( 2 Standard + 1 Smoothie Straws ) with Pouch & Cleaner


Black, Blue, Gold, Rose Gold, Rainbow, Silver

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