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Mega Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeMega Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeMega Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeMega Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeMega Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeMega Spin Dryer Laundry AlternativeMega Spin Dryer Laundry Alternative

Mega Spin Dryer – Save Energy & Dry Most Water in Under 5 Minutes

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$ 229.00

Big but Light Spin Dryer That Can Dry Most Water in Clothes in Under 5 Minutes

With 190W Energy Consumption , No Heat / Gas & Quick Result

You can Save Energy 100X – 300x Compared than Tumble Dryer

Never Go And Spend Money on Laundromat Again .

Mega Spin Dryer is a Perfect Drying Solution for Apartment, Single People, RV’s, Mobile Homes, Cabins

!!! ( This Item ONLY Available in USA right now ) !!! 

Why Mega Spin Dryer

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY DOING YOUR LAUNDRY! -Rather than dragging your clothes to a nasty laundromat, then waiting around with your favorite crowd of strangers while they dry (and spending $20-40 per month to get them halfway clean), you need to try this!
  • Quick , Dry Most Water on Clothes in Under 5 Minutes ( please note this is a spin dryer/centrifuge, and does not get clothes 100% dry )
  • 22 lb. load capacity, the largest on the market
  • No Need to Wring any Water Out by Hand
  • Lightweight only 20 lbs
  • Save Energy 100 – 300x compared to the tumble dryer
  • Spin Quickly at 1600 RPM Speed
  • No Assembly and No Special Outlet Required
  • Has Locking Lid Safety Feature
  • No Hookup or Venting Required
  • 2 Year manufacturer warranty
  • Special non-slip feet
  • Gentler on clothes.
  • Created By laundry experts

Free Shipping in Most State except ( Hawaii , Alaska , District of Colombia , Hawaii , Armed forces )

For Usa Minor Outlying Island it will cost $ 19 Flat Rate Shipping

Dimensions: 19″ x 19″ x 32″

Weight: 20 lbs.

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Mega Spin Dryer is an Ideal & Quick Drying Solution for Apartments,  Single People, RV’s, Mobile Homes, Cabins, Boats

( ONLY Available in USA )

Many of our loyal customers have been asking for a larger size model, it has now arrived.

Similar to our highly acclaimed Nina Soft Spin Dryer, the Mega Spin Dryer is 80% larger in capacity making it one of the biggest spin dryers on the market.

Dries clothes in a flash

One of the most impressive things about the Mega Spin Dryer is that, with a super quick 1600-RPM spin speed, it effectively removes most of the water that your washing machine doesn’t.

As a result it means less drying time overall, and a more gentle ride for your clothes (please note this is a spin dryer/centrifuge, and does not get clothes 100% dry).


Save Energy a Lot with Mega Spin Dryer

At Only 190W Energy Consumption and The Quick Result, Mega Spin Dryer is at least 100 times as Energy Efficient as a Conventional Dryer.


WHY Saving Electricity is Important 


We’ve been in business since 1998. We’ve steadily grown every year,

Our eco-friendly laundry company has been featured in many famous publications such as The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post and many more.


Free Shipping in Most State except ( Hawaii , Alaska , district of colombia , hawaii , Armed forces )

For Usa Minor Outlying Island it will cost $ 19 Flat Rate Shipping

Order Will be Processed 1 – 3 Working Days

We don’t believe you should have to pay more to buy eco-friendly laundry machines and products, which is why our range is priced much lower than many conventional machines. At the same time, unlike many sellers these days, we build our products to last.

We offer a 2 year warranty, provided they are not used for commercial applications

We put our money where our mouth is and invest a lot of money in R&D and continuous improvement.


User Review

Whirling dervish!
The Mega Spin Dryer is perfect for my lifestyle; I’m a retired Army veteran and I did not want to buy a conventional washer/dryer. I made a drying rack from PVC to hang dry my laundry after putting them through the Mega Spin Dryer. My detergent is homemade, my WonderWash washing machine, and Mega Spin Dryer all will help save me loads of money (laundry loads!)
Jay R


Works great
Happy with the spin dryer, works great . Also this company ships super fast Big Help for someone who hand washes their cloths, after you spin the water out of the cloths. It only takes a few mins to dry the cloths with a fan.



Good at what it does
I hand wash quite a bit of laundry. This dryer has made the process much easier. Minimal wringing required, and the dryer does the rest.
Lightweight fabrics will hang and dry within 30 – 45 minutes after taking them out of the spin dryer. Heavy fabrics take longer.

If hanging by the wood stove, an hour or two. If not……it may be over night or so. Hanging in a breeze would help, but indoors it takes a while.

Loading so it doesn’t rock takes some practice.

Having heavy things on the bottom is very important. Make sure shirts are in the middle and not thrown to the side of the dryer or it can be unbalanced. It sounds like common sense, but it does take much more attention than tossing things into a regular dryer.

Also be sure that you cut off the zip ties holding the metal bar in place during travel. I slid it out and the zip ties got caught up in the motor. Luckily no damage!
Over all I like it and it has made hand washing easier.

Amy T


Laundry quarter saver!

GIGANTIC enough for 22# of dripping wet laundry- multiple sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shirts and jeans; COMPACT and lightweight enough to be easily portable and FAST enough to get the entire load almost dry enough to wear in under 5 minutes. No more scrounging quarters for the laundromat! This machine pays for itself many times over! I have used mine

 every day since I got it, now I’m coming back to buy one for my son and his family!

Sumone U


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