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Vanuatu Tamanu Oil Essential Pack ( Oil + Butter + Soap )

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100% Vegan


For your skin problem Just Use it on on the affected Area 2-4 times a day for fast and effective result.

Also don’t forget to use tamanu soap when you take a bath. Most common soap out there is full of chemical that can harm your skin



We Want Honest Testimonial for this product. If you feel the benefit from this product, tell us your honest review, story ,before and after photo on this form , we will give you 20% Off Coupon for the next order ( 1 time only ) for the complete review


Tamanu Oil has remarkable regenerative and curative properties. Plus, the oil has a wide spectrum of uses and benefits.
Therefore, the oil may be applied to just about any skin problem. it can help with

  • Acne, Cystic acne and acne scar
  • Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Aging skin, Age Spot and wrinkles
  • Food and body odor
  • Burns & blisters
  • Pimples
  • Skin Rashes & Irritations
  • Sunburn
  • Wounds, scar , or surgical wound
  • Diabetic Sores
  • Dry, Scaly and sensitive skin
  • Water Warts
  • Insect Bites

Not only can you use Tamanu Oil for skin rejuvenation but you can even use Tamanu Oil for hair and scalp rejuvenation as well. It also seems to great for healthy, nail growth

If you want Tamanu Oil benefits for hair then just apply it directly to the hair and scalp. Just remember that it does have a strong aroma so don’t overdo it.
Tamanu Oil also can be used on babies as well as adults and it is excellent for the protection or treatment of baby skin problems such as nappy rash


WHY Choose Vanuatu Tamanu Oil ?

First our product is mentioned on Dr Oz Show  and Website

Dr Oz Tamanu Oil

Carol Alt share his younger skin secrets with tamanu nut oil on Dr Oz Website – Click to see the links


Vanuatu Tamanu Oil Dr Oz

Chris Kellum and Dr Oz Discuss health benefits of Vanuatu Tamanu Oil – Click to watch the video


Second Our Tamanu Oil only comes from the nuts of coastal trees rather than inland or man-made plantations. The Ni Vanuatu say that Tamanu Trees that grow like this by the shoreline produce the best Tamanu Oil. Their belief is that these trees draw additional nutrients from the coral.

Vanuatu’s low population, unique rainforests (with very little logging), extremely low carbon emissions and a large land area rich in volcanic ash (plus 2500 kms of exposed coastline) are all significant factors that go a long way to explaining why consumers prefer Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil over any other

We process through coldpress method and is never subjected to any chemical filtering or other processes.The end result is a rich, undiluted dark green thick luxurious oil with its natural strong but pleasant nutty aroma.
Stay away from black colored or lightly-colored or yellowish-coloured oil. None of these are the real deal and this is why they are so cheap.


There is a lot of rubbish oil. Black Tamanu Oil occurs where the oil is old stock that has oxidized over time or the Tamanu Nuts have been thrown into the fire to try and speed up the curing process ( Our Curing process took 6 – 8 Weeks ! ).However, all this does is burn the nut and the resulting oil which seriously diminishes its natural, skin-healing and anti-aging properties.


Then we have the yellow Tamanu Oil that has been either diluted down with a cheap carrier oil or in some cases, the product has been put through a chemical filtering process. Yes the oil may be a lighter oil but again the product has been chemically stripped of some of its natural components making it inferior and much less effective.

Real High Quality Tamanu Oil
This is What 100% Pure and Best Quality Tamanu Oil Looks Like


Eco Friendly

We only collect the tamanu fruits from wild tamanu tree that grows near the beach , no pesticides at all. Consequently, there is no detrimental impact on the trees or the environment


Why Tamanu Oil Works so Effectively ?

One of the reason is because Tamanu oil can reach all three layers of the skin epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.

The real healing power of this traditional topical oil is its unique ability to stimulate the growth of healthy new skin tissue. This process is referred to scientifically as “cicatrisation” , so it can accelerate healing and the
growth of healthy skin

It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties .

Another component in the oil of Tamanu is Calophyllic Acid. This acid is said to be the source of the oil’s ability to heal scars. Some
people have noticed significant healing of wounds in as little as 5 or 6 applications


How We Made The Product

Tamanu Oil Manufacturing Process 1

Tamanu Oil Manufacturing Process 2

Tamanu Oil Manufacturing Process 3


Every Purchase Help Ni Vanuatu People

Buying this product will greatly assist Ni Vanuatu people through poverty and remoteness. Cash payments are made for all of the Tamanu nuts collected and this represents a sustainable source of income for these Ni Vanuatu people (who are mostly women) living in a largely non-cash economy. There is little paid work on the outer islands and these local people would otherwise be very strapped for cash to pay for school fees, medical care and other basic necessities


Real Testimonial

It’s a big mistake I did not take a before and after picture. I suffered from severe psoriasis from my head to toe. I went to several doctors and had countless treatments, nothing worked. In one month of using Tamanu Oil 90% of my body is completely cleared with brand new skin. This oil is surely a miracle. How I came to know Tamanu Oil is also a miracle. I only came to Vanuatu because my sister forced me to have a break in Vanuatu. When I was shopping there a local traditional lady approached me and asked me about my skin. I explained and it was her who recommended me to Tamanu Oil. I went through severe depression for 7 years, now I am born again. I feel so confident. I am so surprised this oil is not out there in the Western World. For 7 years, every single day I have been applying strong oinments, which in turn were destroying my skin. I thank God!!

Tyrone, Sydney, NSW, Australia ( Result will be Vary )


I’ve had pretty bad skin – acne, mainly – for the past 10 years. Tamanu Oil came as a lifesaver. Though it didn’t get rid of my horrendous breakouts, the number of them that I got reduced significantly. However, after using it for the 3rd month, my face started getting very dry and flaky. I even tried mixing it with my Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, but I was still flaky. It worked relatively well on breakouts, but made my once oily skin extremely dry.

Now I use Tamanu Oil in conjunction with Silkia Camellia Oil, which the latter has completely eliminated my breakouts and restores moisture in my face. I get the occasional (around that time of the month) zit now, which is/are very small. Both of these oils have done wondesr for my skin and now I use them with the hope that my pitted acne scars diminish, which they seem to be doing after 3-4 months of continuous use. Overall, I’m very happy with Tamanu Oil (along with the Silkia Camellia Oil) and I feel more confident now than I have in many years.

I also buy the tamanu oil from you for my dog. He gets these terrible sores that itch real bad and he has them all over. After the third application of Tamanu Oil they are no longer itching him and he is no longer chewing them and they shrink up. Some of the sores took months to go away, some go away in a few weeks – it varies. I was buying my tamanu oil thru Toni in Texas but she said she is no longer selling it and referred me to you. Thanks again!! Take care.

Denise Wolfe ( Result will be Vary )



Best stored at around 21 degrees up to room temperature. Doesn’t mind hotter temperatures but extreme heat will lessen the shelf life. Cool to cold temperatures will cause some separation of the fatty acids but this otherwise will not affect the shelf life of pure Tamanu Oil.


Side Effects

NONE, but as with all skin care products, Although Vanuatu Tamanu Oil is exempt of the 26 allergen substances listed in 2003/15/CE European directive. Test for any allergic reaction on a small area of the skin first.


Can i Use it on Animal ?

What is not commonly known is that Tamanu Oil is fantastic for animal skin conditions as well like horse or dogs – It is especially beneficial when an itch arises behind the ears, on areas of the face, the neck, the chest, the stomach, the feet or paws, and around the base of the tail. These are all areas where allergies tend to create the most disturbance

But because tamanu oil is a topical agent only , our advice is to only use a small amount of the product and only where the affected area is quite small as well. Be especially careful with cats they are complusive preeners. This can result in them indirectly ingesting Tamanu Oil which can make them sick. it is not recommended for use on cats.

Since each pet is different, this degree of success may vary.



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