8 Amazing Things You Can Make Out of Recycled Materials

As our population grows every day, the amount of waste we produce follows. Recycling is important in reducing the negative impact we make on our environment. A little goes a long way. Businesses today also do their part taking care of the environment by using renewable or recycled materials. As an individual, you can too! Here are eight amazing things you can make out of recycled materials.


Cheese Grater Earring Stand

Do you have an old cheese grater lying around somewhere? Give it a good clean, so it doesn’t smell like old cheese, and use it as a stand for your jewellery. Those individual holes make a perfect home for all your earrings and lets you find them easily. If you want to vamp it up, just throw on a layer of paint and create your own designs.

Pocket Coasters

Use the jean pockets from your Jeans Chair project and turn them into coasters. Denim is a strong fabric and is easy to clean, so don’t worry about spilling your coffee. Cut out the pockets and give them a wash. This will fray the edges slightly for that cool vintage look.

Jeans Chair

Put those old jeans and sewing skills to use. Get out your stack of old jeans and get creative. Your chair looks best with lots of different shades of denim. Find a sewing pattern you like and choose what you want to fill your chair with. Since we want to be environmentally friendly, a biodegradable filling is recommended.

Bird Feeder Cans

Why spend money on a bird feeder when you can make your very own? Cut a semicircle from the top of the can to put the birdseed in. Attach the handle of an old wooden spoon as a perch for birds to rest. Make it look almost nautical by looping some manila rope all around the side of the can until its fully covered and hang it up.

Glass Bottle Lanterns

What better way to set some mood lighting for your backyard than with lanterns? Choose the prettiest glass bottles you have and hammer a hole in the lid for the wick. You’ll need some lamp oil, and citronella oil is great for keeping the bugs away in the summer. Your guests are bound to be impressed with your backyard.

Old Tyre Suite

Outdoor furniture is expensive. Luckily, if you have plenty of old tyres lying around, you can make an entire outdoor suite. Add wooden feet to a large tyre and cover it with a large, round wooden plate to create an outdoor coffee table. Cover up the bottom of the tyre, fill it up with soil and plant your favourite flowers. Paint the tyre to match your backyard!



Shipping Container Holiday Homes

Shipping containers are made from sturdy and durable materials. Don’t let them go to waste. There are so many innovative ways to re-use shipping containers. If you’ve always wanted the classic Kiwi beach lifestyle, why not build your very own holiday home from shipping containers? You can also convert it to a camping hut, a bar or even a retreat with a spa. The options are endless.

Plastic Bottle Garden

Everyone needs a little bit of nature in their lives. To liven up your living space, office or anywhere else you desire, create a hanging garden out of plastic bottles. Large, clear bottles work best for this green-thumb project. Just cut out a hole big enough for a flower or plant to grow, secure some string or rope and let it hang. This is also a great DIY project to get the kids involved in.


These crafty recycling ideas are great for reducing waste and are easy ways to make a difference. Rather than ending up in landfills, your bottles, cans and old jeans have found a new purpose. You’ve just contributed to making the earth a better place!


Author bio:

Eco-warrior and creative writer Cloe Matheson lives in the beautiful city of Dunedin, New Zealand. She believes that green living efforts should start in the comforts of our own homes. Get to know Cloe more through her writing – follow her on Tumblr.



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