Declare Your Love for Chocolate by Going to These Countries 

Chocolate is just lovable. They can be absolutely indulgent and decadent, but when you choose right, it can have a positive effect on your body. Either way, some if not most of us just can’t get enough of it and are willing to have a thorough, fulfilling experience involving many kinds of chocolates. 

So, for those of you who think that chocolate is one of the greatest gifts of life, it’s high time to visit these countries. 


Long known as the Spice Isle, you definitely won’t just find nutmeg here. When you visit Grenada, make sure that you try chocolates from local notable, premium-quality chocolatiers such as The Grenada Chocolate Company, Diamond Chocolate Factory, Belmont Estate, and Crayfish Bay Estate. 

You can take a look around the House of Chocolate Grenada, which is a museum slash café slash boutique that tells visitors thoroughly about the cocoa industry.  

Then, you can also try comingn to the Grenada Chocolate Festival. Here, you can sample top-grade dark chocolate while also learning about the growing techniques. To top it off, you can celebrate the day with locals. 

Once the chocolate business is done, head over to the sandy beaches near you, where you can swim, sunbathe, and snorkel your heart away.  or if you prefer diving, explore the sea through the Underwater Sculpture Park. 


Sometimes you’d just know why the Italian are so proud of their country: well because they have all the good stuff!  

People who love chocolate and coffee just as much should definitely go to Turin. Not only that it’s the country’s chocolate capital, you get to enjoy bicerin, which is a fancier type of mocha that looks absolutely mouthwatering.  

But if you want to ditch the coffee, well you can always get a delicious cup of hot chocolate that’ll warm your cockles. To get the best of Turin, you should go there in February, where there’s Cioccola-Tò, a chocolate festival.  

After Turin, you could continue traveling through Umbria and pay a visit to he Perugina Tour and Chocolate School, the factory that makes Baci. Then, head to The Chocolate Valley in Tuscany and you’ll find loads of gourmet chocolate shops and factories.  

Butlers Chocolate Factory in Ireland. Photo by Sean MacEntee Wikimedia Commons


Despite being known as the home of Guiness, people of Ireland purchase almost 11kgs (15.1 pounds) of chocolate per capita in 2015.  

According to the Irish Food Board of the Department of Agriculture, the Irish consumers often purchase their chocolate in supermarket chain like Tesco. And, they thought Irish chocolate is worth paying more. Basically, they adore chocolate. 

And if you want to have that Irish chocolate experience, then you may want to go to Hazel Mountain Chocolate which you can find in Burren, one of the most unique landscapes in Ireland. A plus point: this factory uses sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. 

If you want something a little quainter, try Wilde Irish Chocolate by the shores of Lough Derg in Co Clare. This chocolatier has been around since 1997 founded by husband-and-wife team, Patricia and Con Farrell. They make award-winning, handmade, small-batch chocolates available in over 80 different products that suit all tastes. 


Well, of course we’ve got to include Belgium on this list. Brussels isn’t merely the capital city of this country; it’s also been dubbed the “Chocolate Capital of the World.” So when you go here with a goal to get finger-licking-good chocolate, you’re absolutely in the right place.  

You may wonder why Brussels got that nickname. Well, the fact is, it has more chocolate shops per square foot than any other city in the world, and is home to companies like Godiva and Leonidas. 

Now, Godiva dates back to the 1920s and they’ve maintained the quality and reputation so well that they’ve been rewarded with an appointment as supplier to the Court of Belgium 

If you want, you can go to all of the chocolatiers to sample different kinds, and also get in some history at the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate.  

Those who love chocolatiers with rich history other than Godiva, you need to go to Mary. It’s one of the finest chocolate shops there which has been around since 1919. 


In a 2015 estimate, each Slovak purchased about 5 kilograms of chocolate. And people of this country were proud to have local chocolatier Lyra Mandala as the country’s first Great Taste Award winner in 2014. Its specialty? Chocolate-dusted freeze-dried fruit. Oh, imagine the strawberry or the banana ones.  

And once you’ve bought the chocolates you want, you can just stroll around the beautiful surroundings, enjoying the landscapes of Slovakia while nibbling on the yummy, sweet snack. 


Valrhona chocolate. Photo by Sean MacEntee Wikimedia Commons

I think the French and the Italian have a lot in common when it comes to pride of their countries: both simply have it all. 

Whenever you’re looking for good chocolatey dessert, look no further than the fabuleux Paris. It’s got dark chocolate in many places that you may find it hard to choose which shop you’re going to buy from. 

Think that Paris is too touristy? Head to the village Tain L’Hermitage, which is home of the Valrhona Ecole Chocolat. Similar to Godiva, Valrhona has made gourmet chocolate since 1922, with cocoa beans purchased directly from premier plantations in South America, the Caribbean, and Pacific regions. 

Fun fact: Valrhona was one of the first chocolatiers to describe its chocolate like wine, labeling creations as grand cru, single origins, single estate, and vintage chocolate from bean to bar. 


Barcelona is a great place if you want to find premium chocolate. One of the many shops you should go to is Cacao Sampaka, where you’ll find unique-tasting chocolates like Parma ham and anchovies (which sounds rather gross, but hey if it exists then some people must’ve demanded it). 

Also, when you happen to be in Madrid, don’t skip the classic churros and chocolate. Even if you can find it in your own cities or hometown, you’ve gotta try the real deal: tasty churros dipped into thick hot chocolate. 

So, which Country that you want to visit to quench your chocolate thirst? Or do you have any recommendations from your own country not on this list? Do share in the comments below. 



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