Not Enough Toys for Your Dogs? Get The Eco Friendly Ones

Dogs are one of humans’ best friends that require a lot of activities. Sometimes a walk is enough for them, but not all dogs are the same. Sometimes, all the toys you have don’t seem to be enough for these furbabies. Well, instead of buying the usual one, why not use this opportunity to buy them the eco-friendly ones?

1. Wild One

Wild One, renowned for its unique and monochromatic designs, launched a line of well-crafted, understated dog toys with a minimal aesthetic on July. The collection includes three new toy varieties including ‘Triangle Tug,’ ‘Bolt Bite,’ and ‘Twist Toss,’ which come in three colorways — tan, red, and navy.

The new line was created to give pet owners a sleek, design-centric collection of pet-friendly toys. It features a streamlined design that’s eye-catching and dynamic. The products are made from 100% natural rubber and cotton. It’s a durable and resilient chew toy that helps to relieves your furry friends’ stress, while also ensuring your pup is just as stylish and chic as you.

2. Filson’s Dog Retrieving Toy


The tennis ball is the quintessential training toy for dogs but can obstruct their breathing and shorten the amount of time they can play for, so the Filson dog retrieving toy is designed to offer an alternative.

The toy was developed in partnership with Auburn University to help dogs train for extended periods without causing stress by occluding their breathing. This means dogs will be able to play for far longer without having to stop prematurely because they need to take a break to catch their breath.

The Filson dog retrieving toy is crafted from food-grade polymers that make it suitable for dogs to chomp down on over and over, while the bright orange color makes it easy for canines and humans to find.

3. Glossier & BARK’s plushies

The Millennial-favorite skincare brand Glossier is expanding its product portfolio with makeup-themed dog toys — a result of a partnership between the beauty giant and BARK.

These adorable dog toys were designed in likeness to popular Glossier products, like the brand’s Boy Brow eyebrow gel, or the Balm Dotcom lip and body balm. The collaboration sees plush iterations of these items, and has aptly named the products Toy Brow and Balm Dogcom. While it may seem like an unusual collaboration, Glossier often posts photos of furry friends on social media, making this product launch one that aligns with its brand ethos of remaining cruelty-free.

These collaborative toys will release on BARK’s online store, and will be available in-store at Glossier’s New York and L.A locations.

4. No Live Fire

This firehose dog toy has been created by Etsy retailer No Live Fire as a durable, upcycled accessory for canine companions that will offer them a premium item to pay fetch with, chew on and much more. The toys are crafted using decommissioned firehose material, which means they’re built to withstand intensive use for fighting fires and great as an upcycled item for canines. Each toy is washed a minimum of three times to ensure that they’re suitable for dogs to use without worry about them being dirty or contaminated.

The firehose dog toy does double-duty as an eco-friendly canine accessory as its upcycled design prevents gear from heading to the landfill and is durable enough to withstand years of use being chewed.

Fire hose is very unique though, so that’s why it makes such a fun project. It’s durable, tough and comes in a variety of colors. It also makes an excellent Firefighter gift idea, especially because Firefighters love to have memorabilia.

If you want to make some, the first logical answer is calling up your local fire department (non emergency number) and the surrounding stations within a reasonable drive. Ask them if they have any available and also offer to contribute a donation to the department. Chances are, they have some lying around.

5. Canna-Pet biscuits

Canna-Pet’s vegan treats for dogs are specifically created to ease any anxiety or nervousness in a delicious form. It follows an advanced formula recipe that is ‘PB&A’ flavored, which stands for peanut, banana, and apple. It is entirely organic and vegan and uses non-GMO high-quality sources.

The bone-shaped biscuits are small in size, making it easy to bring along during walks or traveling. It is crafted with a blend of hemp and terpenes, which go through a proprietary run to amplify the number of flavonoids. The main component of the dog treats is the wide range of different hemp phytochemicals that are incorporated. It also exclusively uses industrial hemp, which is non-psychoactive to maximize its natural essence.

6. Yora

Yora is an innovative dog food brand that makes its products with an alternative to meat and fish—insects. The insect-based food for dogs is suitable for all breeds and is touted as “the most sustainable dog food in the world.” As well as being eco-friendly, the dog food is cost-effective, as a 12-kilogram bag of feed costs less than a dollar per day for a medium breed.

The insect-based dog food is made with whole Hermetia Illucens larvae that’s dried and turned into a “flour” that serves as a nutrient-dense meal base that’s packed with protein and minerals. Yora is a single-protein diet and is especially easy on a dog’s digestive system. Alongside insects, the innovative dog food formula also features nutritious vegetables that require minimal resources to grow.

7. The Bristly

The ‘Tug n’ Brush’ is a specialized toy for dogs that aims to transform the oral care experience for owners that will eliminate the need for traditional toothbrushing. Coming in two size options for dogs of all sizes, the toy works by being held by the owner and tugged by the dog, which will activate the internal bristles. This will effectively clean the dog’s teeth as they play, while also massaging the gums and cleaning the tongue to provide a total teeth cleaning with every use.

The ‘Tug n’ Brush’ dog toy features a durable design and a built-in rope that can all be washed under running water to keep it fresh between uses and deter bacteria growth.



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