More Eco Friendly Beauty Products Made From Repurposed Food Waste

Hello, eco conscious beauty junkies! Don’t we all love beauty products that are not only good for ourselves but also for the environment? Well, these products are definitely must-try for you because they’re made from repurposed food waste!

1. BYBI’s Blueberry Booster

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BYBI is a natural beauty brand with Blueberry Booster as its trademark. This product is a 100% cold-pressed blueberry seed oil made with seeds from fruits discarded by juicing industry that would usually be a waste.

As for the ability itself, this booster helps add protection from blue light. So yep, apparently sunray isn’t the only one that can damage our skin. BYBI stated, “Blue light damage is unfortunately a real thing; it can weaken, inflame and even discolor the skin.”

That’s why, Blueberry Booster is a great shield for blue light as well as an addition to your serums, moisturizers, and other products. If you don’t fancy blueberries, no worries. BYBI also produces Strawberry Booster.

2. Beauty Kitchen’s The Berry British Sustainable Beauty Oil

You all know by now that retailers usually take produce that looks appealing only and discard the unappealing ones. There are a lot of food and beverage made with unattractive products that we can find now, and thankfully, beauty brands are joining the fight against food waste, including Beauty Kitchen and its Berry British Sustainable Beauty Oil.

Just like BYBI’s booster, this oil is made with fruit seed and it’s rife of vitamins and antioxidants to combat free radicals. The base of this beauty oil is blackcurrant seed oil that’s blended with other repurposed strawberry and raspberry seed oils. Beauty Kitchen put their products in recyclable glass bottles and details how to handle each component of the packaging after its useful life.

Sadly, because the materials of this beauty oil aren’t always available, sometimes we’ve gotta wait for a while if the products are sold out.

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3. Dr. Craft’s Natural Purple Berry Brightening Serum

Color correcting purple shampoos that we usually find on the shelves mostly contain synthetic dyes. But Dr. Craft makes a better hair care product made with 100% natural pigments from British blackcurrants. The berries are sustainably sourced from leftover by-products from the manufacture of the blackcurrant-based beverage Ribena.

Unlike many color-correcting purple shampoos on the market that contain synthetic dyes, Dr. Craft’s Natural Purple Berry Brightening Serum is made with The berries that are used in the brand’s product

According to Dr. Craft’s, “This patented technology uses blackcurrant skins, which contain high concentrations of natural pigments called anthocyanins. These give the berries their intense color and counteract the brassy tones in your hair.”

Aside from being sourced sustainably, Natural Purple Berry Brightening Serum is cruelty free and it includes natural ingredients such as natural scent from bergamot, eucalyptus, lemon, spearmint and tarragon.

4. MontaMonta’s Sage + Coffee Body Scrub

Where do coffee grounds go after they’re brewed? Most would say trash, but spent coffee grounds can be repurposed in a lot of ways, like body scrub for example. There are a lot of DIYs about this upcycled scrub, but MontaMonta does it on a larger scale.

This brand collects coffee grounds from cafes in London and blends them with epsom salts, sea salts, Vitamin E and skin-soothing oils. Then the brand put the scrub in a 100% recyclable amber PET jar. The result? A heavenly body scrub that buff away dull skin but doesn’t damage the environment.

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5. Dr. Lipp’s Moisturizing Colour Tints

Dr. Lipp hasn’t released new products in a long time. After releasing the multipurpose Original Nipple Balm, this beauty brand introduced Moisturizing Colour Tints based upon the balm. In the lip tint trio, each product features natural pigment from Red Radish, Elderberry or Sweet Potato.

The tints also include all-natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced. A key ingredient in each lip tint is medical-grade lanolin, also known as wool wax from sheep. If you don’t know what lanolin is, it’s a byproduct of the textile industry and it’s famous for its moisturizing properties.

If you have sensitive skin or lips, good news. Dr. Lipp’s Moisturizing Colour Tints have a formula that’s free from parabens, fragrances, sulfites, mineral oil, petrolatum, coloring agents and silicone.

6. Optiat

This brand is based in London and it was created when the founder wanted to create skincare that was high in quality while being environmentally friendly. Just like MontaMonta, Optiat chose discarded coffee grounds as the main component of the collection because the supply is endless.

The products come in the form of a series of scrubs, all of which are made with discarded coffee grounds. The collection features a variety of scents including lemongrass, peppermint, vanilla and mandarin. These scents are designed for different purposes like treating hangovers and encouraging sleep.

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7. Clean as Kale’s products

There are undoubtedly a lot of plant-based skincare products that we can find now. However, Clean as Kale has a mission to offer truly clean and natural solutions to consumers. The brand states that a lot of “natural” skincare products have a lot of artificial nasties and cheap, filler ingredients. The things that are good for beauty manufacturers but terrible for our skin.

So, products from this brand are made with 100% plant ingredients only, excluding clay fillers, chemicals, preservatives and other undesirable additions. The range that you have to try is Enzymatic Polishing Granules and two Activating Toners because they have a formula to support different skin types and issues.

Clean as Kale has a sister brand called Origin Almond which makes cold-pressed almond juice. The byproducts of the sister brand is used in Clean as Kale’s items as part of a waste-reducing initiative.

8. The Body Shop’s Carrot Cleanser & Moisturizer

This cleanser and moisturizer are, according to the brand, “enriched with organic carrots too naturally wonky to sell in the supermarkets.” So they source the ingredients from retailers that pick the appealing kind of carrots.

Carrot Wash Energizing Face Cleanser is a vegan friendly cleanser that forms a rich lather, leaving your skin feeling smooth and energized. The moisturizer, Carrot Cream Nature Rich Daily Moisturizer, provides long-lasting hydration and protection from aggressors that can compromise the look and health of the skin.

Other than sourcing materials sustainably for this product, The Body Shop package their products in 100% recyclable packaging.

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