Going Bling yet Eco-Friendly With Recycled and Reclaimed Jewelry

Going Bling yet Eco-Friendly With Recycled and Reclaimed Jewelry

As time progresses, we can find more people who are eco-conscious nowadays. And that’s why there are a lot of eco beauty, eco fashion, and other things with the word eco in the front. Eco jewelry, however, is not as popular as the other eco stuff. This one designer, however, didn’t care and went on to make sustainable jewelry.

The designer is Elaine Tan. She’s the founder and designer of Amado Gudek who started that label in 2010. Since then, she’s been creating accessories which use sustainable materials like eco-friendly bio resins. But her collection uses something different like driftwood (wood which has been washed ashore).

She called this collection Drift Away (nice name). She explained that she wanted, “something that was organic, unique and that would represent freedom from uniformity and banality.” She created her jewelry by encasing the driftwood in bio resin for earrings and necklaces. As for pendants, she got them from a local fish farm, and the protective coating is organic beeswax. Tan handcrafted all her collection, so each jewelry is unique.

Other than driftwood, the Singapore jeweler also created another type of sustainable jewelry using recycled Nespresso capsules and her handy dandy bio resin. In this collection, titled Iridescent Creatures, her label explores the dark and mystical side of underwater world. You can see it from the shimmery fish scales which are made from Nespresso capsules.

The scale is a default pattern that you can find throughout the collection. It’s a symbol to the many sides yet orderly marine life. When you look at the collection, you’ll be reminded of the ocean and the beauty of it. And knowing that those glittery stuff is made from something that you throw away after you’ve had your coffee makes it even more amazing.

Nespresso Singapore themself commissioned the project as a part of their sustainability campaign. Even though Tan’s Iridescent Creatures collection isn’t for sale, sadly, this shows other jeweler or artisan that they can make something beautiful out of something small and “worthless”.

Amado Gudek isn’t the only jeweler that creates sublime yet eco-friendly accessories. There are other ones that you should check out like these ones below.

1. Dell

Dell launched a jewelry line?! It is rather shocking to know that computer manufacturer also sells bijouterie. But it’s not without a reason. You know that computer motherboards have gold in it, right? And so instead of throwing them away, why not make something beautiful out of it?

And that’s exactly what Dell is doing. They partnered with actress Nikki Reed and announced a limited edition jewelry collection from Dell’s motherboards. The collab offers 14 to 18 carat gold rings, earrings, and cufflinks.

How did they get all those motherboards? Dell said that their new recycling program gave them an excess amount of the material, so they wanted to create something different. The price ranges from $78 to $348, and the collection is a real beauty.

2. Hijau (or John Hardy’s Collection)

This brand was the result of supermodel Angela Lindvall’s collaboration with jewelry designer John Hardy. Hijau (means green in Bahasa Indonesia) had cuff bracelets, chunky necklaces, and other pieces which are meant to make a statement. And they’re all made from recycled gold or sterling silver.

This line had a program called “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo”. It’s a program that would plant bamboo seedlings in Bali every time you buy the piece. Even though this brand is within luxury segment, people could find the cheaper ones to support their cause.

3. Ash Hilton

You can find Ash Hilton’s gorgeous collection on Etsy. the New Zealand-based designer uses recycled and sustainably-mined metals. The collection is perfect if you want green jewelry for your eco-friendly wedding. Simply put, all of the brand’s collections are ethical, and you can see the details when you check on their website.

4. Ute Decker

If you’re anti mainstream and you like structured jewelry, or rather, sculptural jewelry. Ute Decker’s collection is perfect for you. The German artist adapts Japanese concept of wabi sabi, which is the acceptance of imperfection and temporariness.

She describes her jewelry like this, “Just as the silence between notes in music is vital, I strive to create a harmony between the solid form, minimalist lines and the empty space within and around them to magnify the intensity of expression.”

As you can tell, her collection is poetic, artsy, and unique. But that’s not only the great part. She only uses sustainable materials like recycled silver, fair trade gold, and sunflower-derived bio resins. For the packaging, she packs them all in the recycled ones.

5. Jane Hollinger

Jane Hollinger got the idea to make her recycled jewelry when she couldn’t find accessories that she liked in the stores. She decided to create her own, and to make things better, she used recycled metals. And when there are scraps, her company makes sure to recycle them carefully.

Her type of jewelry is feminine and sweet. For example, there are tiny hearts on silver chains. There are also geometric circle and rectangle pendants, chain bracelets, and lacy drop earrings that you can choose to complete your look.

Do you think more people will actually buy ethical jewelry from now? Or is it still going to be a niche until much later? Tell us what you think in the comments down below. To know other recycled items, make sure you read this article.




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