Recycle Your Old Magazines Into Wonderful Works Of Art

Recycle Your Old Magazines Into Wonderful Works Of Art

Having a bunch of old magazines in your home and considering to throw them away? You might want to change your mind after reading this article. Those old magazines can be recycled into a new wonderful work of art.

Old magazines usually come in colorful pages and beautiful pictures, that’s why you can use those old papers for some other uses. The crafts are basically easy to make in your home and by your own, just cut, fold, glue, and arrange.

Basically, the things you need to do the works are just old magazines, scissors, glue, and creativity. Some other additional stuffs are optional since there are many kinds of artwork you can produce just from an issue of old magazine.

Not only old magazines, you might find some junk mails in your mailbox and those junk mails are no use for you. With some creativity, you can change those ‘useless’ old papers into beautiful ornaments and crafts for further use. Here are some examples.

Paper Beads

Paper_beads (Wikimedia Commons)

It is easy to make a paper bead, just cut up the old magazine pages and curl them into tiny beads. Make sure that the center of the bead is hollow, so you can slip in a string into it for further works. From only a page of old magazine or junk mail, you can make more than 10 beads.

Start with rolling the strips around something like straw or any other kinds of thin stick and then glue the end of the strip. Slide it off the stick and you get one paper bead. Let the dry glue and collect the beads in a place.

When you have done making some ‘workable’ number of paper beads, then you can combine them into new things that is more useful than just a bunch of useless old magazines. Combine them by slipping a string and you can make bracelets, curtains, key chains, and many others.

Clock From Old Magazine

Old magazines can also be transformed into beautiful wall clock. There are many ways and types of clock you can get from recycling old magazines, like accordion style, rolling style, collage style, or just simply making the picture of a magazine to be the background of the clock. You can also use it to recycle your old clock, especially the machine.

For accordion style clock, you need to fold the pages into accordion style. After that, pile it up with another accordion folding to add more thickness. Do it until about 5 or more layers, as much as you think it is enough. Then attach the clock machine in the middle of the layers.

For rolling style, you need to make rolls from old magazine pages. Cut the pages into about 1-centimeter strips and roll them into circles. You can also roll the strips outside the other to make bigger rolls. If you think it is enough, attach the clock machine in the middle of the roll.

For the collage style, you can combine many pictures you find in the magazines, cut them and combine it on a carton board. Put the clock machine in the middle of the craft, and viola, you get a DIY beautiful wall clock. Optionally you can also give them some good borders with the beads.

Magazine Pages Bowl

This one requires more patient and hard work to do, but definitely worth the effort. You can also combine the pages of old magazines into a beautiful handcrafted bowl that you can use for many purposes.

You can use the bowl for storing tiny stuffs, like earrings, keys, candies, and others. But for your information, you cannot use this bowl as a food container since it is made from magazine paper. They will melt if you put water in it.

To make this bowl, you need to cut a magazine page into four and make a roll from it. Collect as many rolls as possible because it will also determine the size. Then dip them into glue and spritz them with water. this way, the magazine rolls will be easier to work with and more transformable.

Start making a round coil in the center by sticking together some rolls, then continue the work by sticking more rolls on top of the other. Do it until you get the desired size of bowl and let it dry for a while before using it.

Wall Art

Well, unlike those mentioned above which have some kind of uses, this one is a pure work of art. And old magazines actually have some artistic value that will help your creativity to find some inspirations to make one wall art.

Basically, you can make various kinds of wall art by making some collages of pictures, folding the pages, or again making some colorful rolls. Collages and folding is easy to make, just find some inspiration on the internet.

For the rolling art, basically you can do it by fitting the rolls into a silhouette. First, roll some cut-up colorful magazine papers and glue the edges. Make the rolls as many as possible, so that you will not run out of rolls when working on the silhouette.

Then get a silhouette that you find interesting on the internet, might be animals, shapes, words, or anything. Print it out and cut it following the picture. Make sure that the size is not too small because it will make you work harder with the rolls.

After you get the silhouette pattern and the rolls, simply just glue the rolls down to the silhouette. Trim the excess rolls so that your pattern can really depict what it is. Place it on a carton board and it is ready to hang.

So, having so many old magazines and junk mails in your house? Turn them into works of art while you are in your spare time instead of throwing them away. You can help recycling the papers and you also get beautiful works of art in your home. Want to try?


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