Pet Owners Can Now be More Eco-Friendly With Sustainable Pet Food Packaging

When we think about it, the usual things we do when we’ve got a pet is not exactly eco-friendly isn’t it? Let’s think about the amount of plastic we get for them. What happens with the toys for our pets? The packaging of each item for our fur babies? The plastic trash we produce after getting them treats and food?

Fortunately, a company has done something to reduce that problem and set an example to other pet food manufacturers. Only Natural Pet, a brand that provides natural pet supplies and Braskem, which is the largest thermoplastics polyolefins producer in the Americas and the leading producer of biopolymers in the world have worked together and announced a new, sustainable pet food packaging initiative.

This collaborative project utilizes Braskem’s biopolymer called I’m greenTM Polyethylene (PE). According to Braskem’s website, it’s a bio-based resin made from ethanol, which is a renewable and sustainable resource made from Brazilian sugarcane.

petrol-based polyethylene balls. Braskem has the sugarcane-based version of it. Photo by Lluis tgn Wikimedia Commons
petrol-based polyethylene balls. Braskem has the sugarcane-based version of it. Photo by Lluis tgn Wikimedia Commons

Because of the sugarcane cultivation, the PE production doesn’t have negative carbon footprint, as it captures carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Through the website, Braskem states that “From a cradle-to-gate life-cycle perspective, every ton of I’m greenTM PE used in the production of packaging equates to 3.09 tons of CO2 captured from the atmosphere.”

Braskem’s PE has the same properties, performance, and versatility as the conventional, fuel-made polyethylene. A good alternative to reduce the oil-based PE.

The biopolymer is combined with Only Natural Pet’s packaging. So, each bag of the pet supplies company’s newest dry dog food called Mindful Meals will have at least 30% bioplastic material. It’s shows how the company is committed to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction.

Founder and President of Only Natural Pet, Marty Grosjean, said, “We are very excited to be using the I’m green biopolymer in our new Mindful Meals product line. The product is all about sustainable ingredients and thoughtful sourcing to create the ultimate dog food, so packaging it in a sustainable bag is ideal to further our sustainability goals – and of course to increase the appeal to pet parents.”

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future pet food packaging may follow Only Natural Pet's steps and get eco-friendlier plastic packaging
future pet food packaging may follow Only Natural Pet’s steps and get eco-friendlier plastic packaging

Only Natural Pet is a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition. And up until now, the company has a wide range of natural pet supplies with a holistic approach and ensure the health optimization of dogs and cats.

Moreover, this company is also committed to sustainable and green business practices. They partner with industry leaders who provide sustainable and eco-conscious solution for a lot of aspects such as wind powered facilities efficiency, carbon offsetting of shipping, and environment-friendly sourcing for its packaging and products.

As a company that is also trying to provide sustainable solution, Braskem is more than happy to partner with Only Natural Pet. Joe Jankowski, the commercial manager Braskem’s Renewables team in North America, said,

“As the increasingly healthy lifestyles of consumers leads them to seek out more natural foods for their pets, forward looking companies such as Only Natural Pet are matching their healthy product philosophy with more sustainable packaging solutions, minimizing the environmental and carbon footprints of pet food packaging in the process,”

He continued, “We are proud to be partnering with Only Natural Pet to help meet these needs by leveraging Braskem’s I’m Green PE bio-based plastic to offer consumers more sustainable pet food packaging, helping protect the planet for people and pets alike.”

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this innovation won't only benefit the environment, but the pets and their owners as well
this innovation won’t only benefit the environment, but the pets and their owners as well

Aside from Braskem, Only Natural Pet also works with Peel Plastic. It’s a company that offers flexible packaging solutions and process innovation. The company has a wide knowledge of the required technology pet food industry.

Peel Plastic has worked alongside Braskem and Only Natural Pet in designing, developing, and integrating the biopolymer PE into a new, eco-friendly packaging that still does the job of containing pet food very well, but it gives the environment a much better solution.

The company’s business development manager, Weijia Zhang, said, “We are pleased to partner with Only Natural Pet and Braskem to deliver on an authentically sustainable packaging solution, which meaningfully reduces carbon footprint while ensuring uncompromising protection to both the Only Natural Pet brand, and to the mindfully crafted product inside.”

Only Natural Pet

This company is a leader in the natural pet supplies marketplace. It was founded in 2004 in Boulder, Colorado as a simple e-commerce business. Now, Only Natural Pet produces over 200 of popular, natural products such as pet food, treats, supplements, and natural flea prevention and treatment. You can find their products in retail stores and online.

With a mission to support long and healthy lives for our fur babies, this company only provides natural products. But it’s not all about naturality, they make pet food with strict ingredients standards and formulas so that your pets will still be healthy.

And as explained above, Only Natural Pet also has a goal to always benefit the environment. They will always consider what kind of impact that the company will give to the environment. So, they think about those precautions and implement them into the product formulas, packaging, business operations, and manufacturing partners.

They also want to pursue their social objectives and give positive social influences. As the unethical practices of labor are still ongoing in some parts of the world, the company treat their workers and employees as respected partners. Only Natural Pet also contributes to local community as much as they possibly can


Mother Earth will still be the place to live for the next, younger generation and therefore we must preserve it the best we can. With that idea, Braskem ceaselessly tries to improve both people and the environment longevity by creating sustainable, eco-friendly, and intelligent solution using chemicals and plastics.

Until now, Braskem exports to clients in around 100 countries and it operates 41 industrial units. You can find the company’s units in Brazil, United States, Germany and Mexico (the result of a partnership with a Mexican company called Idesa).

Let’s just hope that other pet food and supplies manufacturer would follow Only Natural Pet’s path so that we can be a step higher to becoming eco-friendly pet owners. As fur parents, we want only the best for our fur babies, but we must also think about the environment so that our pets (and us too) can live in a healthier world.

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