9 Pet-Friendly Places in Asia, Europe, and USA for Dog Parents

9 Pet-Friendly Places in Asia, Europe, and USA for Dog Parents

Dogs are such adorable beings that can melt your heart anytime they want. And as much as we love doing things on our own, some days like holidays will be complete when your furry babies can also join the fun. So here are dog-friendly places that you can visit with your dogs.

1. Philippines

The flag of Philippines
This country loves dogs, and they’re a highly popular household pet. Because of the popularity, popular places like shopping malls are integrated with pet services. There are veterinary clinic, a parlor for grooming services, and pet shops inside a shopping mall. You can sense the seriousness of pet ownership here.

In Manila, people can now go shopping and treat their furry friends at the same visit. Drop your pet in the grooming service or vet check ups and you can leave them for your shopping spree. If you don’t have a dog yet, consider going to Pasay Cartimar market.

2. Maine

Lighthouse in Maine
If you and your dogs are hardcore outdoor lovers, you’ll instantly fall in love with Bar Harbor. It’s located around Acadia National Park, and while you’re there, you’ll be surrounded with sea and charming mountains. Acadia is one of the few national parks which are dog-friendly, so no different treatments to them. Your dogs can camp, hike, join you in the kayak, climb, fish, birdwatch, and many more.

Little Long Pond will give your dogs a great time because of its pretty nature. Dining for exclusively dog lovers are arrangeable and some accommodations allow the dogs in such as West Street Hotel. There’s a dog-friendly patio restaurant there, and you can get your pal a dog menu such as cheeseburger patty! Just note that when you’re not in parks, you need to keep your dogs on the leash.

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3. Montenegro

gorgeous Montenegro
Since it’s situated on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is famous for its gorgeous coastal scenery and beautiful mountains. But don’t think that you can’t share your holiday with a pet here. Not just walking or running, here are a lot of activities that you can do here with your dog pal. For example, sailing or mountain biking are one of the great things to enjoy Montenegro at its fullest.

4. Bangkok

Beautiful and dog-friendly Bangkok
Since there are a lot of Buddhist in this part of country (and they don’t mind animals), you and your dogs will be fine here. Take them to Petropolis Park and let them run around freely. To have a better experience for your pet, TLC Pet Wellness Centre is available to pamper them with great swimming pool or Aquadog Salon, which is a salon and spa for your furry friend.

5. Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee
What can your dogs possibly think of when they know that there are 75 dog-friendly patios in this town? We may never know, but we do know that they’ll be happy. You can start from Fido, a coffee shop and casual dining place in Hillsboro Village.

If you want your dogs to burn some energy or simply socialize and make new friends, Centennial Dog Park will welcome them with open arms. If you feel like walking, do it at Fontanel and make sure you stop at Café Fontanella & Wine Bar.

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6. Spain

Spain flag
Spain is such a wonderful place to spend your days off. And it gets even better when you’ve got your bestest pet by your side. There are villas with pool which you can stay in when you’re in Spain. Both you and your dog can relax or have a swim, just anything to cool off. Wherever you go, you’ll find places that have dog exercise and toilet areas, particularly in the larger cities.

If you want to be specific, then Cadaques is one of the many places that you can visit. It’s an idyllic fishing village that Salvador Dali and Marcel Duchamp used to go on their holidays. There are dog-friendly option that you can choose for your vacation there with the fur babies. It should be noted that it’s not wise to bring pets during hot summer, and you should always have drinking water ready for them.

7. Kuala Lumpur

petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur
Quite surprisingly, Malaysia has a place for dog parents. There are some hotels that allow and cater for your dogs. If you’re looking for a place to spoil your dogs rotten, take them to De’ Ritz Pet Hotel in Petaling Jaya, which is well-known for its top notch pet services.

For an alternative, you should definitely try Puppy Cottage, which is the best, five star dog hotel in the national capital. Plus, it has grooming services for your convenience. If you have smaller pets, hear this. Kargo is a place that caters any pets from a cute little mouse to a majestic, strong horse.

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8. Illinois

Snowy Illinois by David Wilson Wikimedia Commons
Snowy Illinois by David Wilson Wikimedia Commons

Firstly, this town is uber pet-friendly so you’re all won’t be in any kind of trouble regarding pets. You can take your beloved dogs to Wiggly Field or Bark in the Park which are popular dog parks to spoil your furry babies. You can even take them in a game at Guaranteed Rate Field that includes special dog treat!

With more than 20 dog-friendly venues around the town, there are available activities to indulge you all. You can have fun with the sea at Montrose Beach, cool down or splash around in the cool waters of Lake Michigan, or simply bask in the warm sun at any docks around the town (Montrose Beach has one).

You can also spoil your dogs with Mercury’s Canine Cruise that departs every summer. You and your pets will be adventuring around Chicago’s lake and river and the dogs will be provided with fresh water bowls and newspaper restroom. What could be better than cruising with your furry best friend?

9. France

you can also take your dog around Eiffel Tower
you can also take your dog around Eiffel Tower

This country is definitely dogs’ best friend since they’re welcome in almost all places. The French love them, so you can easily carry or bring them in restaurants. Imagine sitting in an outdoor cafe, enjoying the day as well as the beauty of France with delicious drink, food, and your furry best friend(s). As long as your dogs are well-behaved, you’ll find no problems.

One of the best dog-friendly destination in France is its capital, Paris. It has over a thousand pet-friendly places like hotels, parks, apartments, and more. Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg is a fancy place that lets your dogs in. If you want to go somewhere outdoorsy, go to Parc des Buttes Chaumont or Jardins du Luxembourg.

Do you have pet-friendly establishments around your area? What sort of activities that you enjoy doing most with your pet? I know mine is sleeping because my cat purrs and sleeps a lot (guilty!). But anyways, don’t hesitate to comment down below and share your stories. For other pet related reading, check out this article.



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