8 Animal Rescue Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

8 Animal Rescue Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

Animals can be fierce or gentle and terrifying or cute. They can also be so hilarious at times that we can’t help but laughing our lungs out. So, when you feel down and a little bit sad, or if you just wanna get positive vibes, you can just search for animal stories and videos on the internet.

Sadly, sometimes we find them in a horrible situations which need some helping hands. But what’s important is, there are people who care about them. They’re so considerate and caring that we can put our faith back in humanity in the midst of Earth’s current chaotic mess.

So here are some stories (with videos) of animal rescue that will make you realize that kind and caring people still exist. The stories will also definitely warm the cockles of your heart, boost your mood, and give you some positivity.

1. Some people rescued possums that had been stranded because of a flood.

Unlike other animals that can climb high trees or fly, possums can’t simply escape flood. So when massive flood hit Hernando, Mississippi, the poor animals were stranded and couldn’t escape water.

However, some guys decided to come around their habitat and rescued the possums. They looked visibly scared and upset, but once they realized that they were in a safe place, they became calmer and even let the rescuer pet them.

The guys also spotted an armadillo around the possums and rescued it as well. Even though they saved mostly possums only, these guys’ bravery and kindness were all that mattered to let the animals continue with their lives.

2. A puppy was abandoned deep inside a canyon until someone rescued him.

A man was going on a hike in the Northern Arizona canyons where he found an abandoned puppy. The pup was deep inside the narrow canyon without any injury, indicating that he was put there on purpose, not because he accidentally fell down.

The man immediately rescued the pup and rushed him to the vet. He was weak and emaciated and needed much care. But his rescuer and the vets wouldn’t give up on him and in turn, he didn’t give up on his life as well.

His rescuer fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. His new family calls him Riley and he’s never been happier with his new life.

3. A group of people saved a badly hurt young seal.

A group of people who were observing a group of seals noticed a young male seal with nets stuck in his neck. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the nets cut deep in the seal’s neck, badly wounding him.

Determined to save the seal, the group called animal rescuers and decided to release the nets off of his neck. The seal was scared and they had to wrap his head to calm him down.  It wasn’t a smooth thing to do, but they were patient and gentle with the seal.

When the nets were off, the people sprayed some medication around the seal’s neck and decided to release him back to the sea, because salt water might heal his wound faster. The seal was rescued and he went back to his family.

4. A young elephant was stuck in a well, but luckily, people did their best to save him.

An extended dry season is a tough period for animals in the wild, including elephants. This young elephant was looking for water when he fell inside a well and couldn’t climb up.

The calf was exhausted from all his efforts to climb back to surface. Fortunately, kind people were around and they tried their best to get him back to his family. The first few attempts were unsuccessful, but the rescuers wouldn’t leave him be.

Finally, they put a strong rope around the calf’s rear end and worked together to push him. The method worked out and the young elephant walked on the surface again. Once he knew he was free, the calf ran away to get back to his family.

5. Beachgoers saved two sea turtles which were tangled in fishing nets.

Sometimes, animals that need rescue appear around in the most casual area. Beachgoers in Maldives found two sea turtles nastily tangled in fishing nets. The first one was amost loose, but the second one was completely tangled inside.

Rescuers gently cut the nets and held the turtle so it wouldn’t move around too much and exhaust itself. The first one got free and swam away. The second one needed a little more time to get away, and the rescuers ensure it would be release safely.

Eventually, both turtles were successfully rescued and set free. They’ve swum back to the beautiful Maldives sea.

6. A neglected, injured dog was ecstatic when he saw his rescuers.

A side-burned dog was found all alone and neglected. He was all alone and desperate until rescuers came to help him. And when he knew that he was going to be saved, the poor dog couldn’t hide his happiness.

He was ecstatically wagging his tail nonstop when he saw rescuers came. Even though he was in pain, the dog still showed that he trusted the rescuers and he loved them back. When he was back in shape, he thankfully found a new forever home where he can find love and warmth.

7. Rescuers set free a koala that hid behind a wheel.

This cute koala had been on a dangerous car ride for miles. The poor creature was hiding behind the car wheel all the time until people spotted it peeking out. The guy who drove the car pulled over and got the koala rescued.

Luckily, the koala only got a few scratches without major injuries. The rescuers nursed it back to health and when it was strong enough, it was finally released to the wild. It quickly climbed the nearest tree and it couldn’t be happier that it went back to where it belonged.

8. Two kind people rescued a cat which was frozen to the ground.

A cat was resting under a car to find some warmth, only to be frozen to the ground. Her paws were stuck in the ice, making her unable to move away. She could have caught hypothermia if two kind people hadn’t stopped to rescue her.

They poured hot water around the cat’s paws to detach them from the ice. It took some time but they managed to do it safely. Then, the cat was sent to a vet in order to check her health state.

What’s good is that the calm kitty patiently let the humans took control so she can have her loving forever home soon. Most of the time, feral cats will just run away when there is a chance. Good kitty!

So that was some stories about animal rescue. Do you feel happy after you read this article (and watch the videos)? Don’t forge to click that like button if you enjoy this article. Cheers!



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