Are You an Animal Lover? Add These Vacation Places to Your Bucket List

Are You an Animal Lover? Add These Vacation Places to Your Bucket List

If you’re an animal lover, then you might think that animals are majestic, cute, or beautiful. Some animal lovers think that animals are way way better than humans. And it’s a lot of fun (not to mention stress-free) when you get to hang out with them.

So if you happen to be an animal lover, you have to visit these 8 places. You can add them to your itinerary list when you’re travelling to the same location. It’s definitely going to make your vacation a lot more fun and warm because there are animals around you.

1. Lougantai, China

Panda by Johann Balleis Wikimedia Commons
Panda by Johann Balleis Wikimedia Commons

I don’t think nobody in this world, i repeat, nobody, can ever resist the cuteness of panda bears. They’re big, playful, and fluffy. Their playful (and rather silly) behavior is often shared and loved on internet. Remember the clip of mama panda being startled when her baby sneezes?

Since Pandas are from China, then you’ll find most of them in this country. Now, if you want to get a chance to have an encounter with these cuties, you should definitely try volunteering at Xi’an. The volunteer program runs in two or four week sessions. There’s a chance to work directly with the animals too!

2. Zao Fox Village, Japan

sleeping fox

If you like dogs or other animals with canine features, you’ll love fox. They have the fluffiest coat and they also have both dog and cat characteristics and personalities (a plus if you’re a cat person). If you’re into super playful, cute, and fluffy animals, then you’ll enjoy the company of foxes.

What happens when everything around you are foxes? You’ll find out yourself if you visit Zao Fox Village in Japan. Go to Shiroishi and find a village in the mountains. It’s home to over 100 foxes in all colors and sizes. There are a lot of red foxes here, similar to the ones you find in the wild, but there are also silver and marbled foxes as well (they’re all cute anyways).

Seriously, they will surround you. And you can also feed them if you want to. If you can’t hold your urge to pet those foxes, there is a special area where you can pet baby fox and other animals. Just be careful being near the foxes, because they’re territorial and will fight each other near you. Be sure to take a lot of fox photographs when you’re there!

3. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, New York

sheep in a farm

It’s quite rare to know people who like farm animals, because they’re usually not considered cute. But farm animals certainly have their own charms. Ducks and chickens can be really loving animals. Goats and cows can be really playful when they want to (there are many internet videos where you can find farm animals being funny and silly).

So if you’ve been eager to interact with pigs, cows, goats, sheeps, what have you, you should come to a farm animal sanctuary like the one in Woodstock. You can rent cabins and stay there to befriend rescued farm animals. You’ll wake up in the morning with the help of an actual rooster alarm clock! Additionally, the cost of your stay goes to the rescue of other animals.

4. Antarctica

emperor penguins

Let’s not be intimidated by the word and the weather that associates with it. Antarctica may be cold and all about ice, but there are a lot of animals that live in the continent. Icefish, whales, cute seals, and cute penguins (all Happy Feet penguins are there, can you imagine?) are all packed in the icy land.

So… have you ever wanted to see penguins with your own eyes? If you got extra money, you definitely should save up and venture to the south. Book your vacation around November and March and don’t forget to visit Dawson-Lambton Glacier. You’ll find majestic (and cute) emperor penguins there, which reportedly aren’t afraid of humans. Start saving for thick coats, good camera, and tickets!

5. SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa

wild buffalo

If you’re more interested in wild animals, then look nowhere but South Africa. It’s home to all sorts of animals that you usually see on Discovery or National Geographic. And they take visitors to see how wild animals hide, hunt, eat, drink, sleep, and all that.

Therefore, if you wish to see some wild animals in their natural habitat, make sure you go to South Africa. But be aware that not all sanctuaries/zoos have well-treated animals. You can go to Humane-Society-approved ones such as SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a non-profit animal rehabilitation center. You can enjoy bush camp overnight to get a more authentic visit in wildlife area.

6. Victoria, Australia

Australia is undoubtedly home to a lot of biodiversity. Many says that animals in Australia are unique, and some are incredibly dangerous as well. But there are cute animals there too, such as koala, kangaroo, wallaby, and platypus.

If you don’t know platypus, I must tell you that it’s such a unique animal. It’s like a combination of duck, beaver, and otter. A platypus has bill, webbed feet, tail, and fur instead of feather. It’s in mammal category, but it lays eggs instead. The first researchers were so confused about this animal, they thought they were victims of a hoax.

You should go to Victoria if you want to know more about this species. You can have a chance to see animals like platypus in their natural habitat too. There are agencies that provide tours that ensure your encounter with this unique mammal!

7. Cat or owl cafe, Japan

cat cafe

I’m sure some of you are avid cat lovers, and you’re dying to go to Japanese cat cafes. Who doesn’t want to enjoy your snacks and drinks and get surrounded by cute cats, am I right? Or if you like something different, like owls, you don’t have to worry because Japan has owl cafes too.

You can find owl or cat cafes in Tokyo and Osaka. In these cafes, you’re more than welcome to pet and handle them. Just pay attention to the rules there, because cuddling the animals might not be allowed. Make sure to book a place, because these cafes are often crowded.

8. Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland and Virginia

wild horse

There are some people who are very interested in horses, and I don’t blame them. Horses are really majestic, intelligent, and they have their own ways of communication. Their ways of showing what state they’re in is unique and they can have insecure relationship with their owners too.

If you want to see horses which are not in captivity, then you should consider visiting Maryland and Virginia. You can see and admire wild horses, white-tailed deers, and Chincoteague ponies. If you’re planning to stay, then you can opt for an affordable camping trip in these areas. There are a lot of activities that you can do during the day.

Those are some places for animal lovers that you should add to your bucket list. Have you found your dream vacation place yet? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to like this article if you enjoyed reading it!



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