Beautiful Flowers That Will Transform Your Garden into Paradise

Beautiful Flowers That Will Transform Your Garden into Paradise

A natural garden can add depth and beauty to your home in a way that no artificial installations could replicate – and as the world shifts dramatically towards indoor/outdoor living, even the most private gardens are having their moment in the sun.


Given the connotations of the word, it’s only natural that so many homeowners are turning to their favorite flower species to brighten up their backyards or seal in extra street appeal. The only question is, which flowers make the best selections for an at-home oasis? Read on for a few top picks.



aster flowers (wikimedia commons)

If you like the idea of a one-and-done plant selection process, asters could be the perfect solution for you. They come in more than 600 varieties, so you can fill your garden without ever worrying about repetitive style or color. They also grow well (and relatively maintenance-free) in a variety of conditions including full and partial sun.


Tropical Plants and Flowers

pink flowers (wikimedia commons)

When it comes to planning a tropical garden, the key is to choose your plants carefully, and there are plenty of vibrant species to choose from. Whether you prefer the relatively simplistic appearance of the elephant ear plant or the unique shape and color combination of the bird of paradise, tropical plants have much to offer to any garden in return for a commitment to a relatively low-maintenance gardening routine.


Queen of Flowers: Roses

roses (wikimedia commons)

Roses are a classic flower variety with endless street appeal, and not just because growing them at home can save you some serious coin on Valentine’s Day. They’re also surprisingly hardy and easy to grow, thriving under layers of compost and lashings of sunshine – and the best part? Once they grow sturdy roots, your roses will likely become long-term garden residents and blossom to their fullest potential.


Sun Lover Flowers: Bearded Irises

400px-Giant_Bearded_Iris,_Giverny_2017-05-29 (wikimedia commons)

If you’ve been looking for a full-sun plant that will make your garden beds sing with color and contrast, the bearded iris could be your go-to. There’s nothing uniform about this flower – so if it’s symmetry you’re after, you may need to look elsewhere – but it has held a place in floral best-of lists and gardeners’ hearts for many years thanks to its unique shape and rich purple hues.



Dahlia_'Sweet_Fabienne_Ball'_2 (wikimedia commons)

Dahlias are something of a star in the floral universe, having been celebrated at festivals, shows and in dedicated societies around the world for their striking appearance, but they’re not nearly as high maintenance as they may seem. In fact, these are easy to integrate into the garden and grow, as long as you are able to provide a full-sun environment with plenty of access to water and fertilizer.



hibiscus (wikimedia commons)

Though delicate to the touch, hibiscus plants are hardly precious, thriving on three basic ingredients: full exposure to the sun, protection from potentially damaging winds and high-quality soil. In return, they are capable of producing vibrant flowers in a vast array of colors. Hibiscus plants also pass the true test of a hardy garden addition when they are planted in containers and continue to grow happily.


Torch Gingers

Heliconia_-_torch_ginger (wikimedia commons)

Upon hearing the name “torch ginger”, most people would expect an exotic display of flaming orange – and while the colors may not quite match up, the visual spectacle of these large, bulb-shaped, Fuschia flowers overcompensates for any confusion. This plant prefers higher temperatures day and night, making it an ideal addition to those gardens found in warmer climates, like Australia.

Tuberous Begonias

begonias (wikimedia commons)

Tuberous begonias are a perfect contradiction in a plant: they love the outdoors and grow year-round, but only if they’re not positioned in full sun. If you live in the tropics, these perennials will not do well in your garden, but when you see them in bloom, you might just be tempted to try them anyway. With an impressive height of up to 80 centimeters and the option to grow them in hanging pots, these plants will do beautiful, versatile things given the right growing conditions.




With delicate colors and a maximum height of up to 1.5 meters, delphiniums are the floral embodiment of elegance. These tall-stem flowers and their vibrant colors need the best of both worlds when it comes to growing conditions – the heat of the sun and soggy soil – but the growing process is easier than it sounds, and you’ll get back what you put into them, tenfold.


Zinnia of the Flowers

Zinnia_single_layer_and_12_Petals_2 (wikimedia commons)

We all know someone who is larger than life and just as colorful – and if that person were a flower, they would be a zinnia. These vibrant flowers can be grown from seeds and maintained with little more than a simple morning watering routine.


Growing a garden is a beautiful, thoughtful process – regardless of the species of flowers you choose – and if you invest enough time and energy into it, you’ll get to see your investment pay off every time you step outside the house. The best part is, even if you’ve never been responsible for keeping a plant alive, these species will do most of the work for you – so once they’re settled and growing, you can invest your free time into updating your indoor living space.

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