Have a Fun Game Night With 10 Eco-Friendly Games

Have a Fun Game Night With 10 Eco-Friendly Games

We can’t always depend on smartphones. Every once in a while we gotta go back to just socialize and talk directly eye to eye. And because we’re constantly stimulated by instant things from our gadgets, game night is one of great ways make things fun. In fact, it can even motivate other people to be eco-conscious! So here are ten non-digital games that you can enjoy.

1. Earthopoly and Oceanopoly

Do you like playing monopoly? Well basically this game is all about celebrating the planet in monopoly format. In Earthopoly, you try to be a champion by becoming a good caretaker of many great places around Earth.

Then, you increase the property value by collecting carbon credits and trade them for clean air. If you leave carbon footprint, you’re gonna pay a fine. And there’s no jail in here, because you’ll be thrown into the landfill instead.

This board game is green because the paper are not from virgin pulp and it’s printed with vegetable oil-based ink. The tokens are also made by nature. Some tokens have included lima beans, giant corn, bamboo ring, and natural crystals.

Another alternative is Oceanopoly, which is basically the same, but it features marine life with educational content on the deed cards. The tokens reflect the ocean life as well, with crabs, fish, shark fins, lobster, starfish, and seahorses.

2. Tic Tac Toe by DinDinToys


Who says that tic tac toe can’t be fun? Even though it’s simple, it definitely makes you think so that you can outsmart your opponent. You can make this greener with DinDinToys’ version. The Xs and Os are made of wood, and it comes with a linen bag that doubles as the game board. Double function for the win!

3. Hit the Habitat Trail

This game isn’t only fun, it also initiates conversations, discussions, and even healthy debates. In Hit the Habitat Trail, players will have to answer a knowledge question (multiple choice or true and false) correctly. When the players get it right, they collect habit cards. There are wisdom and consequence cards which provide information about environmental hazards as well as solutions.

And don’t think that this game is only for the adults, because kids can definitely enjoy it!

4. V:King

This game is perfect if you love doing invigorating games outdoors. V:King, previously known as Kubb, is a game that involves using battle axes to knock over your opponent’s shields. If you do, you’ll be victorious and you can get the crown.

The game is inspired by ancient Swedish viking game, hence the name. It’s fun and it’ll get you and your group moving. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young, weak or strong, and fast or slow. This game relies on great strategy skills and teamwork so that you can snatch the crown and dethrone your enemy. Basically, this is a family friendly Game of Thrones.

V:King has an eco-friendly version of this game. It’s made of hardwoods which are sourced from a local supplier to decrease carbon emissions from transportation. It’s also chemical and toxin-stain free. The storage bag is made of cotton canvas which is printed with eco-friendly, non-PVC Plastisol ink. Lastly, it comes in recycled cardboard box.

Green, fun game that makes your body move and keep you thinking sharp? I’d buy this game in a blink of an eye.

5. Endango

There are different environment in this game that the players have to take care of. There are ocean, ice, safari, and forest with three endangered animals in each place. The players will take actions around the game, and they can either help or harm the animals.

Endango’s ultimate goal is to protect all animals in their environment. And the players will face challenges to do that. As for the game’s materials, it’s made with recycled materials and soy-based inks.

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6. Mancala

Oh this game reminds me of my childhood because I used to play this all the time with my friends. But anyway, this game is only for two players, so it’s perfect for sleepovers or date nights.

Mancala is a board game that teaches skills about counting, a bit of strategy, and patience (I lost many times because counting and strategy is my kryptonite). It might sound boring, but it’s really not. It’s fun, relaxing, and you don’t need any battery.

And there are plenty eco-friendly versions of this game, and they last so long. My cousin had this one made of beautiful, carved, dark hardwood, and the small bits are little polished shells found on beaches. Oh, how I used to covet that beauty. But I digress (again). You can, in fact, make your own Mancala! Find out here.

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7. Green card game

Card games are absolutely timeless. You play this when you’re camping, having a small game night party, or even when you’re at a bar/cafe with your friends and family. So for the green, 52 deck of cards version, get Bicycle Eco Edition.

The card are printed with vegetable-based inks and the smooth lamination comes from a starch-based glue. The cards are made of sustainable forest paper and they’re fully recyclable.

If you don’t like traditional card games  such as Solitaire, and FreeCell, then Uno Wilderness will surely get you all excited. This version of Uno brings an outdoor twist to the original format. The game is still the same as the classic Uno (end up with only one card and say or yell Uno! Before everybody does). But the outdoor pictures will get you in the mood for loving the nature.

8. Boggle

wooden boggle by That Family Shop
wooden boggle by That Family Shop

Boggle is such a classic, old-school game which are alway fun for parents and kids. Usually, this game comes with plastic, but now the much greener version is available. The plastic is replaced by heavy duty wood which undoubtedly will last very long.

The game is still the same. It allows kids to develop letter recognition, spelling, and reading skills. It’s still the same great educational game for younger kids, and you can ask for custom color preference for the letters to the shop.

9. Wooden Jenga and Scrabble

wooden jenga

Stacking sticks and keeping them balanced is always fun and challenging. People of all ages will always find this game fun, in fact I have kids and teenagers always asking me to play this. This wooden jenga has a convenient container, so you can pick up and rebuild those pieces easily (after they’re falling down, of course).

There’s a new version which highlights over 100 facts about national parks. And there’s also Bureo’s Jenga edition. It’s the first board game made from 100% recycled fishing nets!

If you’re a linguist or vocabulary geek, Scrabble is always perfect. To make it even better, try switching to the wooden one made by BSIRIBIZ. This company also sells replacement pieces, so you can play this in a large group easily.

10. Bioviva

This game is no joke. It received an award of Best Trivia Game by Games Magazine in 2000. In this game, players will start by drawing a destination card. And through the game, they have to answer questions (multiple choice) about environmental issues like evolution, animal behavior, renewable energy, etc.

Bioviva is made with recycled materials and vegetable-based inks. The player pieces are made of wood carved from beech trees which are harvested sustainably.

Which do you think is the most fun game? Tell us what you think in the comments below! For other eco-friendly things that you can do with your friends or family, make sure to check out this article. Have a fun game night!




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