If You’re a Nature-Loving Gamer, You Have to Play These Games

If You’re a Nature-Loving Gamer, You Have to Play These Games

Are you a proud gamer who also love and care about the nature? Video games have taken us to places that books and films can’t bring. What if we play a game that enables us to appreciate and learn something new about nature and the things which correlate with it? Here are some video games which are perfect for nature-loving gamer.

1. Never Alone

Adventure in the snowy landscape. That’s the big picture of Never Alone. You’ll be playing as a young Iñupiat girl with a arctic fox as your companion. Nature becomes the heart of the plot in this game. Your task is to restore balance in the wake of a dramatic and devastating blizzard through puzzles and escape sessions.

Never Alone is the first game that was developed in collaboration to the Iñupiat, native people of Alaska. The game is rich of the people’s traditional lores as well as their unique culture. Do not doubt the story, because this game received a BAFTA nomination for games story and won the award for best debut

So, if you care about ecosystem in the arctic and its surroundings, or if you like games with canidae companions, I’m sure you will like this game. It’s rare to play a game where we learn about lores and cultures from native people. And, we get to experience a glimpse of what they go through daily too. Beautiful game + new knowledge = total awesomeness.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This game not only becomes world’s most favorite games in recent times, but it also sets the standard of other AAA games that follows. The Witcher 3 is packed with immersive gameplay, great story, nice combat system, and of course, stunning landscapes.

You can either explore the medieval-setting world by horseback or walking. Watching the sun set and rise by the mountain, running through the breathtaking Northern Europe-inspired region (Skellige), or basking in the sunlight in Toussaint, an area inspired by southern Italy and France.

According to a landscape designer who plays the game, the game’s mountains are geologically convincing The river bends are natural and the game’s developer could recreate a believable naturalistic landscape design. For example, we can see a typical forest of Northern Europe with an accurate mix of pines and deciduous trees in wooded areas of the north.

Additionally, the game situate plants in where we would see them grow in real-world locations. Celandine grows next to streams, wolfsbane can be found in meadows, and fool’s parsley (aethusa cynapium) grows near cultivated fields and paths. So if you usually see a certain type of plant around the places you know in real life, then you’ll find it in the game too. No wonder this game received over 800 awards since its release.

3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Even though this game came out in 2011 and when environment design was not as advanced, Skyrim was one of the most beautiful game around its time. Now that mods exist, you can enhance the texture and overall look of the game, which becomes even more realistic and superb.

There’s even a photographer who took screenshots of the game and presented them as landscape photography, and oh, boy. You will hardly notice that these pictures are from video games. See the images here.

The dark age to medieval setting of Skyrim enables you to explore the world which are still rife with lush forests and mountainous areas. It’s an open-world game, so you may go to whichever places that you desire. For example, you can go to certain high areas at night and do the “clear skies” shout. Just wait for a moment and you can enjoy beautiful, realistic auroras.

4. Shelter 1 & 2

So far, the games I’ve mentioned revolves around humans. It’s time to play the game as the other side of the story, animals. In shelter, we play as mother badger on her journey to raise her cubs as well as protecting them from the harsh wildlife.

You have to find food for your cubs. If there are birds of prey, then you have to keep your babies away from danger. Forest fires are also a threat to your family’s survival. You have to rely on your animal instincts to finish this game, making you temporarily a part of the wilderness. While you play as mother badger in Shelter 1, you can play as mother lynx in Shelter 2.

5. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed series are well-famed for their glitches and bugs. But the ones in Black Flag is mostly tolerated and the game got great reception as well. Probably one of the reasons is the absolute immersive gameplay and gorgeous view that you constantly get in this game.

If you’re more into beaches, oceans, and “cruising” around Caribbean during 18th century, look no further than Black Flag. The oceans are crystal clear, and doing leap of faith towards the water makes you want to get into the game and jump down on your own. Furthermore you can dive in the oceans and explore the picturesque underwater beauty. Beware of sharks, though.

Moreover, you can explore and find places which are absolutely beautiful with hidden lakes and lush greenery. Sometimes those locations also have secret treasures. Double win!

6. Ori and the Blind Forest

Claiming that simple games can’t be beautiful is a little bit ignorant, because game developers are creative enough to make good games like Ori and the Blind Forest. The genre might be humble 2D platformer, but the game will transfer you into gorgeous visual eye-pleaser.

The indie game is created by Moon Studios. The game focuses around two characters, which is Ori and the eyes of Forest’s Spirit Tree. During a press tour, the game’s director revealed that each asset of the game appears only once, which makes every branch and bridge completely unique.

The natural setting of this game takes place in nighttime, but the luminous, dreamy surroundings don’t make Ori and the Blind Forest grim. It’s like you’re walking through Na’avi world (from the film Avatar). If you prefer nature in the dark and you love bioluminescence, this game absolutely gives you the chills.

7. Far Cry Primal

What better ways to enjoy nature in video games than experiencing it as a prehistoric tribesmen? Unlike the game’s series, Far Cry Primal brings us back to 10,000 BCE, way back to Mesolithic age. This game serves as some kind of a time capsule where you can immerse yourself in the harsh yet beautiful and untouched nature during the time when Ice Age has receded.

You’ll surround yourself in areas without gadgets, concrete buildings, or asphalt roads. The trees are much bigger, the forest is lush and deep, and you can find megafaunas which are extinct today such as mammoth, sabertooth tiger, woolly rhino, cave bear, and so on. When you’ve finished your game quests, you can explore the virgin nature around you.

Beware of random attacks of some animals, though. After all, this game takes place in a world where living is not easy and everything is about survival.

Have you played any of these games? Tell us what you think of the games in the comments below. Like this article if you have experience with the games above or if you enjoyed reading this article. Go gamer!



7 Beautiful, Nature-Filled Video Games


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