Best Emotional Support Animals for College Students

Best Emotional Support Animals for College Students

Anybody at an institution of higher learning understands how stressful it can be. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by projects to turn in, class attendance, and homework assignments. The cost of being at the university doesn’t help either, as you have the daunting pressure to perform well and thrive.

On top of all these, dealing with emotional conditions makes college more challenging for students. Thus, you will likely feel alone, with nothing else to do and no one to turn to. If you are in such a situation, do not despair.

There are a lot of resources that can help you deal with psychological health issues. If you like speaking to someone, you can visit your university’s mental health department. If this option is unavailable, or you feel uncomfortable sharing such information physically, you can opt for teletherapy. You don’t have to suffer in silence as there are people who are always ready to give you a listening ear.

Have you ever heard of emotional support animals for college students? Of course, it seems weird. Having an animal as your companion might seem out of the norm. Yet, they have been proven to be the best companions, especially to individuals battling anxiety.

This article will present critical information to help you make up your mind. Perhaps, you might be the next proud owner of an emotional support animal. You can never tell.

What animals can be emotional support animals for college students?

emotional support pet travel 1

Ideally, any domesticated animal that has been able to build a good relationship can offer emotional support. This aspect means that all the common pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, small birds, hamsters, or guinea pigs, can be of good use.

However, there are no distinct types of emotional support animals, especially when it is considered that many domesticated animals can cultivate good personal relationships with their caregivers.

A college student must consider several factors before settling on the most appropriate animal despite the numerous options available. This step is best undertaken with the guidance of a licensed mental health professional since a recommendation letter is mandatory.

What are the qualifications for having an emotional support animal?

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As hinted, getting a recommendation letter from a licensed caregiver is the only way you will qualify to have an emotional support animal. This process might involve consulting a psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, nurse, or social worker. First, however, you will have to undergo a comprehensive psychological health assessment to ascertain that you are in need. Some of the conditions that will guarantee you a direct recommendation letter include the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Stress disorders
  • Personality disorders

Once you are approved, the health care provider will write a letter to your school administration and ensure they comply with the federal laws, which allow anyone who is in need to keep emotional support animals. The approval will grant you the right to stay and travel with your pet wherever you wish.

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Good emotional support animals for college students

emotional support dog

Every college student deserves to lead a stress-free life. However, the pressure that comes with being in the world of academia is unforgiving and may, at times, push you beyond unimaginable levels. Here is a list of the best emotional support animals you might want to consider owning:


This might probably be the best choice for any college student. A hamster could be your perfect furry companion and stress reliever. It doesn’t require much attention, so you can have them nibble at their toys while you work on your study assignments.


Ever thought of having an aquarium? The idea of entering your room to a relaxing view of the fish swimming in the cage is more than the therapy you might need. A plus to this pet is that you will need minimal space to rear them, and the maintenance costs are pretty low.


As a busy college student, you might not want to rear a pet that demands a lot of your time, especially during the day when you have to attend to many issues. Hence, the best option would be a nocturnal animal that will keep you company during the night and mind its business during the day. With such an arrangement, you can never go wrong with a mouse.

Small breed dogs

Here comes man’s best friend, ⎼ dogs. These cuddly pets can be your best companions after a long day in class. Dogs have the superpower to lighten your moods whenever you feel low. In addition, their intuitive nature puts them in a better position to help you even in times of emergency, especially if you opt for a breed that is not too docile.

Guinea pigs

Are you interested in owning a companion that won’t demand specialized care? Look no further, as guinea pigs are just that. This rodent species has a great personality and can survive in various environments. Perhaps this is one of the types of pets that will demand your attention more. So, you better keep two of them if you know you won’t be able to match the care demands of one.


Cats are pretty easy to maintain, provided you can give them a cozy resting place, enough food, and a spacious room to stroll and jump from one place to another. You might consider this if you are looking for a true companion.

What are the benefits of having emotional support animals for college students?

cuddling with pets on bed can reduce anxiety

As a college student, you stand to gain the following should you consider getting an emotional support animal:

  • The rate of anxiety will be reduced.
  • Having support animals will help you to fight off depression.
  • Reduced stress disorders
  • The animals help to enhance social interaction and engagement
  • Normalized heart rate and blood pressure

Summing up

Cases of depression among college students have been on the rise. However, there is no need to suffer in silence when there are many avenues you can use to seek professional help. If you cannot get one-on-one therapy, seek an emotional support animal.

We hope this article has addressed all the potential questions on the topic explored. Therefore, you now must ensure you take the necessary steps and pursue your emotional support animal, if necessary.


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