How to be Cool and Eco-Friendly: Get Biodegradable Sunglasses 

How to be Cool and Eco-Friendly: Get Biodegradable Sunglasses 

Let’s face it. One of the easiest ways to look cool is simply to put on sunglasses; you can never go wrong with a pair. It’s just that usually these spectacles are not environment-friendly, especially the cheap, low-quality plastic ones. 

Worry not, because we’re gonna talk about some companies or brands that make biodegradable sunglasses. What’s not to love about being cool and eco-friendly at the same time? 



The brand has launched a new line of biodegradable sunglasses called the Classic Collection. It combines JINS&SUN’s traditional but refined frame designs with innovative materials, modern technology, as well as biodegradable, bioplastic materials.  

What sort of bioplastic materials, you may ask? Well, the brand uses plant-based bioplastic M49. It was developed by Italian polymer manufacturer Mazzuchelli as a sustainable alternative to acetate (plastic used in most glasses frames). 

Not like conventional acetate, M49 has a lot of plant-based content. So, microorganisms can quickly break them down when we dispose of them. And not only environmentally friendly, M49 is highly durable, lightweight, and smooth. Basically, it’s a great material for JINS&SUN sunglasses. 

If the idea of throwing away sunglasses isn’t good for you, then you can easily remove the worn parts. We can separate the brand’s Classic Collection frames into different parts and replace them. Don’t worry it’s also recyclable. 

Moreover, this brand will provide affordable, timeless design, high-quality sunglasses that we can enjoy for years. If that doesn’t convince you enough, this may: the hinges of each frame are adjustable accent pieces, so you can configure these sunglasses to your facial and head shape. Convenient, durable, affordable, and adjustable. What’s not to like? 



Similar to the previous brand, FacePlant uses biodegradable, plant-based lenses. The company claims to have “unreal optical quality” with incredible impact and scratch resistance. 

How biodegradable is it? According to the brand, the lenses will start to biodegrade after 10 days in the ground. Then, after 60 months, they will disintegrate into carbon, H20, and organic matter without any trace. 

Oh, and if you’ve managed to scratch your lenses to a point when you can’t see anything, don’t buy a new pair. The brand says that you can just pop them out, plant them in the ground, and put new lenses back to the frames. 

But that’s just the lenses only. Each pair of these glasses are made from five recycled plastic bottles. Even though the frames are not from virgin plastics, they’re very durable and tough, not to mention fully recyclable. You can send them back to the company and they’ll recycle the frames back into their production. 

You can see how the team demonstrates how tough the frames are on their Kickstarter page (oh and you can help them with the funding and get their products there too). 

What you may like from this brand is that they offer lifetime guarantee on all their sunglasses. If somehow, we break them, they’ll fix the pair for us. When they can’t fix them, the brand will recycle them into their 360 closed-loop production process and send you a new pair. 

And not just that, FacePlant doesn’t use virgin plastics for their packaging at all. The brand ships every pair of sunglasses in a premium box, made from FSC Certified Sustainable materials and can be recycled. 

They’ll also include a soft microfiber bag made from recycled plastic bottles. If you’re into a brand that’s completely sustainable and environment-friendly, you should like FacePlant. And if you’ve checked out their Kickstarter page, the team seems to be the fun sort! 


Other brands with similar spirit

Now, the brands below are not biodegradable, but they’re environmentally friendly than most conventional brands. Here are some of eco-friendly eyewear brands that you should check out. 


From the brand name, you’ve probably already guessed what it’s all about. Yep, this European company makes eyewear from 100% recycled marine plastic. And not just that, the company’s created programs in Europe and Africa for fishing communities.  

The communities will collect several thousand kilograms of plastic every month from the shorelines and seas so that the company can use them. In other words, other than reducing plastic in the shorelines and the ocean, the brand also helps the locals get income. 

This brand offers more than 200 different frames, and the sunglasses are available in various combinations of frame and lens types. Additionally, it ships worldwide from website orders within 10 days, and it offers a 7-day return policy. 



If you’re based in Vancouver (or maybe Canada), you’re not gonna miss out. Clearly has launched its new eco-friendly collection. They’ve made a range called Reincarnate from recycled plastic bottles that gives you minimalistic and cool glasses.

Also, whenever you purchase a pair of glasses, the company donates a pair to someone in need. That is, if you’re willing and checks out the donation selection.

“When you shop with us, you’re not just empowering people to fulfill essential everyday activities such as reading, studying, or working. You’re also helping them to immerse themselves in the things that make their lives special, whether it’s hobbies, travelling, or spending time with loved ones,” says the company.

The frames are available in many colors including black, grey, pink, and yellow. As for the shapes, it ranges from square to round.

Glasses from this line start at $80, and during the pandemic, you can try the virtual try-on feature.


Forever Wires 

The brand has a modular system design, allowing the wearer to remove and change the rims. Basically, you’ll need only one Wire that fits with multiple types of rims. The wires are made in Italy with the brand’s patented invisible hinge technology. 

Forever Wires’ designs are created from 3D-printed bioplastic and a single stainless-steel wire, featuring the patented hinge. So, there will be much less waste compared to traditional, conventional eyewear manufacture. 

Essentially, you’re going to be cool without spending too much money if you like to change styles. When you get your lenses scratched or damaged, simply pull off the damaged rim and order a replacement.  

If you think returning your glasses to Forever Wires is a faff, you can bring the frame to your local optician for prescription lenses. The brand’s groove supports up to 2mm thick PA lenses. 



Not only biodegradable, this brand also offers compostable sunglasses, blue light glasses, AirPod cases, phone cases, smartwatch bands, and accessories. Moreover, this certified carbon-neutral brand measures its carbon footprint, tracks its water use, and reduces the waste it produces. 

The hinges and lenses are both biodegradable and available in many styles and frame colors. The brand offers a 90-day return and exchange policy on their products. You can also return broken or used sunglasses/glasses for Pela to recycle or upcycle into new products. 

Similar to Sea2see, Pela donates a portion of every sale to cleaning and protecting the ocean. 




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