7 Inspirational Companies With A Humanitarian Mission

7 Inspirational Companies With A Humanitarian Mission

Let’s talk about humanitarian project. The world is an extremely unequal place. While in Europe and North America, people live relatively comfortable lives, in other parts things are harsher than words could possibly describe.

Some people wake up in the morning and spend the entire day trying to earn enough money to feed themselves, while most of us instead spend our time occupied with electronic devices, lazing around in bed or in our houses.

Some entrepreneurs have gained reputations for committing their lives to charity and humanitarian project. This post will tell you about some of the companies owned by these individuals, offering seven inspirational stories.

1.    The Melaleuca Foundation

humanitarian malaleuca

This article’s number one spot is the Melaleuca Foundation. This organization is responsible for changing the lives of people around the world. According to its website, Melaleuca believes that its mission is “to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.”

Some of the charity this group has given includes donating funds to disaster relief in North America, Japan, Nepal, and the Philippines, as well as sending truckloads and planeloads of supplies to help families whose lives have been turned upside down by natural disasters.

Additionally, this organization has made it their mission to deliver aid to victims of wildfires across the United States and help people rebuild their lives after tornadoes struck in parts of the Midwest.

2.   WWF

humanitarian wwf

Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the world’s most prominent charitable organizations. For years, they have dominated the humanitarian scene, providing care to animals who’re suffering due to environmental pollution.

Organizations like the WWF and others like it make it their mission to ensure that animals who’re dealing with problems have support and the care that they need. If you care about animals and want to try and contribute to the WWF’s efforts then you can reach out to them on their website or via social media.

3.    UNICEF

humanitarian unicef

UNICEF is easily one of the most recognizable charitable organizations in the entire world. They have agents and operatives in countries around the globe. UNICEF provides care to people who are dealing with things like natural disasters or the fallout of wars or political conflicts and disputes.

It is an organization that actively recruits volunteers, so if you are looking for a charity to devote your time to, UNICEF’s worth considering. UNICEF has a bunch of other things that it is involved in too, including funding documentaries that look into the lives of people in the places where they work.

Their main reason for this is so that they can compel people to donate. Donations are after all integral to the operations and management of most charitable organizations. You won’t be able to find a single one that doesn’t rely on them in some way.

4.    Oxfam


Oxfam is another organization that is very popular in the United Kingdom and is known globally for its humanitarian work. Like UNICEF, Oxfam actively recruits volunteers and asks for donations. In the United Kingdom, Oxfam actually owns thousands of shops, based in large cities and towns.

These shops sell all kinds of things from books to homeware. All of the money that it generates from selling these things it invests into helping people and changing the lives of the less fortunate.

If Oxfam’s a group you are interested in learning more about then you will be pleased to know that there are an endless number of articles and guides published about them online. Any of these can help you to get a clearer, more accurate understanding of what it is that they do.

5.    Jane Goodall Foundation

humanitarian jane goodall

The Jane Goodall Foundation’s primary focus is on saving young animals who’re unfortunate enough to have been born into areas where their habitats have changed because of disasters and military conflicts. It is a group that is famous for its efforts and who employs thousands of people passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of the innocent animals.

If you are interested in donating to this organization or any other charitable organization, make sure you take some time to do research and find out what it is that they actually do. While the Jane Goodall Foundation is indeed a generous and genuine humanitarian charity, there are some organizations that simply cannot be trusted.

If you do not take the time to research and learn about the charitable organizations that you are donating to then you could end up donating to one that cannot be trusted and pockets the money that’s given to them. Unfortunately, fraudulent charities are becoming a lot more common today. Do everything you can to avoid them.

6.    Save the Elephants

Ampara elephant landfill 2(Wikimedia Commons)

As you can likely tell from this charity’s name, Save the Elephants runs global efforts to ensure that elephants are protected. If you are interested in contributing to global efforts to ensure that elephants are looked after, then this is the group to get in touch with.

You can reach them via their website or by calling them. Before you buy anything or make a donation, make sure that you get in touch with them and ask what their rules are relative to making donations.

7.   Defenders of Wildlife

Camouflaging sloth

Defenders of Wildlife is an admirable charity that makes it their mission to ensure that animals are looked after and properly cared for. If you plan on donating to this group then you can do it on their website. Before you make any donations it is a good idea to visit their site and find out what they do first.

By finding out exactly what they do and where they are working at the time of your donation you will be able to get a clear understanding of where your money is going.

Some charities are a lot more helpful than others, even though all charities (apart from fraudulent ones) do their best. If you are interested in donating to or working with a charity, give the ones listed here some consideration, as the impact they make on the world is immense.


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