4 Eco-Friendly Ways To Warm Yourself In Winter

4 Eco-Friendly Ways To Warm Yourself In Winter

Winter is coming like House Stark said. Well, the air is getting colder in northern hemisphere and ice crystals begin to gather in the atmosphere. It is time to get ready for the next winter, don’t let yourself freeze this time.

While the most famous way to encounter it maybe by rising your thermostat temperature, but that would consume more energy. As we know, we are trying to reduce the energy consumption for the greater goods. The use of thermostat also brings some risk because it radiates unusual heat to the room.

Maybe you often hear news about house fire because the user forgot to turn it off while they are leaving? Or the risk of burning nearby flammables if you don’t keep it away from the thermostat? While actually there are several less risky ways to warm yourself in the upcoming winter.

Indeed, turning on your thermostat is a must to avoid clogging in your pipes, but turning it too hot is too fuel and energy consuming. This will cost you more and less eco-friendly to the nature. That’s why you may often hear to just keep it at constant temperature. So how to fight the cold room?

So, here we give you some tips how to warm yourself in friendlier way to the nature, less energy but the same benefit. Yes, there are actually several ways to warm yourself that is more efficient than rising the thermostat. Warm yourself but don’t let the temperature of this earth rising further.

1. Put On Some Additional Layers

Winter Clothes
Winter Clothes

Look at the Inuit people, they live in cold areas all year long and yet they still do their daily chores inside and outside the room. They don’t worry much about the temperature of the thermostat in their houses and they still can survive the most extreme cold. How can they do that?

Yes, they always wear warmer clothes. Don’t you know, it is easier to change the temperature of your body than the temperature of the room? The first way to keep you warm without raising the thermostat is by putting some additional layers of clothes.

The benefit of this method is that you can move anywhere inside, even outside, the room without worrying about the temperature. Some clothes are made to trap your body heat and casts off outside colder temperature.

Are you afraid of looking bulky? Don’t worry, because thanks to nowadays advanced fashion style, there are many fashion companies that produce thinner gears to wear in winter. Check out on the internet about the newest winter fashion and you will most likely find it easily.

How about your old clothes? You can give it to the homeless people who need it more. If you are worried about the cold winter temperature inside, you can imagine how much worry they have while living outside. It may warm your heart too to help people.

2. Know Your Body

Winter Activity
Winter Activity

Cold weather potentially can cause hypothermia. Hypothermia itself usually begins to attack you from your hands and feet. So, looking on the signs of the condition, you can tell that cold temperature affect your extremities first.

In addition, as you know that the extremities are the farthest area of your body from your heart, the changing temperature would likely to attack it first. It is because the heat you circulate around your body in the blood reach it the last.

Keeping those parts of your body warm is a key to keep the rest of your body warm too. Wear protections in those areas if you start feeling cold. Wearing warm gloves and socks is a good start, and don’t forget to also wear shoes if you want to go outside.

Your head can also count as an extremity, as you may have heard people say that 80 percent of your body heat from your heat. That saying is not absolutely true but keeping your head warm is another way to keep yourself away from the cold.


You will lose your body heat from any part of your body that is exposed to the air. So, if you don’t protect your head, it will possibly let your body heat escape from that surface. Wearing heat to protect your head is another way to keep yourself warm in the winter.

3. Be Well Fed


Another way to keep yourself warm is by consuming enough food. Take the example from those hibernating animals, they keep themselves well fed before they take the hibernation. In addition to keep the nutrition for their body, they eat a lot before they sleep because it keeps their bodies warm.

The point is to consume more calories than what you burn. Don’t worry to consume more food in the winter because when it is colder, your body also burn more calories to keep yourself warm with the metabolism.

But remember, to avoid the health risk in far future, be sure to eat healthy foods. There is also some food naturally made to warm your body such as ginger and spicy foods.

However, avoid drinking booze because it tricks your body. Alcohol may make you feel warm for a minute, but it actually tricks you by decreasing your core temperature and make you feel the air around you warmer.

This is can be dangerous to your body because it hampers your ability to shiver, the first sign of hypothermia, so you don’t realize that your body need to be warmed. Alcohol may also make you sweat that will further decrease your body temperature, while what you need is the opposite.

Instead, drink more water, because water will help you stay hydrated and tolerate the cold better. Warm beverages are also suggested because it will help you raise your body temperature.

4. Keep Moving

exercise in the winter by Marnie Jacobowitz
exercise in the winter by Marnie Jacobowitz

This is another way to raise your body temperature. Remember when you do exercises you sweat a lot and the air feels warmer? This is because your body temperature is rising. So, to keep yourself warm, just keep moving.

Do some chores or just make some meal to eat – remember, you need to eat a lot to keep yourself warm. In addition, cooking is a good way to raise temperature of your room because of the heat of the stove. Baking cookies or other baked meals is the best way to do it.

But if you are shivering try to stop it, because shivering is the first sign of mild hypothermia. Find a warmer place or warm yourself more if you are shivering by moving your body, putting on more clothes, eat and drink something to warm your body, or use some ointment.





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