Lush Naked Shop, a Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Store Without Packaging

Lush Naked Shop, a Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Store Without Packaging

Lush gained massive popularity when their jiggly shower jelly became famous on the internet. And since then this brand has turned bath time into something fun (oh I watch those Lush cutting videos) and they’ve been adored by both women and men. But they don’t stop there. This time, they’ve doubled the amount of love for them by showing their concern for the environment.

The cosmetic retailer launched a new sustainable initiative on June 1st in one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan. In this city, Lush has a two-leveled, 100 sqm flagship store at Via Torino 42. And the brand will sell fresh, top quality, handmade cosmetics without plastic packaging. A bold move to encourage and challenge cosmetic industry to go plastic-free or according to them, naked.


A spokesperson said, “At Lush, we have always tried to use creative solutions to make a positive impact on the planet, like the invention of the first-ever solid shampoo bar, which saves nearly 6 million plastic bottles yearly, and, more recently, offering customers a solid alternative to liquid shower gel. Currently over 40 percent of Lush’s AYR product range is completely ‘naked’.”

This launching is a part of the brand’s 20th anniversary celebration. They want their Milan store to be a place where people can share and exchange ideas so that there will be more brands that exclude plastic in their packaging.

As a part of the naked shop launch, Lush will also host a series of conferences, workshops, and film screenings. They’re mainly about environmental conservation and protection, especially on the sea. They really want to emphasis on zero-waste living and alternatives to petroleum-based plastics.

The spokesperson added, “The shop is a celebration of innovation and creativity through products totally free of packaging and, through in-store events, workshops and film screenings, aims to be a place for customers to share and exchange ideas for a future without plastic.”

Co-founder of Lush, Mark Constantine, expressed his love of the initiative, “We are proud and delighted to learn that Italian consumers are increasingly shunning the use of plastics, and we couldn’t be happier for being able to provide them with the products they need.”

As a company which have got world-wide internet fame only a couple of years ago, apparently Lush went a long way back. I personally didn’t know that this brand is 20 years old. This cruelty-free company was founded in the UK in 1995. It spread to Italy in 1998, and now it has 32 stores and an e-tail site across the country. Now, the retailer sells in almost 50 countries with over 900 stores.

It’s pretty clear that Lush is a company that cares about the environment. They have an aim to reduce environmental footprint by constantly offering alternatives of plastic packaging, which you see in a lot of mainstream, cosmetic products. So you’ve got a brand that’s creative, innovative, and eco-friendly. No wonder Lush has massive followers.

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If only plastic weren’t such a problem, mass producing them might be okay. But the number of plastic keeps growing. Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimated that if plastic problem remain unsolved, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. And it’s going to kill and destroy the marine life.

Their eco-conscious consumer also asked the brand to do something about this staggering matter, and they did. Alessandro Commisso, Lush Product Inventor, stated, “The public are asking for less plastic and more quality, and we want to provide them with what they need,”

“In the cosmetics industry, the packaging is often more expensive than the product inside. Our first naked shop in Milan will show you that alternatives are possible. It’s amazing to be able to get your shampoo and shower gel, knowing that absolutely nothing is going to end up in our beautiful oceans.”

To find another solution, Lush went online and launched their campaign on June 8, which is World Oceans Day. This campaign aims to “raise awareness of the effect of single-use plastic on ocean life and start a discussion with customers on how we can tackle this worldwide issue as consumers.”


And not just campaign, they also launched a new product called Turtle Jelly Bomb online and in the Milan store. It’s a vegan-friendly bath bomb that symbolizes Lush’s latest campaign as well as a reminder of the bad things that sea turtles face when plastic overwhelms our oceans. The shape might be adorable, but the message clearly isn’t.

Turtle Jelly Bomb “is filled with cypress and sandalwood oils to keep you grounded and pine absolute to refresh. When dropped in water, skin softening agar agar seaweed strands emerge, floating to the top as a reminder of the threat sea turtles face,” as said by the brand itself.

Aside of this bath bomb, you can find a lot of package-free products in the store. All their solid shampoo bars, solid shower gels, deodorants, and even make up products are all without packaging, and you can shop there with no worries.

Do you think there are other big, mainstream brands that are as committed as Lush? What’s your favorite Lush product? Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments below. If you want to read a similar article, make sure to click here.



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