Shampoo Bars, More Comfortable Way To Avoid Plastic Use

Shampoo Bars, More Comfortable Way To Avoid Plastic Use

How many bottles are there in your bathroom? You can count it starting from your shampoo, your conditioner, maybe even your liquid soap. You know that all those bottles are made of plastic, the non-degradable plastic, don’t you?

You can reduce all those plastic consumption by changing into soap bars instead of liquid soap. Not only that, you can also choose to use shampoo bars now, and maybe in the future we will find conditioner bars and other things in bars too!

Wait, did we just said shampoo bars? Yes, a new innovation of shampoo comes in bars, just like soap. This new variation of shampoo is said to be the ‘better’ version compared to traditional liquid shampoo.

So, how can this version of shampoo is better than traditional shampoo? In this article, let us show you the benefits of using shampoo bars.

Less Plastic Not Less Usable


Refilling your shampoo bottles is another way to reduce plastic bottle consumption. However, most of the time, the refill packs are also made of plastics. It is different with shampoo bars, most of the products don’t come in plastic.

Annually, 9 million tons of plastic ends up in our ocean, and by 2050 scientists predict that the amount of plastic will exceed the amount of fish there. That’s why, we need to reduce our plastic consumption immediately.

Plastic waste brings threat to ocean creatures by strangling them or turning into microplastics and get into their systems. Researchers found that there is big amount of ocean creatures already carrying microplastic in their bodies.

Shampoo bars mostly come wrapped in recycled paper or paper boxes. One example that we have mentioned earlier in our article is Lush’s shampoo bars. Lush, as the inventor of this innovation, said that their invention can save this planet from 6 million plastic bottles every year.

“At Lush, we have always tried to use creative solutions to make a positive impact on the planet, like the invention of the first-ever solid shampoo bar, which saves nearly 6 million plastic bottles yearly, and, more recently, offering customers a solid alternative to liquid shower gel. Currently over 40 percent of Lush’s AYR product range is completely ‘naked’,” said Lush’s spokesperson.

Travelers’ Friend


Coming in solid form, you will also find it easier to be brought when traveling. Shampoo bars will not spill on your other things, and will not give you the responsibility to take care for used plastic bottle that conventional shampoo comes in.

As mentioned above, shampoo bars is not only easier to bring when traveling, but also will become the bonus. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents will not count it as an extra liquid that might exceed your 3.4 ounces limit.

When you use shampoo bars, your flights will be more enjoyable since you have reduced the liquid limit from the shampoo. No more need to open your suitcase in the airport after a tiring long flight, as long as you don’t bring another kind of liquid that exceeds the limit.

If that’s not good enough for you to change your regular shampoo to shampoo bars, you can try putting it once in your traveling suitcase. Just once and you will notice the magic after you open the suitcase again.

You will find that the shampoo bars will give your clothes fragrant aroma, making your clothes smell good. This way, your shampoo bars will not only make your hair smells good, but also your clothes, giving twice the amount of good smell you can get from the effort.


Lush_shampoo (Wikimedia Commons)

Most shampoo products in the market are almost 80% water, while conditioner products contain almost 95% water. That’s why they come in thick liquid form. On the other hand, shampoo bars come in solid form, which means they contain less water than their liquid counterpart.

Shampoo bars are indeed made of very concentrated formula and much less water. So, when using shampoo bars, you will notice that you only consume a little bit of it to get the result that your original shampoo does.

That’s why, when you use shampoo bars, you will notice that they last longer than your ordinary liquid shampoo. An average shampoo bar will last longer than three bottles of liquid shampoo when used correctly.

It will save you a lot of money from your gas for going to store and much of your time to go back and forth to the store. Moreover, it can avoid the consumption of a lot of plastic containers used by liquid shampoo products.

Cruelty Free


And this is the benefit that will not affect you directly but will make you feel like a better person. Most shampoo bars are produced by companies that support movements to protect this earth. No wonder that many shampoo bar products blatantly state that they are cruelty free and made of all natural ingredients.

Most of ordinary liquid shampoo products are made of chemicals, that can destroy the natural environment. But all natural shampoo bars are made of essential oils, to give you the benefits and fragrance, and other natural ingredients.

Most shampoo bars are also free of the ‘cruel’ palm oil which is linked heavily to deforestation and killing of animals (if you haven’t figured it out, we have written an article about how palm oil farmers are killing orangutans). Thus, choosing shampoo bars can lead you to a better life in case of your contribution to preserve the nature.

No more plastics, no more dangerous chemicals and preservatives, no animals are harmed, even most companies producing shampoo bars are donating some of their profits to conserve the nature. If you choose the right product, instead of littering the environment with chemicals and preservatives you will help to preserve it. Doesn’t it make saving the earth so easy?

As an extra benefit, instead of harming the nature you can use this shampoo to spoil your pets. Created from natural ingredients, using shampoo bars to wash your pets will not only make them clean, but also will not expose them to harmful chemicals.


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