8 Electric Motorbikes for the Ones Who Love Adventures

8 Electric Motorbikes for the Ones Who Love Adventures

Most people on Earth love adventures, and some of them love doing it with motorbikes. I can definitely understand why. It feels like riding a bicycle but much faster and more challenging. Don’t you like it when I can feel the wind blowing and tousling your hair? It just feels so liberating in a sense.

But like any other vehicles, motorbikes also leave carbon footprint. And it’s worse in countries or places that are dominated by motorbikes like where I live. However, just like cars, motorcycles are also available in electric version. Here are the ones you can check out.

1. Vespa Elettrica

Yep, the king of scooter brand which have been offering great products since 1946 is now going electric. This Italian brand is known for its ease of use and timeless design, and you can now roam around freely without having to worry about carbon emission.

Vespa Elettrica isn’t fast, mind you. But you have to remember that this brand doesn’t sell motorbikes for racing, so it’s not meant for showy performance. It’ll be enough to take you to places. The Piaggio Group claims that the power outperforms a 50cc scooter and it has a range of 100 km.

But if you really want the ones with more range, don’t fret. Vespa will release the X model that has integrated gas-powered generator so the range will be doubled. It’ll also have a reverse mode, just for your information.

Keep in mind that because this is Vespa, the price won’t be cheap. A great alternative would be Gogoro 2 scooters, which look a lot similar to Vespa with the same premium materials, just at a lower cost.

2. Johammer J1 200

Still lingering on scooter, Johammer is definitely an interesting one. I mean just look at it. It’s weirdly unique and different in a good way. This design may not be similar to our eyes, but that’s exactly the charm. I personally love how the manufacturer wants to challenge the market with this model.

But i digress. So yes, the manufacturer decided to not use traditional bike design just because. Why? Because there’s no exhaust or muffler. The motorbike is powered by batteries, and these days, many manufacturers don’t have to deal with components which are not needed in electronic motorcycles.

The scooter itself is not bad. The speed is limited to 75 mph, and the range is approximately at 200 km. Even though this bike is expensive (one unit costs €24,900), buying this will be worth it. It surely will start a conversation, and you get to look futuristic and unique!

3. Energica Ego

Electric motorbikes are going to take over races. Next year the MotoE series will take place alongside five European MotoGP races. The riders will get on the modified version of this Energica Ego.

Made in Italy, this handsome motorbike has been available on the market for a few years. It costs around £50,000, but the bike is crafted with high-end, top-notch components, so you’ll expect superb performance. The bike itself is rather large, weighing 258kg and it performs well for over 150mph.

And because it’s electric, the bike doesn’t need gearbox, so it has a fully automatic setup. When you ride it gently, it should do around 100 miles between recharges. But when you use all the power, it’s likely to drop down to 40 miles.

4. Alta Redshift SM


Let’s say you’re not exactly a fan of other motorcycles but you’ll go crazy with dirt bike. Well, Alta is exactly the brand you want. Their market is motocrossers, and so they’ve been developing dirt bikes. In 2018, there are 3 variants of the Redshift model. They are motocross, enduro, and supermoto.

The great thing about this e-motorbike is that you can brush off and give proof to people who think that electronic bikes are boring. You can easily show them that offroaders can still do the job well even though they’re riding something electric. The machine really boosts this bike. You’ll be happy with the 42bhp (or 50bhp in the new higher-spec version).

As for the price? One unit costs around £9800. Not really expensive by electric bike standards, don’t you think?

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5. Brutus V9

If you’re a massive fan of the classic look and comfort of all-American cruisers, you’re gonna love this one. And if you want to have electric motorbikes which are perfect for long-rides and equipped with great stability, brace yourself. This might be your best option.

This model has a top speed of 115mph and a range of 280 miles. For illustrations, you can ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (around 270 miles) in one single charge. It’s so fast, convenient, and eco-friendly that the police can switch to this model easily.

Great looks, powerful machine, and high-performing. A great choice for you who like to look badass and even more impressive because your motorbike doesn’t damage Mother Earth. Admittedly, you won’t get the well-known vroom or rumble sound from this bike, but hey, it looks and feels amazing, and absolutely worth the money!

6. Victory Empulse TT

Victory Motorcycles is one of major Harley competitors in the U.S. Polaris Industries, which own the brand, purchased Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company in 2011. So now, Victory makes motorbikes which look very similar to Indian’s models but with a few distinction.

Empulse TT is what Victory chose to enter the electric motorcycle market. Their choice of model definitely make people wonder and speculate. If you’re familiar with the brand, you must’ve known that this brand makes cruisers. However, Empulse is more to a naked sports bike.

This is probably because Victory bought the technology from Brammo, and then they put their own logo to the motorcycle. They tweaked the looks a little bit, to make it more eye-pleasing, and they also gave it more battery life.

Nevertheless, their choice is not only interesting, but also enticing. Empulse TT has a range of 140 mile and it can go up to 100mph. It’s still expensive at $19,999, but it’s not insanely priced. For a cheaper alternative, you can search for the used ones online, which usually cost less than half the price.

7. Zero SR


Before all brands manufactured electric motorbikes on a big scale, Zero had pioneered electric motorbikes. And in contrary to what other brands have been making, which is exclusive models, this brand maintains their middle market for everyday rider who wants to reduce carbon footprint.

The bikes are not that expensive either. They range from £9,000 to £14,500. SR is light and agile to use around the city (while looking cool) and you can get by anywhere and have some fun. If you want to imagine it, think of the electric version of Yamaha MT-07, because they feel similar.

Zero features decent suspension and brakes. It doesn’t have a gearbox and more to a direct drive. It has a range of up to 200 city miles or 100 miles on open roads on a single charge.
What’s interesting is that this model comes in a learner legal 11kw version. This means you don’t need a full licence!

8. Lightning LS-218

If you’re only looking for a performance in a motorbike, this is the one for you. Lighting LS-218 is the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. It has 150 kW, equivalent to 200bhp and 168 lb/ft of torque. It’s better than BMW’s S100RR and also lighter at 225 kg.

This bike will storm through the 60mph mark in two seconds and it will literally flashes before your eyes (if you’re only watching, not riding it). It certainly has become a standard for all electric bike power. Now that this bike is on the final production, which means there are new developments, the manufacturer claims that this bike can go faster. Crazy.

However, the speed makes this motorcycle unfit for the public road, let alone a city. Lightning is basically a race motorcycle with number plates, and this vehicle is for the experienced only. But as mentioned, if you’re looking for a high-performing bike, you know you have a real good option now.

Which e-motorbike is your favorite? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed reading this, and make sure to check out this article to find out more electric stuff that can help our daily lives while being eco-friendly at the same time. Happy riding!




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