Eco-Apps: Harnessing Technology for Environmental Awareness and Action

Eco-Apps: Harnessing Technology for Environmental Awareness and Action

As technology advances, eco-friendly mobile apps have emerged as a response to growing environmental concerns. These apps help individuals reduce their ecological footprint and make conscious choices in their everyday lives.

Here are green technology applications that will help you maintain a sustainable lifestyle and grow in your quest to live in harmony with nature.

#1 Olio

GI_Market_food_waste landfill (Wikimedia Commons)

OLIO unites people in redistributing excess food instead of discarding it. Whether it’s groceries past their expiry date or leftover snacks while you’re on vacation, OLIO ensures nothing goes to waste. Furthermore, this app isn’t limited to food; it also connects users to sharing cutting boards and kitten snacks!

To utilize OLIO, simply select a picture of the item you wish to offer, provide a summary, and specify a pickup date. To discover items, browse through local listings and directly contact the owner to arrange pickup.

#2 ThredUp

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You can start making a sustainable change by second-hand shopping. ThredUp is an online clothing consignment and thrift store that offers both new and used high-end items from brands like Kate Spade and Coach.

It also provides a styling delivery service, making it convenient to find what you need. Explore the site, browse curated collections for inspiration, or search for specific brands. Additionally, there’s a Sales section where you can find further discounts.

If you want to declutter and earn some extra cash, you can donate or sell clothes to ThredUp by clicking the Clean Out tab. Embrace sustainability and style with ThredUp!

Every day we see more tech for environmental action, which helps us all to be more conscious of our actions. However, the entire green lifestyle revolves around the purchase of certain goods and there may be risks here.

Hackers are increasingly targeting us and the need for protection is increasing. The easiest way to protect yourself is to use a VPN for Mac. With the Mac app, we can prevent hacker attacks and protect personal data. Combine eco-conscious app solutions with a VPN to be protected from all sides.

#3 Giki Badges

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Giki, a commercial organization committed to promoting environmentally friendly and safe products, offers an efficient solution for individuals concerned about the impact their purchases have on the environment and personal health.

The Giki app, available in the UK, enables users to scan barcodes to discover products that have earned various Giki badges based on their environmental credentials. In cases where users are unsatisfied with a product, the app suggests alternative options for consideration.

#4 CoGo Apps


The CoGo app combines multiple functionalities into one convenient platform. It tracks spending, provides insights into spending habits, and identifies support for eco-friendly businesses. Moreover, it offers an ethical recommendations engine that analyzes regular spending patterns to suggest better choices in retailers and restaurants.

Within the app, users can prioritize environmental issues that matter most to them. Consequently, the app focuses on delivering the best recommendations not only for purchases but also for supporting environmental projects and charities.

#5 Karma

The Karma app helps users leave over rescue products that would otherwise be thrown away. Hotels, shops, and supermarkets post expiring food on the app, allowing users to buy them at a 50% discount.

Upon downloading the app, users can access a map displaying available items in their city. To ensure timely pick-up, users should check the ‘buy before’ and ‘pick up before’ tables on each listing. Payments can be made through the app after collecting the purchased goods.

In all cases of payment on the Internet, always take care of security. Just click here to install a VPN and prevent data interception and other hacker attacks. This approach will help encrypt the data before transmitting it.

#6 ethy Apps

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Ethy offers a free app that conducts comprehensive research and verification of sustainable claims made by brands on your behalf. The app provides an extensive range of UK-based brands across various categories, including fashion, food, drinks, and utilities.

You can easily search for brands on ethy by category, keyword, or specific sustainability areas like ‘plastic-free,’ ‘clean beauty,’ ‘vegan,’ ‘female-led,’ and more. What sets ethy apart is that all listed brands are certified ethical, with transparent sustainability profiles.

Additionally, the app highlights the UN Sustainable Development Goals that each brand contributes to.

#7 GreenChoice Apps

green choices

With GreenChoice, you can have a clear understanding of the impact your food has on climate change. You will no longer need to guess blindly. GreenChoice empowers you to customize your shopping values, dietary preferences, and other parameters, providing recommendations for eco-friendly choices.

You can compare various food products across multiple grocery stores (including online) and easily create and manage your shopping lists for added convenience.

The Bottom Line

smartphone owners should also green up their phones

We can be much more environmentally friendly, there are just a lot of things we haven’t even thought about. Somewhere you can buy a used wardrobe item, a product with a short remaining shelf life and a good discount, somewhere you can be more careful in handling plastic.

The listed apps help you think more about nature or find eco-friendly offers in your city. Will anyone argue with the need to use eco-awareness tools?


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