How to Set up a Green Car Wash, and Why It is Better

How to Set up a Green Car Wash, and Why It is Better

With the state of the environment being at the forefront of many a business strategy, it is useful to look at businesses considered to be harmful and provide cogent solutions to improve their green credentials, turning environmental issues into profitable enterprises.

The damage cars cause to the environment is accepted as fact through exhaust emissions, air pollution, and noise. There are, however, other aspects of car ownership that cause environmental harm, such as washing your vehicle.

This is a prime example of an environmental harm that could be viewed as a business opportunity – the green car wash. A little spoiler, you will also eventually save money from going green.

Traditional Car Wash and the Environment

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The traditional car wash is considered environmentally unfriendly. Huge amounts of water are used and can be seen to visibly run off into the stormwater systems. Chemical-based soaps, oils, grime, and lubricants are all simply washed off vehicles and into the wastewater system, or worse yet, the stormwater run-off system.

This dirty water doesn’t simply disappear, it joins the water cycle and ends up in our streams and rivers, and eventually finds its way back into our taps. The car wash is seen as a necessary evil, and should you try to avoid it. With a DIY wash, you are faced with the same environmentally degrading runoff at home.

Recent environmental restrictions have meant that many car wash businesses have implemented water reuse and treatment methods. The same water is run through the system a number of times. This is still somewhat superficial as there are many millions of vehicles being washed in varying circumstances, and the demand for a greener alternative is on the increase.

Going Green with your Car Wash

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To stay ahead of the curve and ensure a business model that is both sustainable and cost-efficient, it would be worth going green. A green car wash would both appease the environmentally aware car owners as well as keep you on the right side of environmental legislation.

The initial setup costs may be higher, but the business and street cred are unsurpassed and will yield a return in the long run, as will the savings. In other words, the initial cost to build the business might be a little bit pricier, but as time goes on, you will earn more with this business.

It is more sustainable for your business to be green and premised on environmental protection. There are a number of key aspects that would allow you access to the green label.

Reduce Water Use by Recycling Wastewater

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Professional Oil Water Separator Technologies will allow you to use a separator that suits your specific needs, either above or below ground, with size based on available space. Once you have a system that will separate the oils from your used water, you will be able to filter this and reuse it for car washing.

We all know that saving water is important for our nature. With this tech, we can not only save water, but also save money in one go. The tech exists and is small enough for small-scale use, so make use of it.

Use Organic Soaps and Detergents

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Use organic and bio-friendly car wash detergents and waxes. Try to ensure that they are free of chlorine and phosphates, as these are known to prevent the breakdown of organic matter and cause eutrophication. Natural and biodegradable car wash appropriate detergents exist out there, do your research and then use these products.

And let the public, your potential customers, know about it. More people care about the environment nowadays, and by telling them that you also care, you will earn their trust faster.

The Right Wipes and Sponges

Use only biodegradable cleaning materials, sponges, squeegees, and wipes. All these must be made of natural products and certified biodegradable.

Saving water and keeping soaps green will mean little if you then contribute to the plastic pollution problem. Everything that you use and throw away as a business must be checked and ticked off as environmentally friendly.

Hand Wash

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Lastly, there will be no point doing all of the above and then using a petrol or electrical system to do the actual washing. Provide a hand wash service. If you must use a motorized system, then it must be driven by green power, wind, water, or solar.

Remember that the point of the car wash is to professionally clean the customer’s vehicle, so ensure that you are actually able to do this job, and together with your green credentials, you will have a winning drawcard.

Creating a sustainable business venture is a complex process, above are a few pointers that could help you start your next green money maker. There is no need to spend a lot of money to make your business greener, right?

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