Enjoy Nature from Above: Great Places in the World to Go Paragliding 

Enjoy Nature from Above: Great Places in the World to Go Paragliding 

When we travel, walking or biking around the destinations is preferable because we can take the view slowly and experience our travels.  

But sometimes, the places are just too vast for walking. Or, we can only see their true beauty from the skies. When we have that feeling, we look up and envy the birds for being able to see all the beautiful views and feel how the wind blows. 

We don’t have to do magic and switch bodies with birds to do that; there’s always paragliding. So, I present you some of the most favorable places to do it. 





There are two great places to fly about in Georgia. In Kazbegi, people love paragliding here due to its altitude.  

Here, you’ll start your flight at 3000m (9,800 ft) and go up to 3500/3600m above a sea level, where you’ll be able to see some of the most spectacular views of the Caucasus Mountains. Imagine how wonderful it feels to be gliding while admiring green peaks of the Caucasus and little Georgian villages and valleys.  

At the same time, Gudauri is just as famous because of its consistent weather (and also view of Caucasus mountains). It’s just that since Gudauri is a ski resort town, you can also go ski touring during the right season.  

Depending on thermal conditions paragliders will take off from a height of about 3000m and soar much higher before landing 20 to 45 minutes later. If you go there during winter, wear the right clothes, as Gudauri is in other mountainous, high-altitude areas of Georgia. 


Makapu’u Cliffs, Hawai’i 



To make the most of your travels in Hawai’I and take in all the beauty from above, you can fly around the corrugated, forested Makapu’u Cliffs.  

This place, located on the far eastern edge of Oahu Island, has been dubbed a paraglider’s heaven. Seasoned paragliders and pilots say that the northeast trade winds provide good conditions for paragliding and hang gliding. 

While you’re flying, you’ll be taken by the sight of the white sand beaches, blue sea, the lighthouse at Makapu’u Point below, and the islands and volcanoes of Hawai’i beyond. 


Ölüdeniz, Turkey 



The southern part of Turkey is known to be one of the most popular beach destinations due to its Mediterranean vibes.  

But, to enhance your visit in Ölüdeniz, consider paragliding so that you can get a different view of the sea, Taurus mountains, Ölüdeniz’ Blue Lagoon, and the white sand coastline from above. To start flying, you need to do a little hiking and then take off from around the 2000m-high Mount Babadağ. 

Paragliding in this area is enjoyable, as the warm thermals coming off the sea allow paragliders to stay in the air for some time, with each flight lasting around 45 minutes. 

Once your flight ends, you can choose to land on the beach or go straight to the sea. 


Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh, India 



Bir Billing is a place for spiritual retreat located in the corners of Himachal Pradesh and is a well-known paragliding destination in the country. How could it not be popular? During your flight, you’ll be met with a serene landscape and a glimpse of the Himalayas. A sight that you won’t ever forget. 

Travelers from every corner of the world come to experience the wonderful paragliding venue in all seasons of the year. Other than flying, they’ll also visit other attractions like Buddhist monasteries, Tibetan cuisines and Hindu temples within the region. 

Due to rainfall in Bir, there are no activities when it reaches afternoon. Therefore, tourists are asked to do paragliding for around half an hour and you’re mostly allowed to fly around within the region. 

As a visitor, you’ll be supported with a guide to aid you in case of any emergency. Because of the nature of this attraction, it’s better to leave kids below 5 years on the land.  


Pokhara, Nepal  



When you go to Pokhara it’s as if you’re visiting a city where the people paraglide all the time. Situated on the edge of the beautiful Phewa Lake, this place is a popular tourist destination and the second most visited city in Nepal. 

Sarangkot Hill, to the north of Phewa Lake, is one of the world’s top paragliding locations due to its steady thermals and breathtaking scenery. In your flight, you’ll take in the view of the Himalayan Annapurna range on one side, and beautiful green farmland and settlements on the other. 





Italy is a country of many types of landscape, so it’s only natural that the country has three famous paragliding sites: Umbria, Lake Garda, and Sardinia. 

At about 1450m, at the Apennine Mountains’ highest point, you’ll find the Umbrian town of Castelluccio. This is one of the best paragliding places in the country due to the updrafts produced by the merging of the plains and mountains. 

Now, usually, when paragliding, what we’ll see revolves around valleys, mountains, verdant landscapes, rivers, beaches, seas, cities, sometimes snow. But in Castelluccio, especially in May and June during spring and summer, the hills and valleys which surround the quaint town are covered in vibrant wildflowers. Your eyes (and the whole body and mind) will thank you. 

The second place, Lake Garda, which is gorgeous in itself, can look even more glorious when you look at it from bird’s-eye view. If you want to go paragliding here, you’ll have to go to Mount Belpo and hike a little to the take-off point.  

According to a review, the instructors of the paragliding tour were great, making the tourist feel safe during the whole flight. Moreover, the tourist also got a certificate and a video of the flight.  

On the third place, Sardinia, it’s a good idea to go paragliding over one of Italy’s most magnificent islands. Seeing the whole view from the skies, with the help of experienced pilot, will make your visit memorable. 

After enjoying the view above, you can explore the historic town that’s filled with fountains and neoclassical architecture. Perfect for picture taking and strolls. 


Nis, Serbia 


Niška Banja. Photo by Intermedichbo Wikimedia Commons


Exploring one of the oldest cities in the Balkans by foot is a great idea. However, your experience will be richer when you can see it all from above: Nis on one side, and on the other, Jelašnica, a beautiful nature reserve.  

The wind will help you fly with the speed of 40 kilometers per hour, and you may go higher. 

Your flight starts near Niška Banja, which is approximately fifteen minutes’ drive from Niš, which you can do by taking a taxi from your hotel (if you don’t have your own transport). According to a review, the instructors are professionals who speak excellent English and will make sure that your landing is comfortable. 

One thing to note, though, it’s better to plan your paragliding tours in Nis with plenty of room to change. Due to unstable weather conditions, flights might be canceled at last notice. 

Should that happen, you can always turn to other outdoor activities around Nis, like rafting, climbing and hiking. And hopefully, you can go paragliding later.  







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