4 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Using Public Transportation

4 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Using Public Transportation

Many people still think that using public transportation is reducing your convenience in travelling. However, looking on how real travelers write the reviews of their travelling adventures, you will often find that they are using public transportation most of the time.

“But they are doing that because they are running out of options to go places,” you might say. But no, actually, those travelers could just rent some cars and travel to the places instead of using public transportation. So, what is the real reason behind it?

In this article, we are going to talk about why public transportation should not be underrated. We will base it from the travelers’ point of view and compare it to yours.

Reducing Greenhouse Emission


Most travelers are also people who care about environment, thus it makes sense that they don’t want to contribute much in emitting the greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. That’s why, instead of renting cars they prefer to just use public transportation.

So, what if it is applied to your daily activities? Do you often go to work riding your car alone instead of just using public transportation? The difference between private cars and public transportations is the amount of fossil fuel consumed to bring one person from one place to another.

Public transportations, such as bus and train, are consuming more fuel compared to a private car. But the fuel consumed is spend more effectively because in just one trip from a station to another the vehicles can transport many people at once.

Mathematically, the fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gasses emission can be reduced to more than half by converting from driving private car to using public transportation. So, if you care about the environment, or even the earth, maybe you should start using public transportation instead of driving your own cars to work.

Not only that, using public transportation will also reduce the traffic congestion. Indirectly, it will help other people to avoid getting stress over the traffic and make the city more beautiful. While when the public transportations are getting more attention, local government will pay more attention to them too.

The more attention earned by public transportations, the quality will be improved too, like what happens to trains in Japan and busses in Korea. Other Asian countries are looking up on those countries for how they take care and maximize the public transportations.

More Relaxing


Stuck in the traffic is one of the most stressful moments in life, and indeed you will still get it although you use bus. But there is one huge difference between stuck in the traffic while driving your own car and being in the bus.

If you are driving your own car, you will get stuck behind the steering wheel. While you are in the bus, you might just pass it reading a good book while listening to your favorite music. Which one you think will be more stressful?

In addition, you will also be freed from thinking about burning your money by wasting the fuel of your cars. When you take the bus, you will only need to pay once and just wait inside to be transported to the place you are aiming to.

Even in many countries nowadays, busses are running on special lanes which are freed from traffic jams. Like in Indonesia, major cities are applying special lanes for the busses which are often called “Busway”. Again, we are only talking about travelling by bus, let alone by train which will only run on its railways you will definitely be freed from any traffic jams.

Witness The Beauty


By using public transportations, you are freed from the responsibility to be aware along the way to the condition of the traffic. This way, you can spend your time going home or to work by just simply looking outside the window and observing.

You might notice something you pass by everyday but have never paid some attentions to. Small shops, new cafes, people’s interactions along the way, and maybe even beautiful scenery that you have never noticed while driving your own car.

Like Lauren Laverne quoted from the poet Gwyn Thomas, “But the beauty is in the walking. We are betrayed by destinations”. Passing through the same road everyday might be boring, but by giving the surroundings more attention, you might find some exciting features to minimize your boredom.

So, even if you just do it once, you will keep those places you newly noticed in your minds for a long time. And the next time you have to go to work by driving your own cars, you will feel less bored because of the new things you notice and safer because you have the feeling of knowing the road well.

Improve Health


Stress level will definitely be reduced by using public transportation because you don’t have to care much about the traffic jams. Instead of intensely thinking about the amount of money and fuel burned by the jams, you can just get through it while reading good books and listen to your favorite songs.

But that’s not the only way using public transportation can improve your health. To reach the bus stop or train station, you will need to walk. Except you are living in front of the bus stop or train station, you will need to walk farther to reach your destination compared to the parking lot.

And if you do it every day, even the walk seems short, you will definitely get the health benefits from it. Walking itself has been proven to make you more relax and improve your mental health. In addition, this way you will be able to observe your neighborhood and see the detailed beauty of the environment.

If you are a more social person, using public transportation will also allow you to get new friends. You will meet people who share the public transportation with you and get a chance to see them every day. This will help you get rid of loneliness, which scientists have also proven to be impactful to your health.

So, have you considered taking public transportations instead of driving by yourself to work or anywhere you go? You should try it at least once and feel the differences.





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