Escape to These 12 Secret Gardens in Major Cities Around the World

Escape to These 12 Secret Gardens in Major Cities Around the World

When you live in a city, especially big major city, you’re in need of constant green spaces to keep you grounded. Here are 12 secret gardens in big cities around the world. If you live around one of these places, then great! Don’t hesitate to relax and unwind when you need it.

1. Dunbar’s Close

Dunbar's Close Garden by Sir Gawain WIkimedia Commons
Dunbar’s Close Garden by Sir Gawain WIkimedia Commons

In Scotland, you can find a classical garden hidden in Edinburgh. You have to go through an entryway between shops on Royal Mile. this three quarter acre secret oasis has still got gravel paths, ornamental flowers, and trees.

Even though locals and tourists do go here, this garden is mostly quiet without too many people around like in the usual public park. All thanks to the entrance point which is quite hard to find, as Royal Mile has 80 narrow lanes.

2. Garden of the Prince of Anglona

Gardens of Prince of Anglona by Esetena WIkimedia Commons
Gardens of Prince of Anglona by Esetena WIkimedia Commons

Near Plaza de la Paja in Madrid is a historic garden with neoclassical style. It has brick pathways, classic benches, and manicured hedges. Also, the geometric layout has Moorish/Arabic influence just like many old Spanish buildings and gardens.

There are hedges, fountain, and fruit trees that emit pleasant smell will make you forget about the hustling noise of downtown Madrid. Just note that this garden is only perfect for sitting and relaxing, because the space is not that big.

3. Tampines

This part of Singapore has a big population, but there are a lot of parks-bigger and smaller ones. You can go to a small paradise called The Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden. It’s nestled between two housing estates, and there are flowering plants and lots of pretty butterflies.

You can even dress up as a princess and swirl around in the area and feel like a Disney main character. Just remember that the locals like kids, retirees, and joggers who regularly visit this garden might stare. But seriously, this garden is beautiful.

4. St. Dunstan-in-the-East

St. Dunstan in the East by Laika Wikimedia Commons
St. Dunstan in the East by Laika Wikimedia Commons

This public garden used to be a church. It survived the great fire of London back in 1666 but German bomb during World War II hit this church hard and it had been neglected before the city turned it into a garden. The walls are now full of climbing ivy, and there are trees as well as fountain in this place.

You can get to St. Dunstan by taking a short walk from Tower of London. If you want a moment of peace and tranquility, then it’s best not to visit this place at noon or sunny days when people go there to eat lunch. Other times, you can just sit there and admire the historic garden.

5. Dakpark in Rotterdam

Before, Dakpark used to be industrial docks. But now, the area becomes a nice place to hangout with your friends or have a me-time session. You won’t know that this park exists unless you go over a shopping center and see strips of green before your eyes. This place is man-made and you probably notice that from the angular design, but it’s a great urban nature nonetheless.

6. University of Warsaw Library Gardens

University of Warsaw Library Gardens by Cruiser Wikimedia Commons
University of Warsaw Library Gardens by Cruiser Wikimedia Commons

There’s a library at University of Warsaw and on the building’s roof, there’s a large, 1 hectare green space with fish pond, streams, pathways, sculptures, and fountains. There are upper and lower section. If you love water features and art installations, go to the lower one.

Visitors who go here are usually students and locals who come to unwind and picnic. The garden hosts a lot of regular events that these people usually enjoy as well. Other than relaxing, you can also get a good view of Warsaw, since this park is on the roof.

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7. Elizabeth Street Garden

Elizabeth Garden by Brafford33 Wikimedia Commons
Elizabeth Garden by Brafford33 Wikimedia Commons

In 1991, there are owners of art gallery who put sculptures and plants in this neglected vacant lot. But then, times changed and this part of lower Manhattan transformed into a lucrative slice of real estate. Now, this community garden is open to public daily, and the manager runs a lot of free programs such as wellness, art-related, and public educational events for people of all age.

8. The Cloisters

The Cloisters Manhattan by Beyond My Ken Wikimedia Commons
The Cloisters Manhattan by Beyond My Ken Wikimedia Commons

If you’re into Medieval era, history, and art, then this lesser-known garden is going to be your favorite place. There are paintings, stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, and Middle Ages architecture that you can savor in. in fact, the plants are the ones that grew in 13th and 14th centuries and they’re tended using techniques from that era.

Because this place is not an attraction that a lot of people know, you’ll find few to no crowds. The Cloisters provide a peaceful atmosphere in the middle of those historical things. This garden is 45 minute ride from Central Manhattan, and if you’re not a New Yorker, then you need to pay $25 admission fee. Expensive, but totally worth it.

9. Viveros de Coyoacán

Small path in Viveros Coyoacan by Thelmadatter Wikimedia Commons
When you spot trees in Mexico City, chances are they used to grow in a tree nursery called Viveros de Coyoacán. But you can definitely visit this place, as it’s also a 38.9 hectares public park. When the day is long and you need a quiet moment, you can go to this place and enjoy the rich biodiversity that this place offers.

10. Wendy’s Secret Garden

Wendy's secret garden by Vic161015 Wikimedia Commons
Wendy’s secret garden by Vic161015 Wikimedia Commons

After Wendy Whiteley’s husband passed away, she started a garden in a derelict train yard. She kept building it and turned it into a beautiful, flourishing garden. When you visit this garden, you’ll get breathtaking views of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge.

Today, artists keep contributing to the garden’s development with sculptures and other art installations. Reportedly, there are plans to use other unused train land as a greenbelt so that Wendy’s garden can connect to other natural spaces in the area.

11. Parque Burle Marx

Parque Burle Marx by Alexandre Giesbrecht Wikimedia Commons
This secret oasis resembles a forest more than a simple garden or park. But it’s all with good reason. Sao Paulo created this park to improve the city’s air quality, reduce noise, and conserve local biodiversity.

Parque Burle Marx spans across about 11 hectares and it was made to represent the atlantic rainforest. There are lakes, sculptures, hiking and jogging trails, and two-tone lawn replicating a chessboard that you can enjoy.

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12. Addison’s Walk

Addison's Walk by Miles Underwood Wikimedia Commons
Addison’s Walk by Miles Underwood Wikimedia Commons

This green space might look simple, but it’s so well-known by people in Oxford. Authors C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien really enjoyed strolling along the path of this mile-long trail. Even the place is named after another writer called Joseph Addison who also liked strolling through this area around 17th and 18th centuries.

And I really can see why. It’s so pleasant to have a moment for yourself and unwind by walking through a line with trees shading you in both sides. If you want to get here, you need to pass under an arch through a cloister and over a bridge. Outsiders rarely go here, making it a perfect place for yourself.

Which one is your favorite place? Do you have a secret garden around the place where you live? Tell us in the comments below. Make sure to click here to read similar article.



5 secret gardens hidden in urban cities

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