6 Easy Tips For Eco-Friendly Shopping

6 Easy Tips For Eco-Friendly Shopping

Shopping can be green too, you know? The effects of global warming are becoming more profound as industries and households continue to emit carbon emissions every day. Both animals and humans soon receive these realistic, harsh results caused by environmental changes.

Some of which include animals losing their habitats, and people continuously experiencing stronger storms, heat waves, and many other calamities.   Due to the rising awareness of global warming, families, and individuals worldwide are taking simple initiatives to help resolve such issues.

No matter how trivial one’s efforts are, together, you can all contribute to a safer and healthier planet Earth. You can minimize your carbon footprint by changing your shopping routines.

Here are some doable tips for shifting to an eco-friendlier way of shopping:

Always Carry Your Reusable Shopping Bag

reusable shopping bag

Fortunately, many businesses around the world are trying their best to eliminate the use of plastics in their shopping bags. You have probably experienced it first-hand when you go grocery shopping in the supermarket close to your home.

One way to be more sustainable is to opt for reusable shopping bags. You can check this page and find reusable bags that allow you to conveniently carry all your groceries and bought items without accumulating more plastic waste.

Carrying reusable bags every time you go out to shop means lesser plastic bags cluttering your home. Just remember to constantly store some reusable bags inside your car or handbag so you’ll be able to use them anytime.

By doing so, you are being a good role model for others while you rock that beautiful tote bag in public places. Your friends and family will respect you for doing such a small but essential deed. They might even be inspired or influenced to do the same.

Patronize Green Advocate Businesses

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Buying from eco-friendly retailers is another effective way to become sustainable. Some several companies and businesses are green advocates, and you can check them online. Some of their website information and social media pages share their efforts in going green.

Patronize these businesses, and you’ll be able to save the environment together. Additionally, a company’s reviews can help you learn what other customers have to say about its products before you make a purchase.

Whatever products you’re shopping for, go for a business that considers its impact on the environment. From the materials they use to the manufacturing processes, ensure to go for a brand that doesn’t damage the planet.

The key is to support green businesses; instead of buying from your favorite brand, do your research and find a wise and practical company in their green advocacy.

Shopping Locally

shopping locally

One effective way to be eco-friendly in your shopping habit is to buy locally. Check the local stores near you, and if they sell what you need, patronize them instead of purchasing from shops in other locations.

By shopping locally, fuel, electricity, and other resources are used minimally. Not to mention, you’ll be able to help small businesses gradually expand and keep their head above water.

This also enriches your community by keeping more money local instead of going to distant corporations. This tip is most applicable if you’re shopping for fresh produce such as fruits, veggies, meat, and dairy. You can support local farmers in your town or city and even help your local government earn more taxes from successful local businesses.

You can increase your eco-conscious shopping by buying items that are manufactured locally. Moreover, this helps minimize air pollution by eliminating the need for businesses to transport your goods from their respective cities to yours.

Generally, local products have a lower environmental impact if they are harvested or made locally. So try to support local businesses as much as you can.

Buy In Larger Quantities

buy many items bulk shopping

Some families habitually visit the grocery stores every day, thinking that they can acquire fresher goods this way. However, this could lead to wasting more resources instead. If you want to apply eco-friendly shopping habits, try to buy in larger quantities.

This reduces trips to the store, saving you money, time, and effort.  Moreover, bulk purchases allow you to have extras on hand in case of an emergency. Buying in large quantities will not only save on costs because of the wholesale price, but you will also accumulate lesser packaging materials.

The key here is to prepare a menu list to know the ingredients before heading to the shops or estimate how much of each thing you need for the week and buy them in bulk. Remember, the larger quantity you buy, the less packaging is needed for each item.

Consider Shopping for Preloved Items

put your clothes in wardrobe apps

If you don’t mind shopping for second-hand items, it’s wise to patronize preloved items if you want to live more sustainably. An eco-friendly lifestyle can be maintained by wearing second-hand clothes or buying used household items. You can purchase preloved appliances and furniture at meager prices.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, salvage stores sell things you need to improve your home. This is an excellent source for renovation professionals as recycling construction waste can help someone build their home. Simultaneously, this method enables the previous owner to get rid of their leftover construction materials.

Preloved bags and other items can be bought online or in some second-hand stores and antique shops. It is often possible to find branded and luxury items at a fraction of the cost of buying them new if you choose the right thrift stores. Just do your research and compare prices to get the best deal.

Go For Products With Recycled Packaging

less is greener

Instead of buying brand-new goods online or in brick-and-mortar stores with fancy packaging, seek out retailers using recycled packaging. Go for businesses that use recycled paper, upcycled boxes, and recycled plastics on their product packaging.

Recycled packaging is gaining momentum these recent years, so continue to support businesses that use them. You can identify recycled packaging by looking for the label on the package, and you can support companies that support your eco-friendly lifestyle by purchasing products from them.


No matter how trivial or significant your efforts are, you can apply the steps above to minimize your carbon footprint as an average consumer. It doesn’t cost much to follow the tips above.

Simply support local, use reusable tote bags when shopping, and go for second-hand items if you can. You’ll find how these small steps can eventually make a big difference in the environment.


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