Green Hotelier: Being Eco-Friendly in These 8 Sustainable Hotels

Green Hotelier: Being Eco-Friendly in These 8 Sustainable Hotels

When we care about Earth, we’ll try our best to be respectful, responsible, and eco-friendly in our holidays or business trips perhaps. Whether you’re visiting sustainable countries or not, you can mitigate the damage that others might cause in conventional hotels. So here are some green hotels that you should stay in.

1. Sandos

Usually resorts that are all-inclusive are never eco-friendly, and in fact the main contributor of waste. Sandos, however, wants to break that stereotype. Their vision is “To be leaders in all-inclusive resorts that are differentiated, innovative and sustainable.”

They make their vision come true by working directly with their suppliers and employees in order to promote sustainability. They focus on “conservation of historic, natural and cultural heritage and encourage community development.”

Other than that, they’re doing green initiatives that have reduced up to 70% CO2 emissions by doing onsite recycling, water conservation, and electricity-saving programs. They’re also going to have green rooms, using certified materials, LED lighting, and a system to recycle unclear, “dirty” water caused by soaps.

2. Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland

Have I mentioned that Iceland is one of world’s most sustainable countries? You’ll definitely find eco-friendly hotels here like Ion Adventure Hotel. The area around the hotel is geothermal, so it gives them a chance to do a green energy project. Materials which are found locally such as reused wood, lava (yikes but wow), and wool can be found in the interiors.

The appeal of this hotel is the natural getaway. You can dunk yourself in the natural hot springs, whose waters are mineral-rich. If that doesn’t sound good to you, maybe sipping drinks while admiring Iceland’s marvellous nature and northern lights will get you intrigued.

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3. The Brando

If you haven’t heard of this hotel, you probably add “Marlon” before Brando. And it’s true; Marlon Brando used to own this hotel, and it’s a pioneer of luxury travel. The Brando is situated on Tetiaroa, a private island in French Polynesia. And even though it seems luxurious, it has a core mission that dates back to Brando’s ownership, which is sustainable tourism.

The hotel is now nearly self-sustainable, carbon neutral, and it has LEED platinum certification (which is the highest level of certification). All energy is renewable because of the strong sunshine and biofuel (coconut oil) power station. There’s a seawater air conditioning which comes from cold ocean water. The hotel collects rainwater from the roofs and they use it to supply all toilets and laundry service. How cool is that!

4. Hyatt

Does this name ever cross your mind when you think of sustainable hotels? It certainly doesn’t to me, but apparently I’m mistaken. It turns out that they have initiatives which got 57% overall CSR rating. Other than that, they’ve got 2020 Environmental Sustainability Strategy which focuses on stewardship, waste and water reduction.

The hotelier giant also encourages their employees to give something back to community through volunteering. The hotel itself is directly tied to several community service organizations. So Hyatt doesn’t only have environmental concerns, they also care about people and the community.

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5. Six Senses

When you want to stay green in Vietnam,specifically in Con Dao and Ninh Van Bay, you should definitely book rooms in Six Sense. This hotel is very committed to sustainability. First of all, there’s no plastic bottles, and the hotel has partnered with nearby national park to protect and restore the damaged coral reef system.

The hotel also provides education on marine life. You can have a swim or snorkel while you’re getting necessary information about the sea. They also have turtle sanctuary, and guests can help out!

There’s a sustainability fund at every resort, and some of the revenue will go to local charities and community projects. Six Senses in Con Dao supports pre-kindergarten program and they provide clean water (using filter/purifier) for students.

6. Sal Salis, Australia

When you go to Aussie, consider staying at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef. Staying here is like camping, but more luxurious. Tents are lined along the coral coast of western Australia, so you’ll indulge yourself with pleasant breezes and gorgeous sea views.

What’s cool about this hotel (or rather camp) is the solar powered electricity. There are provided walkways to ensure indigenous flora and fauna protection. Other than that, the hotel sources food locally and they treat water as something so precious (which we should do as well).

While you’re staying there, feel free to snorkel and explore with kayak. You can even ask the hotel to arrange a swim with migrating whale sharks or humpback whales! Oh and just so you know, this hotel is a member of Bee + Hive. it’s a non-profit organization that holds high sustainable experiences. They want tourism to be something that’s environmentally friendly.

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7. 1 Hotels

“We operate from a simple premise: nature is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way.”

This is a quote taken from the website front page of the hotel. It’s so clear that this hotel really cares about the environment and they’re devoted to protecting it. The homepage shows an aerial view video, and then you can see the rich nature atmosphere that you’ll experience when you’re staying there.

1 Hotels believes that hospitality industry’s future is in harmony with Earth’s and so they’re very committed to sustainability. The wooden features that you find in the hotel are reclaimed wood. They utilize natural light and they use eco-friendly hemp mattresses. Right now, this hotel is only available in NYC, Brooklyn, and Miami, but they’re ready to expand globally.

8. &Beyond

You can find this sustainable hotel in Africa because &Beyond has 29 lodges across the continent. To make things better, they operate in some of Africa’s famous safari locations that have wildlife areas. This hotel is the one that set bar of sustainable hotel in Africa. They care for land, wildlife, and the community. They’ve proven that you can make modern safari not environmentally damaging.

&Beyond in South Africa will show you just how they’re serious about practicing sustainability. They use efficient air conditioning and hot water system, reducing energy waste. Your drinking water is bottled in glass bottles. They also invest heavily in Rhinos Without Borders, to protect threatened rhinos and relocate them from South Africa to Botswana.

Which hotel that you want to try right away? Have you ever been in non eco-friendly situations and what did you do? Tell us in the comments down below. Make sure to read our article about sustainable tourism here. Have a green hotel stay!



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