An African Student Invented Waterless Bath With DryBath

An African Student Invented Waterless Bath With DryBath

Do we need to take bath every day? That’s debatable because scientific studies are split into two opinions regarding this. However, if you ask whether or not should taking bath include water, DryBath has the answer and it is no.

DryBath is the world’s first and said as best waterless body wash that you can use anytime to clean your whole body. Such kind of claim might sound ordinary to you if it came from a huge company commercial, but the fact that this product was created by a student might change your mind.

Yes, DryBath is not an agenda made by big company to change your lifestyle, but rather an innovation made by a student to help more people in his country. How does DryBath work? How can it change the lives of many people?

This is the story of an invention made by a student in Africa called DryBath, and how it can change the world.

Cleaning Yourself With Drybath

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Taking bath or shower is one of the most basic self-hygiene practices that we do almost every day. Some people even take bath or shower more than once every day, especially people who live in tropical countries like Indonesia or India.

Taking bath is also considered as a way to make you more beautiful. Many of beauty commercials on television includes people taking bath for beauty purposes. Soap commercials usually also include some perks such as moisturizing or whitening in their products.

However, self-hygiene or cleaning yourself is the most important purpose of taking bath. This is the original purpose of taking bath since ancient times, and other purposes such as beauty came much later in human history.

One thing that is included in the origin of taking bath is the consumption of water. Even now you may still think that there is no way we can take bath without consuming water. But DryBath proves it wrong, because you can actually clean yourself without consuming water.

Just like we can wash our hands without water using hand sanitizer, this product applies almost the same principal. DryBath is challenging conventional water-consuming bathing tradition with non but damp towel.

The Origin Of DryBath

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Imagine how convenience being able to take bath anywhere anytime without worrying about water? Ludwick Marishane, was a student in University of Cape Town, is the innovator of this product. And amazingly this product was invented when he was just a student.

He lived in Motetema on the border of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, a town located not too far from the small Kwaggavoetpad Nature Reserve. His origin from Africa might have told you the complete story of why he wanted to provide a solution to water for cleaning yourself.

In Africa, some children have very limited access to water, even to clean water for drinking. In that case, taking bath was never the first option whenever water is available. Often times, they have to walk for hours just to fetch water for their family, and it decreases the time they have for study and even formal schooling.

From that fact, we can understand that not only this innovation can help people especially in Africa to save water for just heir daily consumption, but it can also save time for the children. Both are the most important resources for the development of the people.

“Anyway, we realized that we could save 80 million liters of water on average each time they skipped a bath, and also we would save two hours a day for kids who are in rural areas, two hours more for school, two hours more for homework, two hours more to just be a kid,” Marishane said.

How To Use DryBath?

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What can DryBath do? Based on the official website of DryBath, it can do almost everything conventional bathing does. The difference is the amount of water needed, which is none if you don’t include using damp cloth to clean yourself.

It can safely clean your skin and leave it fresh by eliminating your full body odor. Of course, it will kill germs and will leave long lasting fresh feeling just like when you are taking bath rather than just like when you accidentally pour cold water on your body.

So, how does DryBath do the work of bathing without even using water? The answer is its ingredients that include essential oils, as well as Tawas odor-eliminator. Gel makes it easier to be spread out, in addition to maintaining essential oils stick on your skin longer than liquid form that will evaporate easier.

The gel can be used to clean a whole adult body with only 15 milliliters of consumption. In that case, a bottle of 250 milliliters can provide 15 washes which will be enough to replace shower for about one month if you use it 3-4 times a week.

In every use, it can save up to 80 liters of water in average, which means if we multiply it with 15 uses, we can save up to 1,200 liters of water with just one bottle of DryWash! That much amount of water is very important for some people to stay alive!

The Expensive Idea

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Marishane And A Man Trying DryBath

“I came up with this idea all because I didn’t feel like taking a bath,” said Marishane. Of course, he was joking when saying that, because actually the very reason for the invention came from a friend asking “Why can’t they invent something that you can just apply to your skin so that you don’t have to take a bath nor shower?”

It tickled Marishane’s mind when he discovered that 2,5 billion people in the world didn’t have enough access to clean water. Among that number, 450 million of them were living in Africa, and his country South Africa alone contributed around 5 million people.

Marishane, 17 at that time, went to internet with his mobile phone to search for composition and manufacture of lotion and cream. After just a month of research, with trials and errors included, he finally came up with the first DryBath prototype and brought it for a patent.

In the name of marketability, the product he sells costs only 50 cents per pack. “One of the things we learned was that poor communities don’t buy products in bulk. They buy products on-demand. A person in Alex doesn’t buy a box of cigarettes. They buy one cigarette each day, even though it’s more expensive.”

In short future, he plans to launch his patented product as a worldwide lifesaver. “After seeing that global impact, we narrowed it down to our key value proposition, which was cleanliness and convenience. DryBath is a rich man’s convenience and a poor man’s lifesaver,” he said.


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