Antarctica, The Mysterious Place Full Of Conspiracy Theories

Antarctica, The Mysterious Place Full Of Conspiracy Theories

Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on earth. Lack of exploration missions to uncover this area and the huge area unexplored is the main reason why this place is still secretive to most of us. Because of the mystery that it keeps still, some conspiracy theories spread all over the world.

For scientists, Antarctica is a shy continent that keeps the clue of earlier lives hidden beneath the thick ice. But maybe what’s hidden beneath the ice is not only those “scientific “clues. Maybe something bigger like what the conspiracy theorists believe in is there too.

None of those theories have been proven true, but those theories could attract millions of people believing that it actually is. The theories vary from alien base, Nazi secret hideout, Atlantis, even recently spread out a theory from flat earth society that Antarctica is actually just a large wall.

Here are some conspiracy theories that some people believe in derived from an article in The Sun. It is your choice to believe in which one, or all of them, or maybe none of them.

The Lost City of Atlantis

Deppiction of Atlantis (Jerrye and Roy Klotz)
Depiction of Atlantis (Jerrye and Roy Klotz)

Since mentioned in one of Plato’s works, people started to find out whether the city of Atlantis was a real place or just a fictional story. The advanced civilization and enormous wealth is something familiar to people’s ear. But it seemed like out of world condition in such days.

Some places on earth like the Bermuda triangle, Bahama, and Indonesia are mentioned to be what Plato meant to be the place of Atlantis. The list of places keeps growing and newer theories include the huge ice plate of Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica is considered as one place where the remain of Atlantis may lay.

This theory is based on the image you can see on Google earth. Over the Antarctica region, you can find some strange pattern in the snow. The approximately 400 feet wide pattern shows an object like city walls.

The conspiracy theorists believe that the pattern was made by human and impossible to occur naturally. However, the pattern that people believe as Atlantis’s city walls remain is mentioned by scientists as a kind of sastrugi, sharp grooves formed by the wind that usually occurs on snow.

Nazi Secret Base And Hideout

Berlin, Beisetzung Oberst Werner Mölders
Berlin, Beisetzung Oberst Werner Mölders

The infamous Adolf hitter is believed by major population to have been killed in the world war 2. But some theory believes in different result of the second world war, they are sure that the German dictator fled to Antarctica just before the final attack.

Based on the theory, Hitler escaped to Nazi’s secret hideout in Antarctica and entered deep hole which lead to the center of the earth. And by that, some people believe that the German dictator is still alive.

Not only that, there is another conspiracy theory that tells about Nazi’s secret space base in that area. Adolf Hitler’s ambitions to reach the space is famously known, and that’s why some people believe that Nazi had built a secret space base in Antarctica.

This theory is strengthened by the fact that Nazi indeed had built a secret space base in the Arctic which was abandoned for more than 70 years. The base was abandoned because the crew was poisoned by polar bear meat. However, still majority of scientists don’t believe in this conspiracy theory.

Signs Of Gigantic Asteroid Impact

Massive Impact by Nasa
Massive Impact by Nasa

Chicxulub was the huge space rock that slammed the earth millions of years ago and brought extinction to the dinosaurs. However, it is believed that under the icy surface of Antarctica, lies a gigantic space rock twice the size of Chicxulub.

Can you imagine the impact of that object when it slammed the earth? It is predictable that the chaos it caused was more than twice Chicxulub did. Researchers are said to still be studying about this gigantic asteroid, at least the prediction of whether the asteroid really exists or not.

This theory was first declared in 2006 when Nasa satellites discovered an anomaly in frozen wastes in Antarctica named Wilkes Land. The satellites found out a gravitational change in the area that indicates there is a huge object around there.

The presence of the object itself is predicted to be in the middle of a 300-mile-wide crater. This object shall be huge enough to even cause a gravitational change, and the speculation about the presence of asteroid remain that is twice the size of Chicxulub came up to the surface.

Some even said that this gigantic space object is the one responsible for the extinction of more than 90 percent of sea creatures and 70 percent of land organisms in Permian-Triassic era. However, this anomaly is still a huge mystery to the scientists.

Some conspiracy theorists also have their own prediction about this phenomenon. It could be a portal to the center of the earth where a civilization may exist. This is where Hitler said to escape to, like mentioned before. They call this theory as Hollow Earth theory.

Secret Community Of Extraterrestrial Lives


Antarctica is mostly covered in white ice, so any object with different colors can be spotted easily. For UFO believers, they might find numbers of strange objects that lead to the possibility of secret community of extraterrestrial lives around Antarctica from google earth images.

As stated in The Sun, some investigators named SecureTeam10 found out a strange looking object poking out of a cave. They uploaded it in their YouTube channel with the image that really shows a disc-like object.

“There is some evidence of this coming to light in recent years, which images purporting to show various entrances built into the side of mountains, with a saucer shape and at a very high altitude,” as stated by SecureTeam10.

This theory is also lead some speculation about pyramids in Antarctica. As we know that pyramids are always be thought to be built by the help of aliens. Indeed, some objects in Antarctica resembles the figure of a pyramid. However, scientists insist that those objects are just usual mountains.

Well, those are some conspiracy theory about Antarctica. None of them have been proven true or wrong. But scientists and conspiracy theorists keep on their own researches to prove what they believe. Whether you believe in one, all, or none is your choice.

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