How to Design a Comfortable and Eco-Friendly House

How to Design a Comfortable and Eco-Friendly House

In 2021, people are concerned about the ecological situation on our planet and strive to prevent global disasters by making their life greener. And one of the ways to do it is to start with your own dwelling. There are multiple fashions on how you can design an eco-friendly house. So let’s explore them!

Green Your House Environment

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The simplest thing that you can do is to green your environment. Many people green their school or workspace. And you can start with your own dwelling. So you can green your house in two ways according to the type of it.

Invest in Beautiful Garden

If you live in your own house, you can spend time in your garden to look after plants. You can water and weed them. Also, you can plant a tree or another thing. Such a procedure works at a long distance. Trees and plants don’t grow up immediately; so after some time, you’ll have an incredible garden that will green your environment and please other people.

Buy Trees for Your Flat or House

If you live in a flat, it’s possible to green it by buying plants. The fact is that you shouldn’t overdo this because when your flat is overflowed with plants, they absorb all oxygen, and it’s difficult to breathe, especially when it comes to your bedroom. Ok, if you’re a fan of plants, place them everywhere apart from your bedroom as tons of such things will damage your sleeping.

Also, tons of plants decrease your productivity when working. For example, you’re writing an essay, but you can’t do it as your brain isn’t able to focus on this assignment because of the lack of oxygen. And finally, you think ‘Oh my God, who can I pay to do my homework?’ instead of doing it on your own.

Consider Sustainable Materials

Tiny house by Jon Callas
Tiny house by Jon Callas

You spend at least eight hours in your dwelling every day. And if it consists of harmful materials, toxic components influence your health — they hurt you. So it’s really important to pick sustainable material when building a home. For example:

  • sustainability-certified wood products;
  • reclaimed wood;
  • salvaged wood;
  • insulation made up of recycled materials.

As a result, you’ll get better air quality in your dwelling. You’ll notice that it’s easier to breathe.

Use Recycled Materials for Your House

Not only your exterior can be eco-friendly as you can make your interior green too. When thinking about the interior of your home, consider recycled materials. For instance, paper-based countertops or carpets from recycled plastic bottles.

Don’t Skimp on High-Quality Doors and Windows

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Sometimes, it isn’t clear why we need to buy expensive windows and doors when it’s possible to turn to cheaper alternatives. But the fact is, low-quality doors and windows can’t be closed tightly. As a result, they leak much more air than first-class ones. Therefore, our heating system has to work more to heat air when it’s cool. By doing so, we spend a lot of energy.

So as we mentioned the heating system, we should talk about it in detail.

Install Modern Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use the air or ground energy to heat your home. Energy is ‘moving’ between your dwelling and the environment. And the fact is, when energy is moving, such pumps spend three times less electricity. As a result, you have an eco-friendly and effective heating system in your house.

Save Energy

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You should integrate renewable energy systems in your home as it’s important what proportion of energy you use. So you can consider the next things:

  • solar panels;
  • residential wind turbines;
  • micro-hydroelectric generation.

But such items are expensive, and if expenses are too big for you when you’re building your house, you can invest in other ones. For instance, consider LED lights, programmable thermostats. Also, you can invest in low-VOC products that have fewer chemicals and emissions.

Moreover, consider skylight design to use natural light efficiently.

Consider ‘Passive House’ Design

eco-friendly flooring option for your house or commercial area

We have talked about the benefits of having a passive house, both to ourselves and to this lovely planet that we live on. Passive house, or so-called passivhaus in Germany, is a building built with energy-efficiency standard that can be reached by modifying its architectural design.

Compared to conventional active house, passive house can help us save more energy without ignoring our requirement for comforts. Some people choose ‘passive design’ for their homes. Such technology enables you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house. Thanks to such a design, you reduce the energy that is spent on heating and cooling.

But you can’t build a house in passive design and forget about it. You have to be aware of how such design works and how it impacts the climate. This is because you have to open and close windows at a certain time and be able to manage adjustable shading.

The Design Is Picked for Each House

There is no one design for all houses and it’s for a reason. Designers pick the right model of your home due to the climate in the place where you want to live. Also, they consider the orientation of your home. For example, in all countries apart from areas where the tropical climate is, dwellings have to face north as it enables them to get the maximum impact of the Sun.

The Bottom Line


Well, you know how to make your home greener and eco-friendly. The good news is that if you start with yourself, other people can be an example and start going green too. Maybe they won’t design their dwellings but start doing something that will help us avoid global disasters.

We go green in our own ways, and it can be different from one person to another. And just like that, we also go at our own pace. We cannot push others to go greener, we can only inspire them.

And to make our ‘inspiring moves’ get enough ‘exposure’ to them, what we need to do is to make it as interesting, smart, efficient, and cool as possible. What we mentioned earlier are the way to reach that stage, so make sure to always give your best in going green.

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