What if Earth Temperature Rising from 1°C – 5°C? A Warning to Us and Solution

4 years ago I usually work on my living room with my complete clothes without sweating at all . But today is different

It is now 9:00 AM OCtober 2017 in Surabaya but i am already soaked with sweat now writing this post, barechested in front of my computer

Hoping that this post can warn you that global warming is real so that we can take action about it

So What Makes our Planet Warmer?

One of the main culprit is the increasing greenhouse gas emission that create a greenhouse effect .

Watch this kids video to learn more. This video although it is for kids ,the explanation is really easy to understand.

Last time i even don’t know what is greenhouse gas . but this video helped me a lot

Now i know some if you may think that could just 1°C can have impact to our world

Watch this 5 video to know the impact if our earth get warmer for 1°C – 5°C


1 °C Warmer Impact


2 °C Warmer Impact

3 °C Warmer Impact

4 °C Warmer Impact

5 °C Warmer and Beyond ‘s  Impact

And If We reach 6°C warmer it is the end of our life


The Bad News we are already 1°C warmer than pre industrial days

The Paris Agreement on December 2015 calls for limiting the increase in global temperature by the end of year 2100 to no more than 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius.

A recent study projects the following impact of a 2-degree rise compared to a rise of 1.5 degrees:

  • Heat-wave duration, rainstorm intensity and sea-level rise would increase by roughly a third (and sea level is likely to continue rising long after air temperature is stabilized).
  • There would be a disproportionately greater impact on certain basic crops.
  • Tropical coral reefs would be wiped out.
  • The Mediterranean area’s reduction in fresh water would double.


So What Should We Do?

Our Main priority should be to reduce greenhouse gas emmision by 2.5% per year until it reach zero

In the UK it means cutting 12 million ton in the 1st year

Don’t wait for government or new green technology to solve this. We can also give contribution

People often underestimate how much can they do just by doing little things.

One of the excuses is “Why I Should do it When other people won’t do it”

Throw away those excuses. If we don’t act now it will affect us in the future

Here are simple things that we can do

  • Replacing Regular Light bulbs with fluorescent ones save 120 kg of CO2 per household
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat , move it down 2 degree  in winter and 2 degree up in the summer. You will save 1 ton of Co2 each year

    Thermostat by andybutkaj Flickr
    Thermostat by andybutkaj Flickr
  • Use the washing machine or dishwasher when they are full
  • Don’t Waste water , you can save energy needed for wasted water treatment .
  • Use less hot water
    Save Water
  • Carpooling or use public transport , bicycle or walking
  • Reducing Idling car time . just 10 minutes idling your car a day can generate 1/4 ton of CO2 / Year
    reduce car usage
  • Recycling can prevent up to 2400 lbs of carbondioxide each year
  • Plant a tree or Donate to reforestation program . Each planted tree will cut CO2  emission by 2kg / year

    Planting Tree by USFS Region 5 Flickr
    Planting Tree by USFS Region 5 Flickr
  • Eat ALL your food . Don’t forget the water needed to grow the food, the fuel for transporting your food , and energy needed to keep your food fresh in refrigerator
    If you waste your food. The food waste will decompose and create methane which is 1 of greenhouse gas that 84 x more potent than CO2
    finish your food
  • Don’t buy more than you can consume
  • Reduce Plastic bag . start reusing tote bag. The carbon footprint of plastic (LDPE or PET, poyethylene) is about 6 kg CO2 per kg of plastic
  • Reduce or giving up beef. Beef produce 5x greenhouse gas than other meat. or best If you end up veggie you will save 1.241 kg of CO2 / yearreduce beef or meat

No Need to do all this 12 things . If you can do just 1 – 3 of these thing and make it a permanent habits. you really are an awesome person


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