8 Eco-Friendly & Organic Stocking Fillers You Can Use For Christmas

8 Eco-Friendly & Organic Stocking Fillers You Can Use For Christmas

The Christmas season is just around the corner, and the excitement that comes with it is truly undeniable. Christmas has always been a time to spread love, be happy, and be in a festive mood after a year of working or studying hard. People choose different ways to celebrate the holiday, such as partying, traveling, feasting on scrumptious food, and giving gifts.

One of the biggest thrills during this period is receiving stockings filled with all kinds of goodies from family, friends, or—particularly for kids—Santa. Most people hope that they’ll get something they’ve wished for all year or an item they can use or keep for a long time. However, if you receive disposable gifts, the excitement tends to diminish, especially if you’re living a green lifestyle.

When buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones, the items you go for should be sustainable so that your relatives and friends can enjoy them without bringing harm to Mother Nature. Avoid wasteful options by getting these eco-friendly stocking fillers instead:

Eco-Friendly Shaving Set

shaving set

Plastic-Free Shaving Set from Earthbits.com

During Christmas and as the new year approaches, some people want to look their absolute best. To accomplish that, they focus on self-care, which for men and women alike includes grooming themselves by shaving. However, disposable razors are a great contributor to the growing garbage problem as they have to be switched out for a new one every two to four weeks.

We all know cartridge razors are bad for the planet, so why not give a gift of a more eco-friendly alternative, like this plastic-free shaving gift set from EarthBits. The set includes a pack of stainless-steel blades that are recyclable, shaving soap, and a bamboo or stainless-steel safety razor. It’s placed in a recyclable box together with some raffia wood wool and natural twine, making it a perfect environmentally friendly stocking filler.

Stainless-Steel Utensils

Christmas is characterized by plenty of cooking and eating, which means utensils will be needed. Plastic utensils are cheap and don’t have to be washed afterward, so people prefer them to steel utensils when throwing big parties at home. However, those plastic items will be disposed of once the party’s over as they’re designed for one-time use. That, of course, is terrible for the environment.

If you want to simultaneously eliminate the need for plastic utensils and give eco-friendly presents, consider zero waste swaps such as stainless-steel utensils. These are reusable and durable, which means the recipient can enjoy their meals without contributing to plastic waste.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush by Tong Kuan Chuah
Bamboo Toothbrush by Tong Kuan Chuah

It goes without saying that maintaining dental hygiene is a must all year round, but it’s even more important during Christmas given the amount of sugar in holiday treats. Some people may opt to buy new toothbrushes to keep their oral health in check. However, most of them settle for plastic toothbrushes, which aren’t biodegradable and, when disposed of, may take 1,000 years to decompose.

With that said, it’s a good idea to gift your loved ones with bamboo toothbrushes. These are as aesthetically pleasing as they are durable, and they can clean your teeth as well as, if not better than, any regular toothbrush. Moreover, since they’re biodegradable, they make for an excellent eco-friendly stocking filler.

Reusable Face Rounds

When people use wet wipes and ordinary cotton wool pads to wipe their faces, they’re only adding to the waste that’s already accumulating in the natural environment. Fortunately, those two items aren’t the only options available out there.

This Christmas, you can help someone make the switch to more sustainable products by placing some reusable face rounds in their gift stocking. These can be cleaned after use instead of being thrown away. Moreover, the rounds come in different colors, so you can choose the recipient’s favorite color.

Natural Toys For Kids

toys and clothing organic

Children enjoy Christmas the most because of all the gifts they receive from nearly every member of the family. So if you’re practicing green parenting and want to give toys to your kids, you should opt for plastic-free ones.

Give them wooden toys such as cars and puzzles. Another option is crayons made from natural beeswax, which is biodegradable. These would allow them to express their creativity while conserving the environment.

Organic Shampoo And Soap Bars

Natural, organic bar soaps are common and have long been an excellent way for people to have eco-friendly hygiene routines. However, liquid shampoo is often packed in plastic bottles and sachets, contributing to pollution when such containers are disposed of. But with the development of organic shampoo bars, that particular problem can be minimized.

If you know that a relative or friend is taking their first steps toward sustainability, then adding organic shampoo bars to their gift stocking is the way to go. This way, they can feel even better every time they take a shower knowing that the product they’re using won’t harm the environment.

Eco-Friendly Lunchboxes

eco-friendly lunch habits organic

As the new year arrives, students and even employees may want to have new items they can use every weekday, such as lunchboxes, so you can give those as presents. However, when you choose plastic lunchboxes, even if they can be used repeatedly for years, they’ll still end up as plastic waste at some point.

Instead of those, you can purchase lunchboxes made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and stainless steel. These are sustainable and won’t be an environmental nuisance even if they’re thrown away. Therefore, it’s a stocking filler you can consider getting for any of your loved ones this Christmas.

Organic Accessories

During Christmas, giving presents made from natural materials is a great way to show that you care in two ways. First, you care for nature by avoiding processed ingredients or materials that can be passed on to the environment and cause pollution. Second, you care for the health of those receiving the gifts by not exposing them to synthetic chemicals that may be toxic.

Therefore, if you’re looking for stocking fillers, you can purchase socks, beanies, and scarves made from organic, natural fibers. These are as stylish as they are useful for the cold season.


If you’re undecided on your holiday stocking fillers, then the best thing to do is to go for eco-friendly, sustainable gifts. There are numerous options on the market, including the ones mentioned in this article, that you can select from. So whether the present is for grandma or your best friend, you’ll be able to find the right gift in no time at all.

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