6 Hotel Recommendations for Those Who Love Nature and Views

6 Hotel Recommendations for Those Who Love Nature and Views

Nature can be scary, but at the same time it can be so bewitchingly beautiful. And if you’re a nature lover who wants to get the best views from your hotel room, you can definitely do that by staying in the hotels below.

1. The Kumaon, India

A view from Uttarakhand, India by Mountain Monk Wikimedia Commons
A view from Uttarakhand, India by Mountain Monk Wikimedia Commons. Unfortunately there’s no picture or video of this hotel yet, but this is the type of view that you’re going to get

If you’ve always been fascinated by the Himalayas and its stunning nature, you have to stay in The Kumaon. This hotel is nestled the village of Kasar Devi in Uttarakhand, India, offering a private mountain retreat. When you stay in this boutique hotel, you’ll enjoy a plethora of magnificent panoramic views because you’ll be 1600 meters above sea level.

The Kumaon commissioned Sri Lanka-based Zowa Architects to create the building. The architect group wanted to bring up the hotel’s value, so they focused on building durable, sustainable, and view-optimizing structure.

They create the base with quarried stone and made the walls from ash-based bricks. Zowa Architects also covered some parts of the hotel’s exterior with bamboo sticks. The group wanted to source the materials locally, so that the building stays true to its sustainability.

2. Samosir Villa Resort, Lake Toba, Indonesia

Samosir Island in Lake Toba by Tbachner Wikimedia Commons
Samosir Island in Lake Toba by Tbachner Wikimedia Commons

Forget about Bali for once when you consider visiting Indonesia. Instead, buy tickets that’ll lead you to Samosir Villa Resort in Lake Toba. You’ll feel like you’re living next to a gorgeous landscape painting, because this place gives you amazing views of the lake.

Samosir is an island located right in the middle of the biggest volcanic lake in the world. So when you want to watch the sun rising over the lake, you’ll only need to get up and take a few steps from your bed. It’s a real tropical paradise. Moreover, the lake is well-known for its air-conditioned weather. So even though it’s sunny, you’ll find yourself not sweating at all.

Aside of the beautiful nature, you can also entertain yourself with the hotel’s two swimming pools and gym. Kids can also have fun by playing in the playground. So if you want to bring your kids with you, just know that this resort is perfect for families.

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3. The Omnia, Switzerland

Ah, Switzerland. This place always finds a way to please your eyes. But if you want to get the best views while you’re staying here, go to the boutique luxury ski lodge in Zermatt. This place is a car-free village which is widely known for its spectacular surroundings. It’s also a famous destination for skiing and mountaineering.

This lodge is about 50 meters above Zermatt’s rooftops, so you’ll get all the views you can possibly get. To reach the hotel, you’ll first enter through a cave, get into the elevator, and ascend through the 50 meters of rock, and finally arrive in a beautiful mountain lodge with a stone fireplace and terrace that overlooks the town.

Since The Omnia is cliff-side, you won’t get bad views. But you can make it extraordinary by choosing an upper floor suite, because you can have Matterhorn views to yourself and you can gush at the wondrous panoramic view of the entire valley.

4. Arizona

Enchantment Resort

There are actually three places in Arizona that will give you the best views, but I’m gonna start with Enchantment Resort. This hotel, which has a Southwest style, offers you the most amazing views of Sedona’s red rock country. The building is made of adobe (a type of clay) in the Boynton Canyon, and this creates a seamless transition into the red rock cliffs.

What’s great about this hotel is that it has Native American program. It pays tribute to the canyon’s original inhabitants and you can explore the beautiful hiking trails as well as ancient ruins. If you’re into native American history or history at all, you’ll love this program.

The hotel has 218 rooms and suites with interior design which reflects the surrounding terrain. There are a number of pools, tennis courts, and spa destination called Mi Amo that you can enjoy while you’re there. You can book an all-inclusive package that include accommodation, spa treatments, and meals. For the best view, choose Junior Suite King, which is located at the back of the canyon.

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

This hotel is located at the head of Loews Ventana Canyon in the foothills of Santa Catalina Mountains. And this resort is more suitable for the ones who love hiking. Just minutes away from this resort, you can hike into 100% genuine American wilderness. About two and half miles of hiking, you’ll get a taste of the canyon’s gorgeousness. If you want more challenge, you can climb 900 meters into the heart of the Catalinas.

Greer Lodge

Want someplace secluded where you want to be one with the nature? Find Greer Lodge along the Little Colorado River in Arizona’s White Mountains. Greer (the area) has more elk and deer than human residents, perfect place for an escape vacation.

The hotel has only 11 rooms which walls are knotty pine and logs. But even though it sounds small, they have luxurious finish and super comfortable beds that will want to make you get cozy (and you don’t want to get up) all the time. The rooms are also free of TVs and phones, so your attention will be what the nature offers.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have any entertainment at all. You can definitely fly fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking in the ponds, meadows, and forest nearby. Just be sure to read all guides so you won’t get in danger.

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5. Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary Lodge & Spa, Egypt

Sahara Desert by Mulleflupp Wikimedia Commons
Sahara Desert by Mulleflupp Wikimedia Commons

If you like the beauty of desert more than anything else, try this hotel. This place is in the remote part of an uncharted corner of Sahara. Even though it’s “in the middle of nowhere”, this hotel does not disappoint.

The hotel is full of date palms the barren, shifting sands of the Western Desert. All 20 gorgeous suites offer you the most magical views. There’s one room which is the farthest from reception with a plunge pool which provide you a view of amazing white high plains that turns to pinkish hue at sunset.

The room has a vibe of Provence meets “Out of Africa”. There are open fireplaces, armchairs, and canopied beds with wrought iron. You can do camel trekking, temple viewing, and soothing yourself while taking a dip in the Roman Hot Springs. At evening, spoil yourself with gin and tonic under the sparkling stars.

6. Explora Hotel Salto Chico, Chile

There’s no denying that Chile is gorgeous. The amount of modernity and the nature just blends beautifully and so this place is perfect for your holiday. And to get the best views, consider going to Explora Hotel Salto Chico.

You can find this stunning hotel in the heart of Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park on the banks of Salto Chico waterfall. National park and waterfall, you know what you’re gonna get. The location provides you breathtaking views of pure, untouched landscapes like Paine Massif mountain range.

Your activities outdoors include hiking or horseback riding. If you prefer to enjoy the nature from your hotel, you can dip in the open-air jacuzzi that overlooks Lago Pehoe and Macizo del Paine. You can also enjoy the vistas from your room, since all rooms offer wonderful views. If you want the best of the best, book a room that face the Three Towers. There, you can gaze at the lake, towers, and snow-covered peaks.

Which hotel do you think will give you the best view? What kind of picturesque vista that you usually want to see while you’re on vacation? Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment box below. For another vacation-related article, be sure to click here and leave a like if you enjoyed reading this article. Have a great vacation!




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