Some Simple Investments You Can Make For The Nature

Some Simple Investments You Can Make For The Nature

For long we have heard from the news about threats harming this planet which happen to be human-caused. Global warming, climate change, extinction of species, and many other disasters are lurking in the shadow of our daily activity.

The problem is, not every one of us is aware about the destruction our species bring to the nature of this planet. Most of us only care about our own lives and pay a little to none attention about other species, let alone the whole earth.

Who is to blame for this if we can just pick a scapegoat? Of course, it is ourselves, not only because we don’t work hard enough to fix it, but also because we don’t want to learn much enough to know what is happening on earth.

The countdown has started and we are running out of time to save this planet before we are facing man-made global extinction. Maybe we have about two or three generations left to save this planet, but that’s just enough time to reset the timer.

That’s why, in this article we are going to talk about how to fix this earth from the damages we have caused. But unlike other articles talking about direct short-term acts without continued effects, we are going to talk about how to do it by investing for the nature.

Learn About The Cases


First thing to do for saving this nature is by educating yourself. Conducting a mere act that without knowing why you should do that will be rendered useless, because what this nature needs is a prolonged accomplishment.

Take example throwing your trash into the trash can, if you make it a habit you might be able to save the earth, but if you just do it anytime you want to do it and litter for the rest of your life, your one-time act would be useless.

So, you need to learn about what you do, like why you should not litter and throw away your trash into the trash can, thus you will get the idea. But not only understanding what, how, and why for yourself, you can also educate other people.

There are so many literatures and other kinds of sources out there where you can find information about what happens to this planet, how to respond it, and why you should respond it too. In this case, internet is a great help for you.

Live Sustainably

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Well if you have tried to educate yourself, you might often find some information about living sustainably. So, what is actually it, and how living your life sustainably can bring long term effect for the nature and the planet?

Sustainable living means we are living in a way that put less harm to the nature by consuming less unrenewable natural resources and contributing less pollutant. This lifestyle is based on four principles: reduce, reuse, recycle, and replace. You can learn about it in another article that we have written.

All of those four principles are actually training us to be friendlier to the nature in a way which is friendly to our lives too. Activities like recycling your leftover into compost, leaving paper towels for cloth towels, bringing your own bag when shopping, and bringing your own water in a reusable bottle are not only friendly to the nature but also cost-effective.

The point is, living sustainably is one of the most effective way to save the earth from further destruction. And since this lifestyle is easy to adapt, once you are committed to join it, you will likely to stay living this lifestyle.

Plant Trees


“Investing in nature—or “green infrastructure”—might be the key to unlocking a powerful new source of capital for our mission, ” stated Mark Tercek, the CEO of The Nature Concervacy, in Forbes. “Green infrastructure provides valuable services in the form of clean air to breathe, healthy water to drink, fertile soil to grow our food, abundant fish to eat, protection from floods and storms,” he said.

Another point that you might often find in the self-educating process is about plantation of trees. Well, planting a tree is never going to be a sin, instead it will always be a nice help for the planet and all living beings in it.

And one of those investment methods is simply planting trees. Tercek said that planting trees is a cost-effective strategy for businesses to deal with air quality requirement, and the place where we plant trees like gardens and wetlands will help cities deal with storm water runoff.

You don’t need to plant a whole forest like what Jadav Payeng did, but even a single tree is enough to bring the world great benefits. Trees are known from ancient times as natural air purifier and homes to many organisms, simply saying it as one of the most important gift for living beings on earth.

Pass It Down To The Children


How can you assure that the trees you plant will stand still 50 years from now? The answer is by making sure your children are taking care of it as you do. Thus, all of those acts will be useless if you only do it without passing it to the next generation.

Like what we talked about educating yourself, we should also pass down the education to our children, and make sure that they will pass it down to their children too. This point is likely the most important one yet least concerned too, most of us only order our children without giving them understanding about what, why, and how.

The simplest way is by giving them experiences to be close with the nature, such as taking them to the forest for a walk or ask them to join in gardening works. In the nature itself, it would be easier for you to explain about life cycle, connections between one species to another, and importance of understanding about nature.

“It’s quite important to understand that the small changes they make in their garden can make a big impact on the environment,” said campaign manager of School Gardening by Royal Horticultural Society, Alana Cama.

In this global development era, isolation from nature is one point to be concerned, especially for kids who live in urban area. “Particularly in urban areas, kids don’t understand how life cycles work, or can’t make the connection between what they’re seeing in the garden to the food in supermarkets,” said Cama.

Those all the investments you can make for the nature. Although we have destroyed it almost instantly, it takes a long time to recover, thus prolonged investment is the best way to make sure this planet is not destroyed by human in the next generation.


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