Smell Great All the Time With Perfumes From These 8 Brands

Smell Great All the Time With Perfumes From These 8 Brands

We all want to smell great, don’t we? That’s why we buy fragrances. However, fragrances are mostly made of fragrance oils (synthetic) and other unnatural chemicals which can cause skin irritations or possibly health problems. It sucks, doesn’t it? No worries, because there are perfume companies that are aware of your problems, and here are 8 of them.

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1. Ayala Moriel Parfums

Based in Vancouver, this company crafts a variety of natural perfumes. It means that they use essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extractions, concretes, tinctures, and infusions that come from natural resources, not petroleum. Those essences comes from organic life forms that they carefully and sustainably harvested.

Moreover, they use sweat-free products and they make their perfumes in small batches from it. Their containers are refillable as one of their waste-reduction strategies and no animals are harmed in the making of their perfumes.

What’s unique about them is that they have a special theme for each collection. So far they’ve done masculine edge, feminine aroma, floral notes, and liquid poetry perfumes. The prices for eau de parfum bottles range from $94 to $122.

2. Florame

Florame has 25 years of experience in perfumery. Their business offers traditional perfumery with exclusive craftsmanship by perfumer of Grasse. As a result, their perfumes are highly concentrated, top-quality, and 100% natural and cruelty-free.

The Sydney-based business carefully selected the materials from nature, featuring organic and natural plant extracts as well as essential oils. Additionally, they don’t make only perfumes; they also craft various cosmetic and skincare products for both women and men. Their perfume starts from $69 for eau de toilette and $84 for eau de parfum.

3. Skylar Body

When she was pregnant, Cat Chen was worried about all the chemical and non-natural substances that she was putting on her skin. So, when she was working for The Honest Company (founded by Jessica Alba), she got the idea to start Skylar Body. She also said that her experience with The Honest Company made her woke about chemicals on skin.

Skylar’s products are made in Los Angeles. The company sources natural, high-quality ingredients from around the world. For example, their bergamot comes from Italy, jasmine from India, and rose from Morocco.

Skylar’s perfume base is organic sugar cane alcohol from a distillery in Oregon, and their perfume batches are small, handmade, with hand-painted watercolor packaging. Also, they go with direct-to-consumer marketing, which keeps prices down. Their 50ml eau de toilette costs $78.

4. Tsi-La Organics

This brand is perfect for you who adores luxury and clean, natural lifestyle. Tsi-La’s perfumes offer natural decadence with the utmost standard, excellence, and compromise-free. The brand infuses 100% all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients that gives you holistic benefits and a sense of splendour.

Each perfume is made from therapeutic grade essential oils, active plant botanicals, organic fruits, herbs, and exotic butters. Aside of being green and luxurious, the brand gives you the freedom to customize your own unique scent through perfume layering.

5. The Organic Pharmacy

If you love floral fragrances, this brand is perfect for you. Specializing in floral perfumes, this brand’s products are 100% natural and 85% organic. Even though they’re not one hundred percent organic, their perfumes contain no artificials, unnatural chemicals, toxic extracts, and animal testing.

Some perfumes have notes of Egyptian jasmine, ylang-ylang and Sicilian bergamot, smelling like blooming fresh flowers. As for the packaging, the perfumes are contained in heavy, gold, glass bottle with old-fashioned stopper like in period dramas. The bottle will absolutely look classy and elegant on your vanity table. For 100ml perfume, it costs around $250.

6. Providence Perfume Company

Charna Ethier had been working for large beauty companies and she wanted to make her own line of all natural and green fragrances. Then, she founded her company in Rhode Island, making perfumes that embrace the aromas of her childhood domicile in New England.

Her perfumes are all handmade in small batches. She uses real plants, flowers, fruits, and woods. She uses pure alcohol spirit base to blend and fuse the scents. Sure enough, the scents of her perfumes don’t overpower and have the strength of an eau de parfum. Additionally, there are no parabens, synthetics, fragrance oils, dyes, or chemical fragrances.

Ethier’s company fragrances range from $45 to $80.

7. Rich Hippie

Probably you know what kind of products this brand is selling from the name. The California-based business uses old-fashioned perfume crafting methods that dates back to around post-World War II.

Because of its traditional method, the company uses all-natural, organic wine alcohol. They also use organic plants and flower extracts without any phthalates and preservatives.

The founder believes that there is nothing more beautiful than an all-natural perfume because we can actually smell real flowers. Chemical perfumes or synthetic flower scents are not as good. According to the founder, studies show that real, natural perfume creates a chemical body reaction that uplifts the senses.

Their 5ml eau de parfums cost $75 while their full size 15ml perfumes cost $345.

8. Abel Organics

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Sometimes personal experience can lead you to business opportunities like this former winemaker, Frances Shoemack. She couldn’t find natural perfumes that were a perfect fit for her personal criteria, and so she decided to make her own, called Abel Organics.

Her company only uses ethically sourced organic ingredients. They also infuse food-grade alcohol with essential oils to get their unique scents. Then, each perfume come in minimalistic boxes made from reclaimed wood like Dutch railway carriages or Amsterdam canal beams.

Additionally, Abel doesn’t discriminate nor differentiate gender for their perfumes. They believe that there are no rules about what sort of scent that a man or woman should wear. Their 15ml eau de parfum costs $60, while their 50ml version costs $120.

If you have problems with the shipping or if these perfumes are not available around you, you can always make your own all natural perfume. Simply get dark glass bottles, certified organic and natural essential oils, and combine your favorite scents together.

For a spicy scent, my personal favorite, combine bergamot, cloves, sandalwood, and vanilla. Then you can infuse them with vegetable oil or food-grade alcohol. You can get more recipes here. Regardless of your choice, hope you have a great time with your fabulous perfume!

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