Feeling Stressful During Self-Quarantine? Grow Houseplants!

Feeling Stressful During Self-Quarantine? Grow Houseplants!

During this self-quarantine period, we have to face two big enemies at the same time. First is definitely the virus that has become a pandemic all around the world, and the second is boredom. Of course, everyone is bored staying at home for a long time, including us.

Every person has his/her own way of getting rid of this boredom, and we have my own way too. So, what do we do to get rid of this boredom? We simply take care of houseplants. We feel happy doing it, and actually this is not a placebo effect.

Medical practice in Manchester, England, has been prescribing houseplants to patients because they discovered that it can boost the patients’ wellness. Moreover, they also said that houseplants can help people to overcome several mental illnesses.

In this article, we are going to talk further about the mental health of taking care of houseplants.

Houseplants To Get Rid Of Loneliness


Wait, professionals are prescribing houseplants to patients? Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Plants like herbs, vegetables, and potted plants are given to patients with mental health problems. The health problems vary from depression, anxiety, even loneliness.

Laura Abernethy, assistant lifestyle director in Metro reported that many patients already felt the benefit of taking care of those plants. And when they feel better, they would bring the plants into the medical office back, which is later transferred to communal garden.

“Having something to care for brings so many benefits to people, especially for those who may not have a garden or be able to have pets. The plant is then a reason to come back to the surgery and get involved in all the other activities in our garden and make new friends,” said Augusta Ward, medical secretary at the practice.

One of the reasons why doctors are prescribing plants to patients is because doctors witness that patients tend to show positive mood in the garden. We all know that plants indeed have some kind of invisible power which can help us to relax.

“I’ve seen how our patients relax in the garden, and how they then get involved in wider events like picking litter, which all adds to pride in our area,” said Dr Philippa James, one of the General Practitioners in the clinic.

Forest Bathing In Your House


Forest bathing has been practiced by Japanese for centuries. Research found that it actually gives real health benefits to our body. It is all thanks to phytoncides, some kind of essential oil spread from the wood through the air.

But how big a plant that will give us phytoncides? This is the thing that is still a mystery until now. However, many experts believe that there is no particular limit to the size of plant that can give this essential oil to us. It means that houseplants can do it too.

In addition to the essential oil, growing houseplants and gardening is therapeutic, because it helps us to connect to the nature. “If you’ve got a garden, just get out there and enjoy it because it’s therapeutic, and you’re out there with nature,” said Gardening expert John Stirland.

“At this time of year as well, the birds are singing, they’re mating and everything like that, so it’s a fabulous time to start. Unfortunately, some people have not a lot of room, and that can cause problems. But you can grow some wonderful plants actually in the house,” he continues.

What Helps Reduce

houseplants decoration

So, do plants really have the power to reduce our stress level that is strong enough to be used medically? Absolutely. Human has been using plants as the cure for mental condition symptoms since ancient times.

Plants like peppermint, chamomile, lavender, and jasmine are well-known plants that have what we call as aromatherapy ability. The fresh scent that the plant produces comes from menthol. It is known to be able to help reduce frustration and boost alertness.

Chamomile, on the other hand, is known for its anti-anxiety attribute. Often used before bed, it makes us relax and sleep better for fresher mind the next morning. The same attribute can be found in lavender, and both of them are often made into essential oil.

Growing those plants on land might be a little bit difficult especially in urban areas and in this condition. However, you can always try to plant them in potting and put it in your house. Don’t know how to grow them on your own? You can actually find the seed or seedlings online on the internet.

Easy Houseplants To Grow

snake plant

Oh, you think that all those plants are too hard to nurture and grow in your home? Then we can give you some suggestion for easy plants to grow and nurture. Not only that, these plants are particularly easy to propagate too.

We can start from the ‘easiest’ plant, which is snake plant. This houseplant is very easy to propagate because you just need to cut the leaf and put it in soil or other planting media. This plant will automatically grow roots in few days and start to grow into a new plant.

To take care of it, this plant can grow in any room, so you don’t need to get out of the house, or even open your window, in this outbreak. However, this plant grows best on bright area and when it doesn’t receive too much water.

Another plant that is easy to nurture is the ZZ plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia. This plant only needs watering twice a month and the leaves are unfurling. For lighting, it is almost the same with snake plant and doesn’t need special treatment. Which means it can grow just anywhere in your house.

In short, having something to be taken care of, and watching it grows strong and beautiful is a satisfaction for our minds. So, do you want to get rid of your boredom with something positive yet satisfying? Just order those plants and take care of them until they grow into the most beautiful ornament in your house.






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