What To Do With Our Shredded Paper? Here Are Some Ideas

What To Do With Our Shredded Paper? Here Are Some Ideas

Most people use paper every day, especially those who work in the office. Whether it is for daily report or contract agreement. Even though we are living in digital era, the presence of physical proves on the paper is still important.

But when the needs have been fulfilled, what do we do with the papers? Shredding might be the most popular way to dispose unused paper in the offices. Shredding is also considered as the most effective way to keep the information and privacy written on the paper.

However, what do we do with the shredded paper afterward? Dispose it to the bin? That might not be the most effective way, nor the greenest way. Most recycling plants also don’t accept shredded paper, because it can jam the machine.

Can you relate with this thing? That’s why, in this article we feel the urge to show you some green ways to make use of shredded paper.

Pack It For Further Uses

Shredded by RLHyde
Shredded by RLHyde

First idea on how to make use of shredded paper is to pack it up and find some uses for it. Actually, you can use it as packing material. Put it in the box with your stuff so that the shredded paper can act as cushion to protect your fragile stuff from breaking. In case of packing holiday stuff, moving out, or sending packages, shredded paper can help you a fortune.

You don’t need to put it directly in the box if you don’t want it messy, you can just pack it in small bags and put the bags inside the box. In china, this method has been used for years because not only it is cheaper, shredded paper can also reach narrower spaces.

But that’s not the only thing you can do with shredded paper packed in small bags. You can also make it your personal good-smelling companion that you can easily bring or put anywhere you want. Just fill a little bag with shredded paper and spray some fragrance.

That little good-smelling pouch can be put in your drawer, your bags, or your car to give some nice aroma. You can use some perfume or essential oil with aromatherapy fragrance too, so you can kill two birds with just one stone.

To make it eco-friendlier, you can also use some papers as the little pouch too. So after using it you can recycle it even further. It might require some origami skill, but this is the greenest way to make use of unused paper.

Give It To The Animals

Shredded (Wikimedia Commons)

Another function of shredded paper is as an alternative nesting box filling for your home animals. As its nature is clear that shredded papers are soft, retaining heat, and absorbent, it can be a good alternative to hays or other materials.

With shredded paper, you can save some fortune because you don’t need to buy nesting materials sold in the store. In addition to that, you don’t have to worry for tossing it away after it gets dirty, because it is naturally degradable.

You can also use it as the base of cat’s litterbox. With shredded paper, the litter will clump and it would make your work easier to clean the box. You will find it easier to deodorize it too, because shredded paper will absorb almost all the moisture.

Don’t own any pet that needs soft bedding? You can also give it to animal shelters or vetenariats that accept it. Almost every animal cage needs soft bedding, and shredded paper is almost the perfect material for it.

For a note, don’t forget that some paper and ink materials can be toxic to some animals. Make sure that your animal or other animals are okay with the materials before using it. Also make sure that those animals don’t really like to eat paper.

Use It For Your Garden


Paper is degradable, which means that it is actually okay to be disposed in your backyard. If you use it as nesting box filling as explained above, you can make further use of the littered paper as natural compost for your garden.

Shredded paper is a good material for worm composting process too. The texture is perfect for its bedding base because even with the slightest moisture it can maintain its wetness. By using paper, you don’t have to worry overwatering your compost bed in worm composting.

You can also make it your vegetables garden bed. Just wet the shredded paper and it will become a sturdy base for your veggies. Or maybe you want to use it as a medium to grow beans and peas that can retain water? You can do it too.

Since it can retain water, shredded paper can also be used as the cover of newly sown seed. The texture will still allow water and light to go through, but the cover will protect your seeds from outside threats like birds or strong wind.

Shredded paper is also a perfect material for making mulch, especially for low-lying plants like strawberries. You just need to wet it and put some pine straw, and it will prevent weeds better than your original mulch. Again, paper mulch will still allow water and fertilizer to go through.

Burn It Or Drown It

Paper Recycle (AF Mil)
Paper Recycle (AF Mil)

Talking about how to make further use of unused shredded paper, then we should also mention the simplest ways. You can just burn it to in your fireplace to make yourself warm during winter. We know that paper is the best fire starter.

If you have wood stove, you can also use shredded paper as fires starter. It will save you a lot of time and energy, yet it works perfectly fine, compared to using small pieces of woods. By mixing shredded paper with the woods, you can also make the woods burn faster.

Or maybe you want to make your own paper from it? You can do it. We know that when small pieces of paper are processed, it can be pulp, which then can become a new paper. Even though it might require some additional tools, but isn’t it worth it to make your own scrapbook or notebook?

If you are the more artsy person, you can also make your own paper clay that you can turn into beautiful sculptures as fine as your taste. Even kids can do it, and it might be a great idea if they want to make an art project for school.

So, with all those ideas, you know that shredded paper is much more than a bunch of unused stuff, don’t you? Do you have any other idea to make use of shredded paper?






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