We Can Now Get Clean Water Using This Solar-Powered Collapsible Sink

We Can Now Get Clean Water Using This Solar-Powered Collapsible Sink

If you’re the outdoorsy type and frequently go camping or hiking, water is something important that you can’t have all the time. I realize that there are a lot of gadgets out there today, but this one’s not only solar-powered, it’s also quick and it allows you to shower or have water in a collapsible sink.

GoSun Flow is a solar-power water purifier that fits in a backpack. It’s capable of removing 99% of pathogens, including viruses. So, you can purify water from your usual streams, or if you can’t find one and already so parched, do it from a pond.

With this ability, we can use it not just for camping and hiking. In times of emergency, like a disaster relief or outdoor events that needs portable and quick water access, this gadget may prove useful.

How it works

We already know that GoSun Flow works because of solar energy. You can find the solar panel is at the top of the carrying case. There’s an 18.5 Wh battery charged inside, which drives a pump. All we need to do is place the intake hose into any freshwater source, plug in the pump and you get filtered water.

Systematically, the “raw” water passes through a three-stage cassette filter. It then supplies clean drinking water from the other side. First, a polypropylene filter disc removes large particles like dirt, rust, and sand.

Next, a high-efficiency carbon filter absorbs hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. And finally, a nano aluminum fiber filter traps and kills the tiniest particles and organisms in your water.

Because of its more advanced pump, GoSun Flow is able to purify a liter of water per minute. When we’ve fully charged it, this device can filter up to 100 gallons of water (about 378 liters). Moreover, the filter lasts for 1,000 liters of filtration and is easily replaceable.

Using GoSun Flow

I think hydrating our bodies is vital when we’re out camping, hiking, or you know, surviving out there in the open. This device gives us a lot of options to get clean water.

We can fill up the included water bag and drink, attach a bottle to the filter and drink through it. Or, drink directly from the source through filter like a straw.

And not just that. Let’s say that sunlight is nonexistent; you can rely on your smartphones. GoSun Flow can filter water using your phone’s battery via USB OTG. Since the pump is efficient, a typical phone can run it for hours. The bit of downside is that iPhone users may not do this easily.

It may not be easy for us to stay clean when we’re travelling out in the nature. We usually forget about sanitation system because it’s not always available. Not anymore with GoSun Flow, I guess.

With collapsible sink, we can wash our hands or anything else whenever and wherever we want. There’s an integrated clamp that we can use to secure the sink to a branch or edge of table. Furthermore, we can use the flexible arm/faucet for some other washing or showering.

This is particularly helpful during these times when clean hands are important. While alcohol cleaners are smaller and effective, won’t clean dirt and leave our hands so dry.

I can vouch for that. My eczema has become worse because of alcohol and now I have to bring petroleum jelly with me all the time.

And speaking of showering, there’s an additional package with a smart thermometer. That way, anyone can have a hot bath, including people in remote areas without electricity.

Product update

Per GoSun Flow’s IndieGoGo page, it says that this device is going to reach backers’ doors shortly. “The remaining distance and transfers are still a bit unknown based on extreme congestion in the freight network, so we are planning for delivery to you sometime in March,” says the page.

Not only the delivery, GoSun Flow also says that the next update will include how-tos. First, quick start guide. Second, usage modes (e.g., filter only, filter using bag/bottle, pump & filter, water heating & shower). Third, detailed how to. Fourth, maintenance guide (just air drying the filter). Fifth, powering and solar.

“We can’t wait to empower you with water. There’s nothing like it, so before you receive your Flow you’ll want to brush up your skills on how to best utilize this innovative product,” the page says.

Some facts about this gadget

Up to the time I’m writing this (25/2/2021), you can still back GoSun Flow’s IndieGoGo funding. And, 20% OFF available too! The most basic one, faucet & sink, $279 (with discount) while the most expensive one, $1699, gives you the whole kitchen set.

You can take GoSun Flow on an airplane. The powerbank of this device is <100Wh, so you should be able to take it on flights. Nonetheless, we should always verify the correct way to take this device on your flights. Often, powerbank should be in your carry on, not your checked luggage.

Maintaining the filter is very easy. When you’ve done with the device, unscrew the filter using your hands, rinse it with clean water, and just air dry it fully if you don’t need to use it for a few days. Leaving dirty water there won’t bode well for you.

What does dirty water mean, you may ask? Well, according to the company behind GoSun Flow, this device will filter water rife with viruses, bacteria, and cysts “more than 99.9% effectively”.

Also, it can filter microplastics better than most. All thanks to the carbon and nano-alumina filter included in this device, making it effective at removing these micro bad boys.

Now, if you live outside the USA, you can still get GoSun Flow because the company ships internationally. However, the shipping doesn’t cover VATs (value-added tax), just the cost of delivery to your address.

And, unfortunately, the company can’t ship an order to multiple locations. You’ll have to receive units at one address.

The team behind GoSun Flow

GoSun, the team behind this particular gadget, has risen in fame as one of the world’s top manufacturers of innovative solar products. Their solar-powered products can cook, cool, power, light, and purify water and carry the kitchen sink.

Specifically, GoSun has made ovens, refrigerators, chargers, and a lot more using compact design and solar power.

This water device is GoSun’s eighth crowdfunding project. According to the team, they always deliver and the company has become a leader in breakthrough solar technologies. Outdoor activities can now be healthy and clean with high efficiency and free of harmful emissions.





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