If You Love Watching Sunsets, You Need to Go to These 11 Places

If You Love Watching Sunsets, You Need to Go to These 11 Places

Everybody has a different appreciation for natural beauty. Some love lush, green surroundings, some love underwater beauty, some love coastlines and beaches, and some love the simple yet beautiful sunsets. So here are destinations which are perfect for sunset watching.

1. Jimbaran Bay, Indonesia

jimbaran bay
Actually, sunset watching spot in Bali is everywhere (since Bali is an island surrounded by waters). But what makes Jimbaran good for that is the endless array of seafood restaurants which will not only serve you finger-licking good food, but also a place where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the sunset as well as the sound of waves and calming breeze.

2. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Swiss Alps
What doesn’t Switzerland offer? It’s like you can find all kinds of natural beauty in this country and they never ever disappoint. If you’re looking to watch amazing sunsets, you just need to find the right spot that looks up on Matterhorn. The sunset is on the mountain, with colors that range from pinks to orange (depending on the time of year). It’ll feel so magical to see it with your own eyes.

3. Dorset, England

Durdle door

Dorset is like something out of a dream. It has idyllic countryside, coastline, and natural scenery that will make every sunset looks beautiful. This place is perfect for you who prefers relaxing vacation where you can take long, lazy strolls, enjoying country architecture and the local culture.

For an unforgettable sunset watching, you should definitely visit Durdle Door. This place is a part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, which is already stunning by itself. Just remember that this place is one of the favorite sunset watching destinations so you might not get some alone time to watch the sun go down.

4. Biarritz, France

Biarritz, France by Pinpin
Biarritz, France by Pinpin Wikimedia commons

This country is included in a lot of people’s wish list, that’s a fact. However, this time you need to stray a bit from the city to France’s southern west coast. There are quite a lot of tourists, so if you’d like a quieter situation, visit Biarritz when it’s not holiday season.

Once you’re in this area, just do what French people usually do. Go to the local markets and get fresh, delicious local produce and enjoy your time at pastry shops or sip some great espresso. When the sun is setting, go to the coast and bask in the golden sunlight.

5.Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat

This hindu temple is not only the largest religious monument in the world, but also a wonderful holiday destination that should be added to your bucket list. The temple is already great in itself, however it’s more stunning when you see it during sunset. Try to stand near the left end of Angkor Wat garden so that you can see beautiful silhouette of the structure.

6. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

sheikh zayed mosque
Even in one of the world’s most glamorous and luxurious places to visit, you can also enjoy the little things just like sunsets. The Shiekh Zayed Grand Mosque was built for United Arab Emirate’s first president, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The building has bright white marbles so that everyone can see it from afar.

What’s unique about this mosque is that the lighting system reflects the phases of the moon. When sunset comes, the marble absorbs the sun’s golden rays and it just feels otherworldly when you’re there. Get most of the sunset in this mosque by walking around and see how sunshine touches the pools and lush gardens.

7. Santorini, Greece

This island is probably one of the most Instagrammed holiday destinations ever, so most of you must know this place. You can easily notice Santorini because of its white architecture, cliff towns, and the sea. And since everything around you is white, you’ll witness a change of color when you’re sunset watching.

Don’t think of the usual warm orange sky reflected to the white walls in Santorini. You’ll see a range of colors from rose pinks to muted violet, and you can also see the reflection of Aegean sea that glows on the buildings.

For better experience, wake up extra early so that you can catch the sunrise, which is just as bewitching and fantastic. During the day, there are a lot dramatic views that beckon you to savor Santorini’s beauty. You can also mingle and get along with the locals to learn more about Greek culture.

But all in all, with everything white around you as well as memorable beauty, you’re going to feel like you’ve visited a paradise on Earth.

8. Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland

cliffs of moher

If you’ve been to Scotland, it’s time to pay the neighboring island a visit. Ireland also offers mesmerizing views that please your eyes and mind. Cliffs of Mother is particularly a well-known tourist destination with good reason. The surrounding natural beauty is unforgettable and you can stay here until the sun sets.

9. Barcelona, Spain

El carmel hill

This place has it all; sports, nightlife, culture, views, and a lot more. This city offers you everything and you’re going to spend your holiday here to the fullest. Sunset hunting in this place is also easier, since there are a lots of spots that you can visit. Many travellers and locals decide to walk in the evenings and relish their time.

If you want great sunset watching spots, go to the top of El Carmel Hill. The color of the sunset touches all sorts of colors and hues of a colorful, scenic, Gaudi-inspired area, making it more gorgeous to see. And it’s surely Instagram and YouTube worthy!

10. Vancouver, Canada

bridge in Vancouver

Truthfully, you can find a lot of beautiful places in Canada. But in Vancouver, where the mountains meet the ocean, sunset watching will be breathtaking. You can watch sunsets at Kitsilano Beach and Sunset Beach. In fact, you can simply go to any nearest waterfront and enjoy the view.

It’s best to go sunset watching during summer, because the sunsets are particularly more beautiful around that time. Make sure to watch it when it’s not raining. And since Vancouver rains a lot, your handy dandy weather app might help you a lot.

11. Fremantle, Australia


One of the best spots to watch the sunset is the coast or the beach. But for once, you should go to Australia’s west coast and enjoy the view as the sun is setting. This particular place is known for its Sunday sessions, crystal blue waters, and sandy beaches. Ending your day and start the evening with a beautiful sunset surely sounds good, doesn’t it?

And when you’re done enjoying the scenery, you can always move to the sparkling nightlife of Perth’s metropolitan city. I don’t know about you, but this place seems like a really nice getaway destination.

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