Get Yourselves Some Sustainable Dog Treats for Your Furriends 

Get Yourselves Some Sustainable Dog Treats for Your Furriends 

As pet parents, we’re willing to give many things to our furbabies/furriends. But if we’re eco-conscious, it’s not an easy thing to. I haven’t personally checked, but I don’t think the conventional pet food industry is eco-friendly.

There are efforts, of course, but it’s still not exactly environment-friendly. Besides, only the bigger, well-known companies do that. 

That said, there are some companies fully committed to making good quality, sustainable products for our pets. Here are the ones you should check out.  

Wilder Harrier 

Recently, Wilder Harrier released its latest dog food formula. The company is Canada-based, utilizing alternative proteins to achieve maximum sustainability. Now, the formula includes Asian carp. 

Where I live, we eat this fish, probably due to their abundance. Unfortunately, they’re an invasive species in both Canadian and US rivers and lakes. Before, the company’s formulas include cricket and balck solider fly proteins. All sustainable alternatives to most other animal proteins. 

Wilder Harrier’s carp dog food is available in some pet supply stores in Quebec. By January 2021, the company will roll this product out across Canada and sell it through its website. 

Co-founder Phil Poirier said, “We’re proud of providing dog owners with an eco-friendly alternative. From now on, they’ll be able to ensure the well-being of their faithful companions while taking action for the environment.” 

The company’s partnering with American commercial fishing groups to supply the carps. It hopes that its efforts will help mitigating invasive Asian carp problems throughout North America. 

Don’t worry about the way they fish these carps. Wilder Harrier’s American partners is more sustainable than larger fishing operations. They use small boats with fewer harvesters to catch these invasive species and leave behind the native ones. 

Scout & Zoe’s 

We’ve also got pet food and treat brand in the US that wants to be sustainable and green. Scout & Zoe’s has launched its product line, Super Fly for dogs. It’s the company’s first insect-based products. 

The products include a whole-larvae treat, a dry powdered larvae meal topper, and a dried black soldier fly larvae jerky treat. 

Chief executive officer Cindy Dunston Quirk said, “At Scout & Zoe’s, we take a thoughtful, well-rounded approach to pet treat development. We’re not just looking at making tasty treats and food, though that is important. We want to make things that are delicious, full of nutrients and beneficial to our earth. 

“Our Super Fly products are able to make a positive environmental impact and positively impact the pets who eat them, too. With sustainability as one of our core values, we’re thrilled to utilize these little larvae in an innovative way that takes advantage of their small carbon footprint.” 

I don’t like housefly, but black soldier fly is a beneficial insect, despite having similar name. Larvae from black soldier fly offer several environmental and nutritional benefits for pets. For instance, a smaller environmental footprint and less waste compared to traditional protein sources. 

According to a report from Scout and Zoe’s, one acre of these insect larvae can produce as much protein as 3,000 acres of cattle. With it, there’s significantly less greenhouse gases as well. 

In all three of Scout & Zoe’s new Super Fly products, dried black soldier fly larvae are the only ingredient. The company said these products are high in protein, lauric acid and amino acids. 

Moreover, they didn’t use pesticides, grains or chemicals. Additionally, those larvae complement the brand’s other pet food and treat products for cats, birds, and other small companion animals. 


You may be a bit surprised by this. But as I said, the bigger companies in pet food/supplies industry are making eco-friendly efforts albeit slowly. 

Now, this one’s not exactly food/treats. And it’s not for dogs as well, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. Purina’s launched its first cat litter in a durable and refillable container in the US. 

Its “The Tidy Cats LightWeight Free & Clean” cat litter is available via Loop. It’s a global shopping platform for foods and household goods. Not like other platforms, it aims to eliminate waste through the use of reusable and refillable packaging. 

Cat owners can get the litter in a refillable jug. When the litter runs out, Loop’s circular shopping system comes in. They’ll collect, clean and then reuse the jugs. 

Senior manager of sustainability at Purina said, “The Tidy Cats expansion to Loop reflects our commitment to delivering innovative products and sustainable solutions that help reduce our environmental impact. 

“Our teams worked to design and develop new packaging that was durable enough to endure multiple uses and extreme conditions common to eCommerce while also ensuring the great experience that Tidy Cats users know and love.” 

This partnership is part of Nestlé’s efforts to reduce single-use packaging. It’s in line with the company’s commitment to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025 and reduce its use of virgin plastics. 

Additionally, the company said that its manufacturing sites and headquarters now recycle, reuse, recover or compost waste from daily operations.  

Some of the materials from Purina facilities transform into the company’s Yesterday’s News alternative cat litter. The product uses recycled paperboard as a key ingredient. 

Director of Sustainable Operations at Purina Gopi Sandhu said, “Pet lovers care about how their pets’ food and litter are made, and that it’s done in a responsible way, and we couldn’t agree more.” 

Bug Bakes 

Alright, let’s go back to dog treats now. Ross Lamond read about insect protein while he was still studying at the University of Glasgow. He decided to sell insects to dogs. 

Ross came up with Bug Bakes, which he claims to be UK’s first dog treat made with sustainable insect protein. 

Other than insect protein, Bug Bakes’ ingredients also include fruit pulp from the juice industry and “ugly” vegetables. The packaging is also plant-based, with a vegetable starch lining, and fully compostable. 

The company prides itself in its cold-pressed process. According to Bug Bakes, cold-pressed food releases nutrients more slowly and dissolves from the outside in water, unlike baked goods. 

Even though the process may seem negligible, the cold-pressed one guards against the risk of bloating, boosts digestibility, and preserves the nutritional value. In short, your dogs will get all the goodies. 

What’s interesting about Bug Bakes is that you can get your own feeding plans. So you sign up in the website, fill in the calculator thingy, and get vet-approved personalized feeding plan for your furbabies. 

I wish there were sustainable cat treats or food here in where I live. But anyways, happy new year!



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